A lone bird sings soon joined by his peers as the distant sound of waves crashing against pillars reverberates through my ears. The pre Dawn light casts enormous shadows as the Apostles come into view. Stoic, Resilient and truly a wonder of the world.
"Think I will have that coffee now."


I remember seeing images of the 12 Apostles years ago and thinking to myself.. "I need to see this place!" If I am totally honest with you I had no idea they were in Victoria when I arrived. Since arriving 8 months ago I have been back to The Great Ocean Road 6 times hahaha. It is just such an incredible place! Now the Apostles themselves are amazing but be aware that The Great Ocean Road has a lot more to offer. Let's dive into some of the main attractions aye...


Aireys Inlet & Bells Beach
Alright so if you are a surfer you would have probably heard of Bells Beach. It is a renowned surf beach that generally features on the World Surf Circuits each year. Definitely worth a look! Bells Beach is one of the first iconic spots on The Great Ocean Road.
You may not have heard of the next main attraction though.. but I reckon you will love it! Aireys Inlet is only 20 mins down the road from Bells Beach and about 10 mins from Anglesea. The area offers one of the most relaxing cliff top hikes in the area. And... AND .. it is almost completely free of people. Less crowds means more chill vibes. Fair warning though when you reach Split Point Lighthouse you are probably going to hit some crowds.
THIS LINK will take you from Melbourne to Bells Beach. 
THIS LINK will take you from Melbourne to The start of the Aireys Inlet hike.
and THIS LINK will take you from Bells Beach to Aireys Inlet.


Lorne and The Otways
Lorne is just over 2 hours from Melbourne and is a pumping little summer town. The town explodes in population over the summer months as tourists and Melbournites flock to it's beaches, hikes and nearby Koala lookouts. Yep that's right you might just see a Koala!
If hiking is your thing then check out THIS LINK for some awesome hikes and other adventures around the area. If you are planning on doing a week long trip around The Great Ocean Road I would highly recommend using Lorne as a home base. It has plenty of accomodation options and is a great central location to explore the coastline.
The Otways are also home to Koalas and Kangaroos. Just down the road from Lorne is a Cafe that is home to several Koala families. If you want a guaranteed Koala sighting drive on down and ask the friendly owners at the Cafe were to find them. CLICK HERE for directions.


The Twelve Apostles Marine National Park
Ok let's be honest then. The other areas of The Great Ocean Road are amazing but.. nothing really compares to the first time you see the Twelve Apostles. And guess what? The Twelve Apostles are just one sight in this incredible Marine Reserve. 
Be sure to also check out:
Gibson Steps- Follow the steps down to Gibsons Beach and catch a sunset!
Loch Ard Gorge- Watch the insane power of the Ocean as it drills out an archway in this massive limestone formation.
Thunder Cave- Catch this spot on a day when the swells are massive. The power of the waves creates a thunderous clap as the water rushes into a narrow cave.
And that is just a few of the attractions! To get a better idea of which ones to visit make your first stop the VISITOR CENTRE


If you can only visit one amazing spot in Melbourne while you are in town make it The Great Ocean Road! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
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