11 Legends! 2 Cars! 2 Days! And... and .. The most amazing location I have been in Australia to date! Was Wilson's Prom worth it? Hahaha Yep!
Written by: Jacques

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"Bro! You have to get down to Wilsons Prom!" I think it was about the sixth time I was told to get to Wislons that I realised ... 'S##T, I need to go to Wilsons Prom!.' 
So I gathered a crew, booked a hostel and cruised on down the the most Southern Peninsula in Australia. Was I disappointed!? Hell no... well actually.. Yeah! I was disappointed I couldn't stay longer.

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I better give you guys a quick run down of our trip to Wilsons, and if you keep reading you will find a quick guide for your trip.
Somehow I had managed to book out an entire hostel for just our group the day before we arrived. Hahaha now that's a win! We arrived, dropped off our overnight gear and headed to Tidal River Beach on the Western side of The Peninsula. Tidal river beach is stunning and if I wasn't aware of what country I was in I could have sworn we were chilling in the Mediterranean.

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Be sure to explore the surrounding area and get adventurous along the rocky coastline. The more you explore the more beauty you will expose. Obviously be careful though, and be sure to go with someone!
After a little explore around the Coastline we came back to a rather extreme low Tide. As the beaches name suggests the tides are rather... tidal.

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The night was filled with your classic hospitality staff stye socialising... scrabble and connect four with coke zeros right? Haha no let's replace the board games with Banter and the Coke Zero with Gin and I think you get the picture... Hey we were on holiday!
I wasn't going to let a hangover stop me from getting the most out of day 2 though! Up at 7.30am after 2.5 hours sleep and time to wake the kids! Let's go to Squeaky Beach Homies!

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A short hike from Tidal Bay is the famous Squeaky Beach. The troops managed the hike and I am pretty certain no one was dissapointed. The views were out of this world.. and.. AND.. The beach actually squeaked! Anyone want a tutorial on how to optimise their squeak? Haha
Squeaky beach is smaller, less crowded and in my opinion, more pleasing to the eye. The contrast between the rocky coastal outcrops and the ocean is stunning!

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Unfortunately this was the end of our trip and it was time for me to get ready for a trip back to NZ. I have included some information below which should help you book your next trip down to Wilsons Prom. My biggest advice is to book at least 4 days in.. 2 was just no where near enough time.
How to Get to Wilsons Prom + Wilsons Prom Area info:
-To get to Wilsons Prom make sure you are first in the Victorian area. I have included a link showing the directions to Wilson's Prom from Melbourne CBD:
-Wilsons Prom has plenty of accomodation options, we stayed at Prom Coast YHA. They no longer seem to have a functioning website but their phone number is; 0427 875 735 and they are located in the town of Foster. There are plenty of accomodation options in the area though. Ranging from camping through to luxury cabins and lodges.
-It would take me a long time to tell you about all the amazing locations in the Wilsons Prom area (most of which I am yet to visit myself). So if you click THIS LINK it will give you a rundown of the top spots to check out. I have also included a map of the area below.


I truly hope you can make it to Wilsons Prom. Trust me it is definitely worth the trip. Try and go mid week during the summer so you can still get the amazing weather minus the ridiculous crowds!
Chase those dreams!
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