Bro Weekly #35

We all have them.. those weeks that really drag us down, the weeks that make us question what we are doing. This week was one of those weeks.

Here’s the great news! Questioning your intentions is awesome! Questioning yourself allows you to constantly assess whether you are still focused on achieving your purpose & your ‘Why?’ Is the work that you are putting in getting you closer to achieving your purpose?

Are your actions themselves purposeful? Or, are you procrastinating and occupying your time with other tasks that bring you no closer to your goals. Are you focusing on the big picture or are you getting caught up in the small picture stuff?

Tasks like; making a quick dollar, booking a client, working with a brand you don’t believe in or hacking social media algorithms will give you short term wins. The real purposeful stuff that will make the most impact takes time and a lot of work with minimal financial return. Years and years of hard hustle!

So it is natural to question yourself from time to time, in fact, it is healthy.


Weekly Wins

In all honesty this week was not our strongest but it is important to note that we did make some progress. For starters we have begun making real headway on our first of many Mindset novels. There is a long way to go but the seeds have been planted and now it is just a matter of hard work and patience.

We learnt some really cool new techniques that we can apply to our photography, we can’t wait to see how these techniques come out in the editing room. Keep a keen eye on Instagram for more.

Although we only had two blogs up this week we made some huge headway on a new ‘61 Things’ travel guide for Malaysia. That blog will be dropping on Wednesday!

Our Failures - The Learning Points.

Oh there were many this week..

The biggest one this week was commitment. This week I (Jacques here guys) aimed to begin my new daily schedule, wake up around 4.30am and start crushing the day early. Waking up this early allows me to be far more productive and ensures that I make regular progress on the new novel.

This schedule also allows me to fit in more hustle time during the work week resulting in deadlines being hit for blogs, photo’s & podcasts. I woke up at 4.30am only 2 of the 6 days I had planned to. Why? Simple I just didn’t commit!

Paulo also struggled with commitment this week. Finding time to commit to editing absolute banger photo’s and to finishing our travel videos. His reasons come down to other work related commitments so a readjustment of his schedule is also on the cards.

There were a lot of areas that we failed to deliver on this week and they can all be tied back to one major issue… commitment.

Questioning ourselves during the week allowed us to discover the real issue at hand, discover the solution and reset for the week ahead. Next week we head in strong, with purposeful action and commitment to our vision. Big picture thinking baby!

What are we Working On?

The podcasts are starting to gain some momentum which is excellent news! It is great to get new insight from experts in fields that we know little about. This week we need to get our podcast launched on Spotify so that Android users can listen and subscribe.

Apple users you can subscribe to our podcast through i-tunes or this link. We cover topics around travel, mindset and creativity with special guest speakers in certain podcasts.

The book! This one is going to be a year long project so we won’t touch on it to much. We will keep you updated on how we are progressing each week.

Off to get content! It has become apparent that we need to get out and find adventure. Adventure that will lead us to inspiring locations that we can capture and use as motivational content for you guys. Content that we hope can inspire your own adventures.

We head to the Grampians tonight for minimal sleep, hiking, sunrises, epic landscapes and a sh*t load of photography & film. On that note Mindset Monday will be going up on Tuesday this week.

Here are some snaps from the week.


Righto time to hop in the car and head out for some content! Stay committed and stay purposeful in your daily actions.

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Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques.