Is Life Boring You? | How to Bring Excitement Back Into Your Life

‘Tweet, tweet, tweet!’

The soft tones of bird calls flood your ears as your I-phone’s sleep aid app - which has recorded and monitored your sleeping patterns throughout the night - gently bring your brain back to the conscious plain.

All you can think is; “I wish those F*CKING birds would Shut the F*ck Up!” Life has grown boring for you and the thought of hauling yourself out of bed and making the 10 step migration to the shower is just so overwhelmingly .. well.. mundane.

How did life get to this point? You used to get up at 6am every morning and feel a sense of wander & excitement for the day ahead. That was 6 years ago before University (College for our North American readers), before your career & before you stopped trying to scare and excite yourself.

That was before the day you decided to stop growing. Want to bring excitement back to your life? Growth is the answer & here are 4 ways to make it happen.

Growth requires risk, fear, sacrifice, failure & commitment but the rewards well outweigh the challenges. Growth gives you a reason to embrace life by the balls!

Growth requires risk, fear, sacrifice, failure & commitment but the rewards well outweigh the challenges. Growth gives you a reason to embrace life by the balls!


The passion doesn’t have to be new. You may have had a true passion before you were convinced by the masses to follow in mum and dads footsteps. To get a job as a doctor, lawyer or accountant.

To get a mortgage on a house that’s far to big for your needs resulting in crippling interest rates & mountains of debt. Before you were convinced to marry Murray and pop at least three kids out.. 2 girls & 1 boy of course.

For some of you this is the dream life, a life that you have always wanted. I am truly happy that you are pursuing the lifestyle that keeps you waking up with a smile. For the vast majority of you reading this blog you can probably relate to this narrative. This was never the life that ignited your passions. This is not the life you want to live anymore!

You need to find that passion again! That spark that keeps you curious & get’s you excited to learn & to grow. The more time you spend perfecting this passion the more growth you will inevitably experience.

If you truly want to feel excited and grateful every single f*cking day! If you truly want to commit to waking up with a smile again instead of throwing your bullsh*t tweeting phone across the room! You need Growth.

One way is to find a new passion.



Does it scare you? It should. Some people thrive on change and others struggle to cope with a change in barista at their local cafe. Change scares some of us because it indicates a step outside of our comfort zones.

I could tell you that it’s OK to stay in your comfort zone your whole life. I could tell you that life can still be exciting inside that little box. I would be lying! If you want to release yourself from your current state of boredom then you have to get outside that damn box!

Travel is one of the best ways to push your comfort zones & too experience new things that can have a profound effect on the person you decide to become. If you have nothing holding you back apart from a sh*tty career that makes you feel like crying then do yourself a favour.

Save up as much money as possible, quit your job and go travel the world. The growth you will experience on a personal level will reignite the wander, joy and excitement in your soul. Travel may just lead you towards your new found passion, it worked for me!

Grow the human inside you - Go Traveling.


Freedom is a word thrown around more often than panties at a strip club. We are sold this ridiculous idea of what freedom should look like; no work commitments, holidays all year, super yachts, cocaine, shredded European men & stunning latino women with shoe string thin bikinis.

Why then are all these apparently ‘free’ people so damn unhappy? Simple. This kind of ‘free’ lifestyle offers you no further growth and life becomes stagnant and the things that usually excite you begin to make you feel a deep and relentless depression.

Like it or not we need work in order to feel significant. Work gives us the freedom to grow, learn, contribute & create. Work is good but most of the time we don’t choose the right job. If you feel that work is the cause of your boredom, that you are no longer challenged to grow and learn.

Consider a change in career but don’t change for the money. Change because the prospect of this new career path excites you. Better yet start a business of your own & base it around those passions that ignite that little spark in your soul.

Want to grow and feel a true sense of freedom through hard work? Start a business or change your job.


Scaring the sh*t out of yourself by doing something that challenges you to the core is like throwing gasoline into a fire that is struggling to burn. Accomplishing the things that we perceive as impossible allows us to grow so profoundly that it can change the direction of our lives. The greater the short term sacrifice the more powerful and fulfilling the longterm growth will be.

Overcome and grow from your greatest challenges and you will feel an almost overwhelming sensation of achievement, meaning & fulfilment. Accomplishing your goal is great but the majority of the growth will actually occur while you train/work/prepare.

If exercise is something that you hate then sign up for a Marathon. If turning your passion into your career gives you nightmares at night then start that damn business. If heights scare you more than a nuclear holocaust then sign up to get your solo skydiving ticket.

Want to reignite & grow your soul? Sign up for something that you think is impossible! Sign up for something that scares the sh*t out of you!

These mountains took millions of years to break past the clouds. They didn’t do it by staying on the same level - GROW!

These mountains took millions of years to break past the clouds. They didn’t do it by staying on the same level - GROW!

Life doesn’t have to be what is expected of you & it doesn't have to be the same boring routine until you die or end up in a retirement home dribbling on the coffee table replaying the same regrets over and over again.

No matter how old you are & no matter what your situation you can bring excitement back into your life by injecting a little growth.

Want to feel excited again? Start working and start growing.

Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques.