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Tripods can be a pain in the Ass!

Straight up. I hate having to erect my tripod but I am always thrilled with the results when I do. Not all situations will require a tripod especially when it comes to film making (we very rarely use a tripod when filming instead we opt for motorised stabilisation), but if you want to get the best photo possible then tripods will always be beneficial.

A large majority of you read our blogs because the underlying theme is Travel. You might be thinking, “I travel lot’s so why the F*ck would I want to lug around a tripod?” That’s a fair question and I can tell you from experience that it is always worth it.

You will find some incredible locations on your travels, you will capture some amazing sunsets, sunrises, landscapes & see some incredible night skies. However the images you get will not be anywhere near as good without your tripod.

Tripods allow you to maintain a still camera while dropping shutter speeds, set a timer to get yourself in the photo & capture those silky smooth photos of the milky way. Tripods should always be in your travel kit & here are 8 reasons why.


001 - Get Yourself In your Travel Shots

Are you a Solo Traveler? Traveling by yourself is an incredible way to learn and grow as a human being but you may end up in some incredible places without a random tourist to snap a shot of you. Alternatively you may want to line the shot up yourself to ensure you get the best possible image.

Cue the humble tripod!

Tripods allow you to set up the composition & get what you want in focus. Change the camera to a timer, hit the shutter button & then get yourself in position. It’s a no brainer… Bring a compact tripod!

Here are a few options to consider, click the image for more info & pricing. If you decide to buy one please use our link, we get a small kickback from Amazon that helps us maintain the blog.

Gorilla Pods are great for travel & first time tripod users.

Gorilla Pods are great for travel & first time tripod users.

A great step up from the Gorilla Pod. Still compact enough for most travel.

A great step up from the Gorilla Pod. Still compact enough for most travel.

For the ultimate in tripod innovation check out the Vanguard range! These things are boss!

For the ultimate in tripod innovation check out the Vanguard range! These things are boss!

002 - Take Better Landscapes

You see them all the time! Those insane Landscape shots from photographers like Max Rive, Chris Burkard & Daniel Kordan you probably hope to take photo’s like that one day. First of all you need to practice every single day but you are also going to need a tripod.

Once you find the perfect spot and the perfect angle set your tripod up and figure out your perfect settings, make the final touches to your angles and allow yourself to relax and let your creative juices flow.

A tripod will allow you flexibility with your shutter speeds (which will likely drop below handheld levels) & it will force you to slow down and really think about the shot you want to get. Travel introduces us to some of the most insane landscapes and you are going to want to make sure you capture the best image possible. Bring yah Tripod!

003 - Get Into Night Photography

Night Photography is beautiful but it is only possible to get those incredible images if you have a tripod. Travel will take you to some of the most remote locations, you will be gifted with clear night skies and minimal light pollution.

You might be standing under them thinking, “I should be taking some photos of this!” You then realise you decided to not bring your tripod… Great decision Einstein.. Bet you regret not packing it now. Want to capture the night skies in crazy locations? Bring that damn Tripod!

004 - Take Silky Smooth Waterfall Shots

You know that shot from that one influencer you love and follow like an orphaned puppy? Yeah that one who posts beautiful photo’s in Indonesia with silky smooth waterfalls guiding your eyes toward her perfectly photoshopped peach (her ass).

When you finally get your eyes off her peach and look at the waterfall you probably want to know how they got the water to look so smooth and silky. Simple, lower Shutter Speed.

If you want to use a lower shutter speed for waterfall shots with sexy peaches then you are going to need a tripod. It just isn’t possible to hold the camera in your hands when your shutter speeds drop that low (we are talking 15 & lower - generally I use a tripod for anything under 30).

Want to make your waterfall shots smooth and get some silky river shots? Pack your tripod!

005 - Take Better Sunrise/Sunset Photos

We all have a strange fascination with Sunrise and Sunset but most of us wake up to late to see the Sunrise so we settle for the Sunsets. Sunrise and Sunset also have something called the ‘Golden Hour’ roughy an hour of perfect soft light, a photographers best friend.

Regardless of which time of day you choose, the golden hours will most likely be your best shooting times. You can get some pretty fantastic shots handheld but you can get some extraordinary shots by adding a tripod into the mix.

Similar to Landscape photo’s a tripod allows you to slow down and really think about the perfect exposure. If you are at a beach or a lake then chances are you will want to drop your shutter speed slightly to reduce any reflective ripples and add a silky texture to the rolling waves or reflective lakes.

Want Sunrise & Sunset Bangers for the Gram? Bring a Tripod!

006 - Shoot Long Exposures in the Cities

Travel takes you to some fantastic cities with some incredible architecture and some hectic lifestyles. Long Exposures can help you capture the chaos of the city & allow you to play with some light trails.

Shooting Long Exposures with one still subject at a busy intersection can produce some of the most remarkable urban images. Images that really give the viewer a sense of how fast paced the environment is.

Light trails can be achieved with three things; Traffic, Long Exposures & a Tripod. So as always… Bring your damn tripod!

007 - Get The Shots You Want as a Solo Film Maker

Getting shots of yourself as a solo film maker can be tough but it can be easily achieved with a Tripod. Line up the shot that you want and make sure you allow for a slightly bigger frame so that you can add camera movement in post production.

Without a tripod you have to rely on other random people to get shots of you which means the footage is going to be shaky, incorrectly framed and possibly out of focus. If you travel & make movies then invest in a Tripod!

008 - Take Time-lapses

Time-lapses are a beautifully creative way to document sunrises, sunsets or busy locations on your travels. Hell if you are confident then you can even try your hand at a Hyper-lapse (this one you can do without a tripod but a tripod is always smoother).

A time-lapse is basically a series of photos over a period of time at a set interval between exposures. In laments terms - Sh*t loads of photos in a row that can be turned into a short video clip that looks really cool.

For this you need two things; a time-lapse function/Intervalometer (an external trigger for time-lapses) & a .. yep you guessed it.. Tripod!


If you aren’t convinced to get a tripod for your travels then.. well.. not sure what else to say! Trust us a tripod will be your best friend while you travel.

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