5 Ways to Improve Your Next Flight

Long haul flights are rough on the body and can really put you off traveling to a potentially life changing destination. It makes sense to make yourself as comfortable as possible without breaking the bank account.

Here are 5 ways to improve your next flight.


Wait until everyone is on board

It might seem like a good idea to join the queue when your seat number is called but I ask you… Whats the point? You will spend the next 10-15 mins bumping into other passengers and fighting to get to your seat. Once you find your seat you will have to move out of the way multiple times until you can final relax.
The alternative is far more relaxing. Wait until everyone has boarded, pee and poop in comfortable bathrooms while you wait or do your pre-flight stretches. Once the masses have boarded hand over your boarding pass and experience a stress free entry.

Pick an aisle seat

Window seats are cool and all, until you need to piss in the middle of the flight when everyone else is asleep.
Wether you need to use the bathroom, stretch or grab something out of your carry on. Life is a lot easier when you have an aisle seat. Sure you may need to get up for others to use the bathroom and the view is sacrificed but ask yourself what you want out of the next 14 hours - Views and discomfort? Or, Comfort and the freedom to get up when you need to?

Take advantage of free upgrades

Don’t be afraid to ask about an upgrade or a seat change. Upgrades can be difficult to come by but if your lucky you might just score yourself some extra luxury for free. Seat changes are easy and flight attendants will almost always approve a seat change if you just ask. If you spot a row that is free, ask to move seats and get yourself some decent sleep.

Maybe not this far…

Maybe not this far…

Make yourself feel human

Get up and move when you can during flights. Exercise and stretching will make you feel more human even if it is a simple walk down the aisles or even standing up periodically.
Take moments to wash your face, brush your teeth and wet wipe your armpits. Once you get smelly change your shirt and if you feel up to it… change your undies! It feels great!

Have a flight pack sorted

What really helps us when traveling long haul is a simple flight pack. A small case that we can pull out of our carry on, containing everything we need for the flight - sleeping gear, toiletries, digital devices, books or headphones.
It will save you having to rummage through your pack after take-off.


We want to leave you with one last message. Climate change is a serious issue and flying is one of the biggest negative contributions an individual can make. Restrict the number of times you fly each year and where possible use other modes of transport - road-trip within your own country rather than flying because it’s quicker, connect to other countries by bus or speed rail, live that camper lifestyle and stop using up all your air miles for pointless business trips.
Our brand is built on travel and for you travel may be just as important, but be conscious of your impact and do everything you can to reduce your footprint.