Bro Weekly #42

The week was a quiet one and that’s OK.


It’s all about the long game guys! So this week we took some moments to just get our ‘house in order'.’ The greatest achievement this week was enjoying the company of our close community & sleeping hahaha.

It is amazing how long you can push your body with limited sleep when you have a bigger purpose motivating your every step. Meaningful work can also pull you away from those who care about you. So is it important then, to stop and take check? To just take some time to reconnect with those who love and support you unconditionally?

Some of you might disagree and proclaim that, ‘The work is everything!’ My question to you would be, ‘What is the point of your work then?’ If there is no one to share it with or if it results in you keeling over from exhaustion. Is it really that important?

Probably not right?


We hung out!! Hey friends! It’s me Jacques! Paulo and I hung out this week as bros… yep that’s right.. just hung out because it’s cool to just hang out with those you love. We connected about more than just business, growth and our goals.

We spoke about the weather, what was going on with our personal lives & whether or not we enjoyed the coffee we had in front of us.

Sleep was a big win for us! Yesterday I slept a straight 11.5 hours! Not even a well timed alarm could wake me up & that is OK. Why? Shouldn’t we be sacrificing sleep at every possible turn? Shouldn’t our work take priority over everything including sleep?

Not a chance! Part of thinking long term is too acknowledge that as homo sapiens we have certain limitations that we simply cannot change. One such limitation is sleep! Sacrificing sleep will not result in longterm success but it may just result in an early grave.

More sleep also contributes to a much more productive workflow. I have compared my productivity during weeks when I get enough sleep & the weeks when sleep seems like just another dream. I achieve nearly double during the weeks when I have enough sleep!

Less sleep may mean less work time but that time is far more productive and the work produced is of a higher quality.

Take check & don’t forget to stay connected with your immediate community!


Its a constant really!

We are still battling to get into a routine that will result in higher productivity. Organisation is key for our longterm success and growth but the right weekly schedule is still eluding us. Back to the drawing board it is!

This time we will make sure we take into account our personal lives and the time we need to spend sleeping and engaging with those who love us. In hindsight I think that was the biggest issue with our first attempt at organising our workload. Essentially we overloaded ourselves.

It is important to be realistic about what you can achieve with the hours you have. Start Ups can be hard when working full time, you just have to do what you can with the time you have. The steps will be small at first but as the business grows those steps will get bigger and bigger. Before you know it you will be running that marathon.

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The planning is in full swing for NZ 2019 & the basic plans for South America are starting to float through our heads. The year will be huge but the biggest ‘What’ that we are working on is actually something far less exciting.

Balance & Structure!

Allowing time to be human and maintain our closest connections & structuring our workload to ensure we are achieving and growing every single month, week, day & hour.

To achieve the biggest of plans it is important to focus first on the smallest of tasks. Even the smallest of steps is getting you closer! Would you agree?

Here is some visual stimulation from the week!


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Crush your weeks!
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Paulo & Jacques.