Bro Weekly #27

OMG do we have some exciting news for you! 

So we leave for Malaysia tomorrow, which is awesome news by itself, but we will also be taking two brand new toys with us. This week has been full of highs & lows but the hustle continues as we begin to draw our energy from one word - Why?

We're off to get our Carry On packed & make sure all our equipment is clean, functional & ready to go for Malaysia. Enjoy this weeks bro weekly.

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What a killer week! We bought some new stuff guys & we couldn't be more excited to put it to the test in Malaysia tomorrow.

Before we dive into the new gear let's cover our major win this week - We realized that our visions, our dreams & our ambitions are possible. We want to positively change the world - huge dream, we know. However it is possible & in a small way we are already achieving our dream each and every day.

We create content - written, photo, video or vocal - that we have designed to positively effect, inspire or change a persons life. It is starting to happen & we couldn't be more pumped! Each week we receive several messages from readers, viewers and.. well.. you, letting us know that our content is making a positive impact.

For us this is a huge win! It is starting to show in our engagement as well. Instagram has grown, our Facebook community has grown & our blog is now sitting at just over 2600 reads per month. Thanks guys! Let's keep this movement alive.

Ok Ok so for the creators out there it's time to get excited because we just invested in two brand new toys;

The Ronin S - 3 Axis Gimbal: This is a motorized stabilizer for our handheld camera, the stabilizer keeps the camera steady which allows us to get smooth videos while moving.
The Mavic 2 Pro: The latest drone from DJI this thing is going to drastically improve our aerial game.

Fired up for Malaysia!


We learnt what happens when you forget your Why.

Our biggest failure this week was losing track of our why - the reason we are putting in so many hours for no immediate financial return. The reason we give up on enjoying the small pleasures in life like having a few drinks with some mates. The reason we work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We want to change the world in a positive way, to make a lasting impact on the world that will benefit people and the planet. That's a huge motivator but this week we lost sight of our why & it made motivating ourselves a real struggle.

If you are struggling to find the motivation to keep grinding away for years on end to make a vision come to life. A vision which may or may not work. Then sit down and ask yourself why. Why am I doing this?

If your reasons are selfish; 'I want to make money!' or 'I want to afford a Lambo so I can pull chicks.' then chances are your energy levels aren't going to see you through and you aren't going to feel all that satisfied down the track.

Find a why that allows you to positively contribute & grow. A why that isn't related to material bullsh*t. Don't worry the money will come if your reasons are just and sincere, oh and if you put in the damn work!

The recipe for endless dream hustling energy is simple - A Powerful Why + Gratitude + Hard F*cking Work = A Dream Fulfilled. Bring on next weeks fails!


Our blogs are just like a great DJ Khalid Ballad, 'Another One.'

We put together another four blogs this week as we work towards creating our Travel Victoria Series. We hope to have up to 40 blogs, guides & tips for traveling around Australia's beautiful state - Victoria. Everything from the best cafes to the best hikes.

Here are the latest blogs in the Travel Victoria Series;
Exploring the Yarra Ranges
The 10 Best Cafes in Melbourne
The 10 Best Rooftop Bars in Melbourne

We also have a brand new Mindset blog out which was a hard one to write but I (Jacques here) am glad I did & hope it helps those of you in tough relationships.

On the photo side we have definitely hit a new level and it is starting to show. We can't wait to see what another 6 months of constant practice brings!


Right it's time to pack the backs and board another flight. See you soon Malaysia! If you want to keep up to date with our travels then connect with us on Instagram and see where our dreams take us.