BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH.... (Whiny groaning noice).. Check's clock and see's 3.30am. Bugger it's time to go hurl myself off some cliff jumps. Yep here's the thing guys, I love what I am doing but... But.. blogging, blogging, photography and Film all require some crazy hours and mad commitment to getting that epic shot or capturing that epic moment. Groaned to Paulo threw back some coffee, filmed the Insta story and we were off!


Alright before I get to involved with the story let's give you guys some crucial details:
- Number One this is in Australia, so if your in another country this spot is probs not an option for tomorrows adventure. But hey book a trip and your on!
-Click THIS LINK for some sweet directions to the Pillars from Flinders Station in Melbourne City. No Tolls on this route either... You're welcome!
-Bring: Togs, Towel, Shoes (if you don't like walking along trails in bear feet), plenty of water, DSLR, GoPro, Snacks and a sweet crew of Legends.
-Know the conditions and Know your swimming ability. Paulo and I (It's Jacques here by the way) had to rescue two people in just 10 mins!
-BRING A RUBBISH BAG!! DON'T JUST DUMP YOUR RUBBISH! Sorry to seem angry but I couldn't believe how many people just left there rubbish. Come on Australia be clean and green dudes!
Right that's probably a pretty decent short list. So... let's get back to the trip haha


We arrived just before Dawn. Sprinted down to the Pillars, rustled up the camera gear, launched the Drone and preceded to get some of the coolest footage we have got to date! The water was so clear and the light was unbelievable! I was in film heaven! By 8am we had got all the DSLR photo's we wanted and all the Drone footage we wanted. It would have been easy to rush into things and start crushing some GoPro footage but we stopped. Why? ... Because moments like this need to be appreciated. Being Present is something that most of us struggle with. It is so important to really be in those amazing moments. Cause when little grandson Timmy is saying his goodbyes to you it's moments like this that you will remember. Those memories will ensure you go out with a smile!


Of course we made sure we got some dope GoPro footage after our moment of presence. Oh! Did I mention we had the whole spot to ourselves the entire morning! Unreal! But the tummy was growling and the eyes were drooping.. Time for Coffee, Brekky and Banter!


We came back and the place was packed and the water was super rough. It always amazes me how quickly conditions can change! We new it was to rough to be jumping in but several others thought it was good to go. Nope! In 10 mins we rescued 2 people from the water and watched 2 guys get cut to shreds on the rocks trying to get out of the water. We thought it was time to go kick it at Mt Martha beach till the evening. By the time we returned the ocean had calmed down. We hucked some backflips got some sweet drone shots and called it a day.


Should you go check out The Pillars while your in Melbourne, Australia? Um.. HELL YEAH! Be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube Channel (Kicking off 1st April) to see some epic shots of this beautiful place.
Chase those dreams!
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