Bro Weekly #40

Stay silent in your small wins, keep your head down and keep painting the big picture.

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This week has been one of the best weeks we have had for but we are not out celebrating. Don’t get me wrong, we are stoked to see amazing growth but we are also very aware of the work that needs to be put in over the coming year.

The key is to stay quiet in your victories and focus on the areas that still need improvement. Remember always - Ego is your greatest enemy!


The website hit some great numbers in November almost tripling in views and climbing the google search list. This is great news and a chance to really step up our game. We can see what works with our audience and we can now identify a more defined target market.

It is key to take this win and use it as a chance to grow. We aim to understand why we did so well with certain blogs and implement change to the blogs that aren’t performing well. Now more than ever we need to keep our ego’s in check and our heads firmly in the game.

Thanks to the 6.5 thousand views this month! We are incredibly grateful!

On a personal note it was our birthday on Sunday! One year older and so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to positively impact others on this amazing place we call earth. This year we aim to up our game! We want to inspire, empower & encourage 100’s of people to chase their dreams, remove their insecurities & be pumped with who they are!

We hope that our words, images, videos & messages help you in some small way! For us that is the only repayment we need to keep working our faces off!


Don’t forget the basics!

It is so easy to get caught up in deadlines, projects, workload & short term wins. We often forget to spend time on the basics & focus on charging slowly and steadily towards the longterm wins.

Waking up at the same time each day. Staying present & avoiding the powerful pull of anxiety generated by deadlines that we create in our own minds. Getting the right amount of sleep but also quality sleep - Yep! That means removing Netflix or phone screens from the bedroom!

Being grateful with what you have & greeting each day with thoughts of what you wish to achieve as opposed to the problems that you dwell on in your mind. Eating well & exercising regularly.

Hell! Making your own bed!

These are the basics. The day to day stuff that we neglect to do in order to maintain ourselves and our motivation as we charge toward our dreams and deadlines. Forgetting these basics is a constant failure of ours and I am willing to bet that you probably encounter the same problem. Am I right?

We all forget the basics from time to time. The key is to remind ourselves that self maintenance is the key to longterm success.

Do your damn washing buddy! Mum ain’t gonna do it for you and if she is… stop being so damn entitled and pick up your own dirty undies!


Planning continues!
2019 will be massive and so the planning needs to be on point. We are currently planning out our trip to NZ with the crew but plans are also starting to come together for the remainder of the year.

In the short term we are working on getting back behind the camera everyday! The past two weeks have been plagued by sickness and one too many nights out (birthday celebrations yah know!). It is important to maintain and improve continuously in all areas; writing, photography, film & adventure.

Let’s get on some more trips aye!


All areas of Massie Bros are growing steadily. We aim to keep the momentum moving forward with lofty goals for 2019.

We want to take a moment to thank you. Your support means the world to us! Our only hope is that we inspire or empower you in some way to chase your own version of happiness & purpose.

Much Love,
Paulo & Jacques