The Grampians! A bucket list item for sure and one of the coolest mountain ranges I have seen in Australia so far!
Written by Jacques


To bad about the weather aye guys... hahahaha who am I kidding! It was 30 degrees outside, the sun was shining and I am almost certain I saw less than 10 clouds all day. The moment I landed in Australia I new I was going to take a trip to the Grampians. These iconic mountain ranges have some incredible history. 
 The ranges are accessible from the west via a series of low angled sandstone ridges. The eastern sides of the ridges, where the layers have faulted are very steep and in some spots beyond vertical. The rock material that composes the high peaks is sandstone which was laid down from rivers some 380 million years ago! This sediment slowly accumulated to a depth of 7 km's; seismic activity later raised and tilted this sediment for it's present form. 
The highest peak is Mt William, standing at 1167 metres! The history in this place is insane!
If you aren't into all the history you may be wondering what it all means for you? Views, Views and more Amazing Views!



Our crew spent 2 days at The Grampians but it was not nearly enough time to explore everything I wanted to explore. I would recommend around 4 days to get the most out of the 3 hour drive out there. Our first day was when all the action happened.
Loaded up with coffee and junk food we threw down our overnight gear at Tims Place in Halls Gap. These guys were awesome by the way and.. AND.. very affordable! We then kitted up and made our way to the hiking tracks. We were Pinnacle bound.


You will walk past the main area of Halls Gap, the main launching spot for the majority of tourists hiking in the Grampians National Park. But be careful not to blink because you may just miss this cute little town!
The Pinacles hike itself is incredible. I would recommend doing the loop.. Start off by heading towards Venus Baths (be sure to Coll off if its hot!). This way will take you up through the 'Grand Canyon' and onward up the sloping Sandstone mountains towards one of the craziest landscape views you will see. Once you reach the Pinnacle you can continue on and turn your day hike into a 3 day expedition if you want. Unfortunately we did not have the luxury of time.


The sights and sounds on this hike blew my mind! It honestly felt like I had wandered into the wardrobe and was now lost in Narnia. All that was needed was a dusting of snow.. A little unlikely at 30 C hahaha.
Now you can continue the loop down a steeper track back down to Halls Gap. It will be steeper but quicker. We opted to go on the same route back, mainly because we thought we might get lost haha.


But to be honest the same route back offered a new perspective and the views coming back down the 'Grand Canyon' section were amazing!
Once we got to the bottom we checked out the local stores (there aren't that many so don't expect to be checking out the latest from Gucci) and grabbed some adult beverages to recap on the sick hike we had just completed. 


Just as I thought we had seen everything awesome Halls Gap had to offer we were greeted by about 30 grazing Kangaroos. The experience was amazing!
Here are some quick tips to help you out:
-Now to get to Halls Gap from Melbourne without those pesky tolls check out THIS LINK.
-If you are going overnight or for multiple nights you will have plenty of accomodation options ranging from camping to cabins. Just be aware of the time of year you are looking at going. The destination is popular and can fill up fast!
-Your Equipment should include the following:

  • Sturdy shoes
  • Spare warm cloths
  • Wet weather gear
  • Sunblock, sunscreen and Hat
  • Loads of water (3L should be good for a day hike)
  • Breathable hiking clothing
  • Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Camera and a fully charged phone

-If you are going overnight be sure to do your research. THIS LINK will help.
-And..Be sure to let some homies know where you are going and when you will be back!


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Chase those dreams!
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