5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Photography

Crappy, average, excellent or professional. Photography is more than just a pursuit of money, fame, notoriety or self satisfaction. Photography is a pursuit of happiness, creativity, enjoyment & it fills the soul with joy.

Too often we seek the material things in this world, the things that bring us temporary happiness and maybe a great story to tell our friends 100 times. Photography is a continuous work of art, an endless purpose that can ignite a fire of creativity in your heart.

Photography can provide happiness until it’s time to kick the bucket! So let me stop using big words and tell you five reasons why you should unleash your creativity and fall in love with Photography.

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You can pursue photography everywhere!

You can pursue photography everywhere!

Reason 001 - Unlock Your Creative Side

Too often we fall into this strange rhythm we call ‘modern society.’ Expectations are placed on us as early as primary school to; settle down, find a partner, buy a house, get a career & then work away at a job that gives us no joy, until the ripe old age of 70.

Then we get to retire and do all the things we want… oh wait a minute our bodies are too f*cked and the motivation just isn’t there anymore. Sound strange? That’s because it is. We are designed to be creative & too explore the things that make us ask why or how?

Creativity & the art of creating is inside all of us, photography is a gateway to fulfilling your desire to be creative. If you are drained from work and wandering why you feel so damn tired of life all the time.

Try picking up a camera and letting your mind explore the possibilities of creating something for the pure joy of it! No judgment, no deadlines & no rules. Just unlock your creative side!

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Reason 002 - Growth!

Growth is a human need that is often hard to meet. You may find you are meeting growth in your career until you reach that financial goal, buy that Lamborghini or receive that award. What then? What metrics do you have in order to measure growth now?

Achieving material goals & visions all have one thing in common… they have an end. At some point the growth either stops or no longer feels fulfilling. Photography is a creative pursuit that holds the potential for endless growth. Growth of your mind, heart & soul.

Growth that allows you to contribute your creativity to whoever you want to impact. Are you looking for a pursuit, hobby or career that offers the potential for endless growth?

Your answer is Photography!


Reason 003 - Explore More, Wander Again

“I would love to go to Iceland! But I can’t get time off work.”
“Wow that view looks amazing, but I can’t be f*cked hiking!”
“I wish I could travel the world but I have to save for a house.”

It is in our nature too want to see! To seek adventure! To Explore more and to wander again like we once did as children. Life (Or what we settle for) gets in the way but Photography is like a key that opens the doors once again.

The moment you start taking pictures you can be proud of you will be addicted. Addicted to discovering more & to getting the ‘perfect shot.’ Excuses like; work, bills, savings or expectations will cease to be an inconvenience or problem.

Photography will force you to find solutions to explore more & wander again. It will start with your own backyard and as you progress you will venture further and discover things you never thought you would.

Passion goes hand in hand with Purpose. Photography brings purpose to your passions.

Passion goes hand in hand with Purpose. Photography brings purpose to your passions.

Reason 004 - Make Friends around the World

The internet has made photography cool! I mean it always was but the internet has exposed the incredible world of photographers to the world. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or a weekly blog can get you connected with other creatives and fans from all over the world.

You can travel to the other side of the world to shoot photos with a friend you met through your passion of photography. Photography can help you make friends and plan adventures with people from all over the world.

Photography can bridge the differences with a common love for creativity.

One of the worst quality photos we have but this image tells a story. A story of love, friendship, respect & kindness that surpasses all boundaries!

One of the worst quality photos we have but this image tells a story. A story of love, friendship, respect & kindness that surpasses all boundaries!

Reason 005 - Travel to Places that will Blow your Mind!

The world is full of amazing locations, we often see these locations through images in travel magazines, blogs or Instagram accounts. The most awe inspiring locations often require a lot of effort and temporary sacrifice to see.

Most people settle for seeing the image, photographers settle for capturing their own version of the image. The best result is when you discover something new and inspire others to seek adventure & discover new places.

Photography will take you to places that will blow your mind.

Regardless of which reason stands out to you the most, we highly suggest you give photography a nudge! If photography doesn’t turn out to be your thing then that’s OK, try another creative pursuit; film, drawing, writing, singing or dancing.

Unlock your brain and fall in love with creativity.

Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques