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Travel is an incredibly broad topic to cover. If someone tells you they are a traveller in 2018, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you think of dramatic landscapes? Do you picture an infinity pool in Bali with Sam Kolder or some famous influencer pulling backflips into the ocean below?

Or, do you picture yourself face down feeling the powerful hands of a masseuse finding all the right spots? Hmm.. ‘I wonder if he is single? Who cares if he doesn’t speak a word of English.’ Or maybe you see yourself chilling in a Hotel with your wife and kids laughing beside you as your 18 month old spills ketchup all over himself.

You might even picture yourself stumbling home from some crazy nightclub in Colombia hoping that your passport is still sitting on your Hostel bunk bed.

The point is - Travel can be whatever you want it to be. If Adventure and breaking through comfort zones is a big reason why you travel (or plan to travel in 2019) then this is the blog for you.

In this blog we cover 5 life changing countries to travel to in 2019 for adventurous travellers. This also doubles as a blog for aspiring landscape photographers.

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - All Credit to the Photographer.

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - All Credit to the Photographer.

This is not a countdown. The next five countries are listed in no particular order and they all offer their own unique adventurous experiences. Find one that appeals to you and book your damn tickets!

New Zealand

Yeah, yeah, yeah! ‘These Massie Bro’s are just being biased because they are from New Zealand!’ That’s a fair statement, and we may be a bit biased to our incredible home country. However, that means the rest of the world must also be biased.

If you haven’t already then google search ‘most adventurous countries to visit.’ Or something along those lines. Which country shows up in every single post (the legit ones anyway)? Yep, New Zealand.

Renowned for it’s innovative adventure sports & brimming with incredible landscapes NZ offers adventure for all. From stunning coastal walks to multi-month (Yes I said month!) alpine treks. From Bungy jumping & Skydiving to Jet Boating & White Water Rafting.

Even hiring a car and driving through the South Island is enough to fill the adventure quota for most first time visitors. Ride horses along the rivers you watched Elves ride through in Lord of the Rings. Visit the Hobbiton movie set the day after you watched Orca’s swim beside you as you paddle boarded past isolated coastal beaches.

Dive off the coast of an active volcano or go diving with Great White Sharks. I need to stop now before I explode with excitement! If you are considering an adventurous trip overseas in 2019, a trip that will surely push you outside your comfort zones. NZ is a trip that will be life changing!

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IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - All Credit to the Photographer.

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - All Credit to the Photographer.


Yeah! Bet you didn’t expect this little banger of a country on the list! Mongolia is still a relatively un-travelled country which has one amazing side effect. Mongolia is brimming with adventure and minimal tourists.

The Mongolian people are extremely nomadic with half the population still living in Gers (transportable shelters) & relocating three to four times a year in search of fresh pastures. This trip is one for the true adventurous spirit!

Be prepared to live with the families, eat with the families and ride horses with the families. Watch in awe as the famous Mongolian Eagle hunters catch huge eagles on their arms as they perch themselves on their powerful horses scanning the plains below.

Trek through the most inhospitable terrain as the cold gives life to your soul. Mongolia will not give you amazing cafe’s with great Wifi. Mongolia will not give you relaxed sunsets from the warm waters of your infinity pool. No.

Mongolia will give you the most unforgettable adventure of your life. Well.. What are you waiting for?

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IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - All Credit to the Photographer.

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - All Credit to the Photographer.


India is the country you go to in order to feel uncomfortable! Things work differently in India and that is by no means a bad thing, this country will change you. Most likely for the better!

The landscapes and monuments in India are incredible. Vast coastal plains give way to towering Himalayan Mountains as Tigers give way to Snow Leopards. The country packs a lot of punch when it comes to adventure. However, India also offers a different kind of life changing adventure.

Talk to anyone who has been to India and they will most likely tell you they hated their first week. It is a complete shock to the senses. Simply booking a taxi to get to your next destination or walking 500 metres to the local market can be the most challenging moment of your trip.

It is in these challenging times, these uncomfortable situations & these ‘Why the F*ck am I here’ moments that we truly have the opportunity to grow and learn. India will have you returning home happier and less inclined to stress over the things you cannot control in your life.

India will change you!

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IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - All Credit to the Photographer.

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - All Credit to the Photographer.


The land of Silverbacks and dramatic landscapes! The land where a drunken stumble to wee in the bush could result in a less than enjoyable encounter with a full grown male Hippo. A land of pure, untarnished adventure. This is Africa, it is wild and this country in particular will change your life.

Uganda is a tiny country with a violent history and to this day still battles with terrorism and violence on it’s borders. Uganda continues to emerge stronger from each conflict and is slowly becoming one of the most popular African travel destinations.

Home to the tallest mountain range in Africa, the continents largest lake, the source of the Nile river and of course some of the largest land mammals on the planet. It is key to be cautious when planning a trip to Uganda this is not the country to ‘wing it'.’

Find out if you are comfortable with the current risk levels here and if the answer is Yes then book your 2019 life changing adventure to Uganda!

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - All Credit to the Photographer.

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - All Credit to the Photographer.


Landlocked in the remote interior of South America, Bolivia is not the country you visit in pursuit of comfort and security. Bolivia is the country you visit to push your limitations and to expand your believe in what is possible.

With a landscape that changes dramatically from 6000 metre freezing peaks in the Andes to the vast hot savannahs of the Amazon Basin. Bolivia will blow your mind each and everyday! Ride the death road or be amazed by the enormous alpine salt flats.

Gaze upon the stars as the temperatures drop below freezing in the Andes or choose to trek for multiple days through the dense humid jungles of the Amazon rainforest. Regardless of what adventure you choose your life will change after a visit to this beautiful country.

Umm…. You mean you haven’t booked your ticket yet?

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IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - All Credit to the Photographer.

IMAGE SOURCED FROM GOOGLE - All Credit to the Photographer.

There are plenty of honourable mentions that haven’t made this tiny list of destinations. Canada is a country that will change your life and the way in which you interact with nature. Iceland will leave you speechless and almost all of South East Asia will leave you wondering why you spend half your life chasing money instead of happiness.

Antarctica and Norway will leave you cold, bewildered and mind-blown. While Nepal and Peru will offer you some of the most unique trekking and local experiences in the world!

The list of adventurous countries that will change your life is endless! This list is a great place to start though!

Get lost! Get uncomfortable! Get life changing adventures underway!
Life is Great. Travel is Better.
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