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When you think of Australia, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Stunning beaches, Crocodiles, Spiders, Sharks, heat, sand & Kangaroos? Tasmania lives up to few of thess images, it’s kind of a loner really, isolated from the mainland & often considered a backwards, hill billy land.

Why would you visit Tassy when you could soak up the rays on the Gold Coast? Surely there is nothing to see in Tasmania. You could not be more wrong my friend! Tasmania, Tassy, The Island or Little New Zealand is quite possibly the most beautiful state in Australia.

45% of the island is national park, the remainder is made up of wineries, breweries & exceptional cafes/restaurants. Now that sounds like a good time to me!

Tasmania can be expensive, however this journey might just be the most memorable trip you have in Australia. No other state comes close to the beauty you will see in Tassy!



We have separated the Daily Budget into 3 cost groups; Backpacker, Mid-range Traveler & Luxury Traveler. Tasmania can be very expensive, especially if you decide not to book ahead or do your research. If you are able to save more money, you will really be able to experience some amazing journeys in Tasmania.

All three budgets are based on US dollars, per day, per person.

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Ok, this is where Tassy get’s a little complicated. You can budget your trip on the basis that you use public transport saving money on hire car costs, but that’s a terrible idea. In order to see the things you want to see in Tasmania, you need a car.

If you are traveling from Melbourne, have your own vehicle & don’t mind catching a ferry. Self driven is definitely your best option. If you are flying in, or you just don’t have a car, hiring is your best option. I recommend traveling in a small group/as a couple, if you want to save money on car hire.

Another tip: Book ahead, prices sky-rocket during peak season!
OMG another tip: Get a tent, download Camper Mate & find all the free campsites. You will save heaps of money on accomodation.

If you are traveling in a group (5 will cut costs immensely), with your own car, your own tent & you are willing to cook for yourself each night in a free campsite. You can get by on $20USD per day, that doesn’t include any allowance for tours or entertainment.

Accomodation: $0 - $42 per night
Food: $10 - $20 per day
Water: $0 - $5 per day (Water is good to drink in most places, bring your own bottle and save $)
Transport: $10 - $50 per day (Account for petrol. The cost is drastically reduced as a group. This budget does not allow for a hire car.)
Entertainment: $0 - $10 per day (Tours cost a lot, save your money for the tours you really want to do.)
Tips: $0
Alcohol: $0 - $10 per day (Drinks are expensive, this is another area you can save money)


Although the backpacker budget will get you through Tasmania, it won’t allow much room for enjoyment. If you want to get the most out of Tassy, you need to spend a little bit more money. Do the whale watching tour, pay for the park entry, catch a ferry to Bruny Island, see the exhibits in Mona Museum & go on that damn winery tour.

Work two jobs in Melbourne for a month and save up that extra spending money!

Tip: Account for extra petrol costs if you are driving in the mountains or planning long trips.
Bonus Tip: Camp for free and put that money towards entertainment. Yes please! I’ll book that whale watching tour.

Accomodation: $42 - $80 per night
Food: $20 - $40 per day
Water: $0 - $5 per day (Water is good to drink in most places, bring your own bottle and save $)
Transport: $50 - $80
Entertainment: $10 - $60
Tips: $0
Alcohol: $0 - $30


Go big or go home!

If you have no limit on your budget, or you just saved up all your money for an incredible Tasmanian adventure. This is the budget for you.

Book the Overland! Book that Heli flight! Book that Whale watching tour in peak season! Go on that luxury food and wine retreat you have always wanted to do! This budget will allow you to have all of these experiences and more.

Tip: You won’t be using your entertainment budget during the Overland hike, use the money to book a heli tour when your done.

Accomodation: $180+
Food: $60+
Water: $0 - $5
Transport: $200+ (Allows for solo car hire)
Entertainment: $250+
Tips: $0
Alcohol: $0+

Bonus Tip - If you plan on doing a lot of activities, all of which cost a lot of money & take a lot of organising, consider booking your journey as a package through a travel agent. It will cost less as a package, plus it will save you a lot of time and stress.


Regardless of your budget, don’t let Tassy escape you!
Tasmania is the number one must visit destination for your Australian trip.

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