I Have No Purpose! How Commitment Can Make you a Happier Person | 3 Steps

We live in a world of endless opportunities.

If one door closes, seven more open up. We are privileged beyond belief & yet so many of us still struggle to find any sort of happiness or fulfilment in life.

We live in the greatest era for humanity fullstop! Better medicine, longer life expectancies, huge technological advances, unlimited work opportunities & the ability to travel & explore almost anywhere on earth. I mean F*CK, we are seriously planning to colonise Mars!

We are reaching a turning point in our history. We are becoming a world not just a collection of countries.

So what is it then? What is keeping us from feeling that sense of purpose & fulfilment in life?

You are!
Let's talk about Commitment.

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Commit to something worth pursuing. Something YOU really want to do.

Commit to something worth pursuing. Something YOU really want to do.


If you were born in the United States as an African American in the year 1929, chances are you had a pretty tough life ahead of you. You had virtually no rights & you faced a lifetime of discrimination by those with whiter skin than you.

One young African American child born in 1929 decided to take a different path. He decided to commit to making a difference in the lives of those around him. He decided to focus all of his commitment & energy on the fight for equal rights among black Americans.

His name was Martin Luther King Jr, and he would go on to die fighting for the cause he committed his life to. His work & his commitment would change the lives of Black Americans forever. 

Martin Luther King Jr accomplished incredible things but on a smaller scale he also accomplished what most of us struggle to do today. He had Purpose! His commitment not only made him a happier & more accomplished human being. It brought purpose & happiness to those around him.

Great! So how can you give yourself purpose through commitment? We don't all have to start movements on the scale that Martin Luther King Jr did. We do first have to find one passion to focus our energy on.

In this blog we cover 3 steps you can take to achieve purpose through commitment. Step One is of course - Find a Passion. Read On...

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Step 001 - Find a Passion

Step One is actually easier than you think. Most people use the excuse that, 'finding a passion is to hard' or 'I'm not passionate about anything.' Hate to break it to you but these are just excuses. I was the same just 1 year ago. My excuse was 'I am passionate about lots of stuff. Why focus on one?'

Think of life like a hallway with lots of doors all leading towards different passions or outcomes. With today's endless opportunities we find it hard committing to just one doorway. We choose instead to walk through each doorway spending only brief moments in each space.

By doing this we see lots of different stuff & try lots of different things. Which is cool at the time but after a while we start to wander if we will ever be able to achieve a purpose. It is going to be hard to commit to but you need to figure out which door appeals to you most.

Once you set your sights on that one passion it is time to focus all of your energy on making it your purpose.

Step 002 - Focus like a Laser Beam

Close every other door around you in that metaphorical hallway of yours. Shut out the noise and begin basing every single one of your actions on your chosen passion. Sacrifice all the small stuff & remember that in the long term your focus WILL pay off.

Let's say your chosen passion is become a world renowned surgeon. Tough choice, but easily manageable once you commit every ounce of energy you have to achieving it. It won't happen overnight, hell it won't even happen in ten years but if you commit to it every single day it will happen.

That commitment, day in & day out will give you a sense of purpose like nothing else. A daily drive to wake up & work towards your dreams, passions & goals. As you get into your rhythm you will notice a change, small at first but it will grow everyday.

You will feel happiness. You will feel that elusive sensation of purpose. GRIND on young warrior!

Step 003 - Build those Around you

Achieving your own sense of purpose is great & something to be proud of. However to truly commit to a passion is to ensure that you leave a legacy of contribution behind.

Martin Luther King Jr died knowing that he had changed the lives of millions around him & altered the course of history for the better. You can do the same with your passion.

Let's say your passion is writing, like J.K Rowling. You have achieved success beyond measure & sold 100's of thousands of books, great. Now how can you give back & ensure your skills & talents live on?

You could start by doing workshops & creating free publications that can be shared to those who can't afford to purchase your books. You have achieved your purpose in life so why not inspire others to do the same.

Build those around you and ensure you leave a positive footprint on the world.

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Share your passion & build a legacy of positive change/influence.

Share your passion & build a legacy of positive change/influence.

Having a purpose comes down to having commitment to something, someone or something. Find that, poor all of your energy into it & then share your knowledge with the world.

In doing so you will die knowing you served your purpose.

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