"Yo Paulo! You Reckon a Snowboard will work?"


BOOM! Another 3.30am start but who's complaining when your about to go snowboarding down a bunch of sand dunes surrounded by paradise? Not these guys. The weather was mint the beach was covered in amazing tones and... AND the drone was primed and ready to go. ooo Baby lets hit it!


So here's the truth this blog is actually combining two trips.. That is how awesome this place is haha. Oh and the unicorn head well.. You will have to subscribe to Collecting Vibe on YouTube come April 1st 2018!
Want to know some info about this spot? Course you do! Why else would you be reading this blog? Definitely not for my B grade humour.
- For some sweet directions from Melbourne City Centre CLICK HERE
- Be aware this is one of the MOST DANGEROUS surf beaches in the Melbourne Area. So don't go in if you don't understand how to read oceans. If in doubt swim between the flags and speak to the locals.
- If you have a snowboard, boogie board or anything that slides.. BRING IT! The Dunes are sooo much fun, and trust me falling ain't that bad (hahaha I fell a lot- PS it's me Jacques again).
-Explore! The beach and the surrounding beaches along the Mornington Peninsula are amazing! 

If you are going with a DSLR make sure you keep it covered. Sand is a menace!

If you are going with a DSLR make sure you keep it covered. Sand is a menace!

The first time we went I bailed a lot and guess what you are about to see a compilation of bails hahaha. Although getting up super early was draining and filming the content we wanted was hectic the trip was 100% worth it. Here's how I(Still Jacques here homies) look at things now days; I either get up and go chase the life I want or I sit around wandering why I didn't get up resulting in that unrelenting sensation of FOMO. My advice... I think you already know. GET UP!


Well what are you waiting for! Get your board and head to Gunnamatta for a day of shredding the dunes! Us.. well we are off to swim with stingrays.. Catch you in the next blog.
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Chase those dreams!
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