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Not all travel has to be wild, adventurous or exhilarating. Exploring mountain heights in the Alps or swimming with Orca’s off the coast of Alaska sounds incredible but sometimes you just want sunshine and relaxation… somewhere with warm sands, tropical blue waters & maybe some sea turtles to hang out with.

Sounds like you need a tropical island to dig your toes into in 2019. In this blog we list 10 of the best tropical islands to explore in 2019. Pack your snorkels and stock up on sunscreen, it’s island time!

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

001 - Seychelles

She sells sea shells at the Seychelles! Yeah fair enough, not the correct words but you will definitely find; sea, shells & maybe even your future she/he at the Seychelles.

The Seychelles is actually a group comprising of roughly 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean. This incredible island chain has been labelled the most beautiful place on earth several times & it is easy to see why.

Watch Hawksbill turtles shuffle ashore in broad daylight to lay their eggs (one of only a handful of places on earth you can witness turtles laying their eggs during the day). Conservation is a big thing on this island and wildlife is abundant.

The resorts offer luxurious rooms to rest your bones after a full day adventuring the rugged landscapes and distant islands of the Seychelles chain. Oh I forgot to mention, Giant Tortoise’s roam the islands!

Quick Facts:
Official Languages - English, French, Seychellois Creole
Population - 94,228
Area - 459km²

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IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

002 - Fiji

Fiji is a country full of smiles and incredibly tasty Polynesian food. When it comes to islands, Fiji more than doubles the number in the Seychelles, with 300 islands in the archipelago.

Fiji has long been known as an island escape for many Australians & New Zealanders. The two countries have strong ties to Fiji & many expats reside along the countries shores. If tropical blue waters & world class resorts sound perfect for your next escape then Fiji is the country for you.

You can spend your days exploring the reefs & hopping between remote, often secluded, islands. Once your legs tire you can head back & jam your afternoon nap on one of many white sand beaches.

The nights can be spent enjoying the beauty of Polynesian culture, dance, laugh but try not to drink too much Kava.

Quick Facts:
Official Languages - English, Fijian, Fijian Hindi
Population - 912,241
Area - 18,274km²

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

003 - Tahiti, French Polynesia

Picture soaring mountain peaks emerging from the ocean as huge waterfalls cascade down their flanks. Welcome to Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia. Previously known as Otaheite, Tahiti is a well known tropical destination for travelers searching for an escape.

What many travelers don’t know about Tahiti is the adventurous hikes which start once you pass the beach fronts. Spend your days hiking to the tops of Mont Orohena & Mont Aorai. If your really keen adventure upward to experience the spectacular sunrises & sunsets that await you.

For those recent newly weds on the hunt for an incredible honeymoon destination then Tahiti is the place for you. Along with Bora Bora this beautiful little island is the most popular honeymoon destination in the world.

Quick Facts:
Official Languages - French
Population - 189,517
Area - 1,044km²

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IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

004 - Santorini, Greece

Located in the Aegean sea just 200km’s off the coast of mainland Greece, this tiny little island was almost exclusively inhabited by Instagram Influencers during 2017. It is easy to see why Santorini (Thera) gained so much popularity.

With incredible architecture, cobblestone roads and mammoth cliffs that give way to beautiful blue waters. Santorini is the definition of an island getaway. If Santorini ends up being your next tropical getaway then be sure to experience the famous sunrises & sunsets.

Spend your days hiking volcano’s or lounging in sea spas while enjoying the incredible flavours of Greek food. Santorini booked!

Official Languages - Greek
Population - 15,550
Area - 76.19km²

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IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

005 - Hawaii, USA

Go on! Be honest! Tell us you have never dreamt of visiting Hawaii? Everyone at one point in their lives dreams of waking up in the relaxed and dramatic landscapes of Hawaii. Hawaii is the 50th & most recent state to join the U.S and is probably the most unique.

The chain of islands offer incredible hotels, stunning beaches, a pumping nightlife & some of the best hiking in the world!

Hawaii is an archipelago consisting of 8 main islands and several smaller islands. Each island has it’s own unique feel so it is important to choose the right destinations for you. If you are after the beaches then make Maui your selection but if history is your game then Oahu will leave you foaming at the mouth.

If you want to relive your childhood & pretend to be roaming the world of Jurassic park then Kauai needs to be on your itinerary. The hikes boast some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world & if you can afford it, a heli ride will leave you in a state of ecstasy.

Quick Facts:
Official Languages - English (US)
Population - 1,428,000
Area - 28,311km²

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

006 - Roatan, Honduras

It’s time to get your Open Water diving cert & swim with Whale Sharks… Anyone not interested? Welcome to Roatan, Honduras. A diving mecca located off the coast of mainland Honduras on the Caribbean side of Central America.

If you have been dreaming of a diving holiday for years then here is your chance to book the trip of a lifetime. Roatan has some of the best diving in Central America and the courses are run by some of the best instructors in the game.

Once your dives are done for the day you can spend your hours relaxing on one of many white sand beaches cooling off in the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean.

Quick Facts:
Official Languages - Spanish
Population - 50,000
Area - 83km²

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

007 - Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Time to live it up in paradise! The Cook Islands are host to some of the funniest people on the planet! Always smiling, always laughing and it’s no wonder why with the paradise that surrounds their basic homes.

Aitutaki is the island to book if slow and steady is your main aim. Spend your mornings enjoying some paddle boarding on the salt lagoon then enjoy the relaxing vibes of palm tree & white sand beaches.

Aitutaki is an excellent spot for older travelers, honeymooners or business woman/men looking for an escape. The island is quiet and you can almost always find a secluded beach by the sheltered lagoon.

Quick Facts:
Official Languages - Cook Islands Māori & English
Population - 2000
Area - 19.05km²

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IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

008 - Lord Howe Island, Australia

When you think Australia your first thought is probably not, ‘Tropical Getaway.’ It is probably something to do with Kangaroos, Deadly Animals, Surfing or Steve Irwin (Legend!). Australia boasts several incredible tropical islands most of which are located off the coast of Queensland.

The Northern Territories also hosts a few incredible islands but this little gem is not located in either of these beautiful states. Lord Howe is roughly 600km off the mainland so a plane ride is pretty much your only option… definitely would not recommend swimming.

This island boast some of the most breathtaking views in Australia and also offers the opportunity for world class diving. If that is too adventurous for you then feel free to kick back on any of the beautiful white sand beaches returning to your resorts from time to time to top up your mimosa.

Lord Howe is one hell of an island! We can’t wait to visit!

Quick Facts:
Official Language - English (AUS)
Population - 347
Area - 14.55km²

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

009 - Palawan, Phillipines

The Phillipines had to be in this list! It’s literally a nation of islands!

There are so many islands to choose from when it comes to booking your trip to the Phillipines but one stood out above the rest. Welcome to Palawan!

Warm weather, tropical beaches, limestone towers & hidden waterfalls make Palawan feel like a full day dream. Don’t bother packing much more than bathers & a towel unless of course you want to spend your days hiking to the remote waterfalls and stunning viewpoints.

If you find yourself bored of the beach chilling then book a kayak and explore the crystal clear waters that surround the limestone towers. Another benefit to booking a trip to Palawan is the price, South East Asia is notoriously cheap.

This is definitely one location we will be getting to soon! How about you?

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - Credit to Photographer

010 - Bali, Indonesia

Bet you were wondering when Bali would show up on this list… So were we. Honestly we ‘ummed’ & ‘ahhed’ about putting Bali on this list. It had to be on the list… It’s Bali! When you think South East Asian Island getaway, you think Bali.

This little gem of an island is growing in popularity amongst expats and digital nomads due to it’s stunning landscapes, cheap living costs and business opportunities. For the humble holiday maker Bali has it all!

Spend your nights in world class resorts & spend your days exploring rugged volcanic landscapes. Once your adventurous cup is full kick back on white sand beaches or swim with turtles in the clear blue waters.

Bali will no doubt be on your bucket list, so why not book it in now?

We hope you are inspired to relax with those 10 tropical getaways. We want to thank you for reading our blogs, if you enjoy them then please take a moment to subscribe below. Every subscriber helps us get closer to making this our full time job.

Enjoy your holiday!
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