10 Female Photographers to Inspire You in 2019

Up until recently, our entire base of photographic inspiration came from a pool of creatives, made up of almost all men. This was not a conscious decision, we did not set out just over a year ago with the sole intention of becoming the worlds most sexist creatives.

The simple fact is, being male ourselves, we related subconsciously to the creative stories of male photographers who inspired us. It wasn’t until recently, when a fellow creative (who will feature in this list) pointed out that our list of inspirational artist was almost entirely male. Kat helped us realise just how much we were missing out on, because of our subconscious connection to just male creatives.

Since that moment we have begun to seek out new inspiration, from female artists that we resonate with on a purely creative level. It has drastically improved our creative process!

Thanks for opening our eyes a touch wider Kat!

10 Female Photographers to Inspire You in 2019

The Creative Series with Kat

Ocean Photography | Writing | Creative Tips

Kat is an all round legend, based in Western Australia & oozing a creative passion. Kat directs her passion towards the promotion of other creatives that inspire her. You can find all the creative inspiration you need through her website, funnily enough… it’s called ‘The Creative Series’ too.

Kat’s website contains; interviews, tips & guides from creatives that Kat reaches out to. All the creatives that Kat interviews are hand picked by her, the articles are genuine and her content is inspiring.

Kat’s work first popped onto our radar about 6 months ago, we were entranced by the beautiful ocean blues & pink sky tones. A style that is uniquely hers. We highly recommend you follow Kat’s work, one of the most genuine accounts we have had the pleasure of following.

Rach Stewart

Landscapes | Travel | Photo Tours

Rachel Stewart has been on my personal photography radar since day one! About 18 months ago I began to take photography seriously, Rachel Stewart was one of the first ‘serious’ photographers I drew inspiration from. She still inspires me every single day.

Based in New Zealand (Yay home!), Rachels strength lies in her ability to compose a truly inspiring image. Her images tell stories of adventure, discovery & passion. When you look at a Rach Stewart image, you cannot help but feel as if you are there.

For some of the most incredible landscape photos on earth, follow Rach Stewart.

Chelsea Kauai

Travel | Adventure

Chelsea has a massive account! Unlike many other large influencers, Chelsea has a humble nature. She creates with love & it is clear that she has purpose in every action she takes, nothing about Chelsea’s work feels insincere.

All of the larger projects she takes on resonate with who she is, it never feels as if Chelsea is selling out. Her own creative work, combines excellent composition with dreamy landscapes. Chelsea works hard to get herself to some of the most unique locations, places that inspire the adventurous side that lies dormant in most of our souls.

Do yourself a creative favour, follow Chelsea.

Hello Emilie

Photographer | Legendary

Emilie is legendary in the Instagram universe! She is equally legendary as a photographer, pursuing the work that inspires her from day one. You can see that Emilie has worked incredibly hard to cultivate an account that inspires millions (literally over a million on IG alone).

Emilie’s account is the inspiration behind photographers like Chelsea & Rachel. The true draw to Emilie as a creative is her strength as a pioneer & her unwavering resolve to inspire other females to chase their own purpose.

Be inspired by the power of persistence, follow Emilie.

Frauki (Frauke)

Adventure | Outdoors | Landscapes

Time for a European touch. One of the most inspiring things about Frauke’s account is the locations! Like many German creatives, Frauke is strongly inspired by the outdoors. Her work takes her to some of the most dreamy and isolated destinations on earth.

It is inspiring to see a female creator willing to push the limits, on a personal and creative level. If you are stuck for creative inspiration, take a note out of Frauke’s book, go find some adventure in the outdoors!

Giulia Gartner

The Girl with the Yellow Jacket

Chances are, if you see an image of a girl wearing a yellow jacket in some crazy Icelandic landscape, it’s Giulia. Giulia is more than just a yellow jacket though, the jacket is a metaphor for her incredible ability to compose images.

Giulia keeps it simple, quite often simple is best. Giulia’s images give off a very similar feeling to Rachel Stewarts photo’s, they tell stories. These stories inspire and leave the viewer with a sense of wonder and intrigue.

Get behind the yellow jacket! Follow Giulia.

Elaine Li

Art Direction | Photography

Let’s step away from the adventure travel scene for a moment. Let’s explore the world of Hong Kong native, Elaine Li. A world of colour, life & people… yeah… real people! Elaine’s photos tell stories without the influence of a pose or carefully manufactured outfit.

Sure, from time to time you will see a pose or two, but Elaine’s best work is the stuff that’s completely real. Scenes that depict everyday people going about their own unique version of life. Elaine’s account has something that many other accounts lack on Instagram - reality!

For a truly unique take on the world, follow the very talented Elaine Li.


Melissa Findley

Photographer | Human Being

Continuing the theme of just being real, you can’t get much more real than Melissa. This talented female artist just loves to create images that inspire others, Melissa has been creating for a long time. Yet, you can still see that ‘grom’ like excitement in her images and stories.

When it comes to tourism and travel, Melissa does it better than most. She has managed to connect herself with brands & companies that focus completely on travel and tourism, allowing Melissa to be a full time travel photographer.

Get inspired by Melissa.

Hannah Reyes Morales

Nat Geo Explorer & Contributor

Wow! Just stumbled on this account recently and I am blown away by Hannah’s work! Her work is real, powerful and some of the best visual storytelling I have seen so far. Every image is composed to perfection, the images tell stories about real situations, real people & really interesting stuff.

It is clear why National Geographic and the NY times have selected Hannah as a contributor, her images are like nothing else I have seen.

If you want real, raw & inspiring, images that will trigger emotions and prompt action. Hannah Reys Morales is a must follow.


Jess Wandering

Adventure | Travel

Jess is another pioneer in the female creative field, working harder than most to get the images that others do not. Jess explores the world with her partner Quin, exploring as many unique locations as possible & sharing them with the world.

For a simple, happy, loving vibe. Go check out the amazing adventures of Jess Wandering!


The world is full of incredibly talented creators. Female or Male, when it comes to creation, gender is irrelevant. Fall in love with the process, be inspired by many & remember that at the end of the day we are all the same. Just a sapien on a mission to find the purpose of life.

Now go create!
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