Bro Weekly #41

What is the point in waking up every single day and working your ass off for free? What is the point in creating art that inspires and motivates if it only reaches 3 people?

…long game baby!


When you are asked ‘What do you do?’ What is the first answer that comes to mind? Be honest. Your answer is most likely in reference to your job. We are obsessed with our jobs, our yearly earnings and our status in the society that dictates our worth.

When you are born into today’s world you sign a contract. You are given no choice, no terms and conditions and no say in what changes can be made. 99% of us will unwittingly agree to the terms and live out our own slightly different variation of the rat race.

What if next time you answered you focused instead on the things you do in life on a daily basis that bring you long term joy? Would that not be a better answer? Would that not be an answer that explains who you truly are as a person?

That is a strong topic for another mindset blog but for todays weekly the message is simple.

Play for happiness and longterm satisfaction not for money and status.


We discovered a lot about ourselves this week & we had some really positive conflict. Conflict is often viewed as a negative but without conflict it is hard to address the issues that may effect our relationships & long term happiness.

Paulo & I are brothers before anything else so maintaining a healthy relationship is not only good for our company. It is good for our longterm happiness… we need each other. When you are racing towards growth, purpose & passion it can be easy to forget about the moments.

A simple coffee with your brother. A conversation with your sisters about the struggles she is facing with her partner. A hug with your mum and dad. This weeks win was not about Massie Bros at all, this weeks win was an important step towards being a better human.

Be present, be grateful and take moments throughout your day to focus on building relationships with the community around you. Pull away from that contract and stop worrying about the next big raise or how relevant you are to the world.

What’s really relevant is a coffee, some laughter and the amazing moments you share with the humans that spend the most time in front of your eyes.

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Still not organised!

Simple, we just aren’t organised enough yet. The long term future is looking hectic! With a lot of purposeful work needing to be done in order to reach our goals. Truly impactful work cannot be achieved without structure and organisation.

It is seriously this simple… We need to be more organised! 2019 is just around the corner and with a new year comes a new opportunity to truly hit the ground running. Running with fresh shoes that fit our feet. Running with breathable activewear.

Running with a backpack designed to move with our bodies while providing water from a carefully placed tube that we can access with a simple tilt of our heads. The more organised we are for our run the easier it will be to cover the distances required and the less likely we are to experience injury.

F*ck that’s not a bad metaphor at all is it!

Time to get these shoes fitted correctly!

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Big picture stuff! Our days are filling up with… well… fillers. The little stuff that doesn’t really have any lasting impact is consuming our free time. Thing’s like writing this weekly hahaha, don’t worry the weekly’s are necessary for our sanity so they will definitely be staying!

We want to focus more on the things that will matter longterm. Truly committing to writing this book is a big one. Improving our craft & taking our photography and film to the next level, the more inspiring our visual content get’s the more people we can reach and empower.

It is a month of planning and reflection. A time to really get our heads around what we want to achieve in 2019 and how these achievements will contribute to our longterm purpose.


Keep your purpose firmly in front of you but never forget to be present and enjoy the time you have with the people you love!

Feeling inspired? Share your goals with us, let’s connect and help each other grow!

Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques