Bro Weekly #44

Phew!! What a year! As 2018 comes to a close and 2019 begins it is time to assess what has worked, what has failed & what to dedicate energy towards.

First of all we want to say thanks! Thanks to you for supporting our journey over this first year. It has not been easy and it will continue to be difficult for many years to come but the important thing as that we are on our way and we have not given up & will not be giving up.

This start up has become much like a journey and as the first chapter comes to a close it is time to re-assess our direction and focus on continuing our growth! We are growing and it is exciting to see our messages of kindness, adventure & gratitude reaching the eyes & ears of legends all over the world.

This Bro Weekly is going to be a bit different as we recap the year & give a brief insight into next years plans. Merry XMas, Happy New Year & Let’s F*cking Grind!!


The Briefest of Recaps

It is important to only briefly reflect on the past. Regardless of the context the past is the past, and it should stay as such. What about victories? Should they not be remembered and celebrated long into the future? That decision is up to you but consider the energy you spend celebrating & reminiscing. Would that energy not be better spent working towards new success’s?

Failures should definitely not be dwelled upon! Take note of how you can improve from your failures, take action & then move forward. So.. let’s keep this recap short and sweet.

We started with an idea and in all honesty it has evolved in every way. We predict that our idea will evolve much more as 2019 progress’s but the important thing is our purpose. We have nailed down a purpose and it is to: ‘Leave a Positive Footprint by Empowering Others to Live their best lives through Kindness, Gratitude, Love & Inspiration.’

Essentially we want to leave this world knowing we have improved the lives of others and given people the tools they need to live a life of kindness, love and gratitude. In a few words… Let’s Make People Smile Before We Die!

So we nailed down our Purpose but what else did we do?

-We drastically improved our photography.
-We dove head first into film making and have seen huge growth in our video game.
-Our writing grew leaps and bounds as our website views grew to nearly 7000 per month.
-Our blogs have now reached 73 different countries with nearly 17,000 unique visitors.
-We managed to monetise our blog giving us a taste that this is possible and we can do this full time. The more time we have to focus on our purpose the more people we can positively effect.
-We filmed and photographed in 3 different countries & next year we hope to make that 4!
-We started a Podcast! It’s called Couple ‘A’ Lattes.

There were many other mini success’s throughout the year and there were also numerous failures. Now it is time to take the lessons on board as we plan a bigger 2019!

What’s in Store for 2019?

Let’s get real! No glory awaits in 2019 & if we were doing this for glory then we wouldn’t really be doing it for the right reasons. So what does await in 2019?

Lot’s of f*cking hard work that’s for sure! Hard work is great though but we need to begin narrowing down our direction & we need to start finding ways to monetise what we are creating. 2019 will be less about focusing on the small tasks and more about focusing on the big picture.

So how do we aim to narrow down our focus? What are the big aims and tasks that we want to make a reality?

Let’s make a start:

The Blog:
-We aim to bring our messages to more people in 2019! 50,000 people a month to be exact! It’s a big aim but not outside our reach.
-We aim to monetise the blog further. Our aim is an average of $1000 AUD per month.
-We want to work more with tourism boards and collaborate with other brands & bloggers.

The Book:
-This is the biggest focus for me (Jacques Here) in 2019. I want to complete and publish a book that will empower those struggling through depression, anxiety & life in their 20’s. It will be titled ‘A Guide to Not F**king Up Your Twenties,’ keep that name in mind.

Film & Photo:
-We want to bring more of what Paulo does into our brand so it is time to introduce his creative pursuits as a DJ and music enthusiast.
-We will be getting our travel videos out and showcasing what we can do for tourism boards while empowering you guys to pursue your travel dreams.
-We aim to drastically improve our photography to a point that allows us to begin selling our prints and working as landscape photographers & film makers.
-We aim to link up with other local photographers and start generating some income locally.

Social Media:
-Social Media is a big one for us so it is crucial that we continue to improve our social media game. It is time to grow in 2019!
-We aim to grow our Facebook community to 10K & our Instagram to 5K. With more of a following we will be able to generate more traffic to our blogs. With higher website traffic we can reach more people and increase the monetisation of our website.

We are aiming for 4 countries in 2019; New Zealand, Peru, Brazil & hopefully China. It will be tough but discipline and saving can get us there!

The future is never up to fate! It is up to you to create the future you want & this requires work but don’t forget to stay present & enjoy the amazing community of friends and family that you choose to surround yourself with.

All greatness comes from humble beginnings… Time & Patience.

All greatness comes from humble beginnings… Time & Patience.

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Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques.