Bro Weekly #39

Biggest lesson learnt this week…. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!

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When you are super passionate about what you do & you feel as if your passions are propelling you toward your true purpose. It is incredibly easy to forget that, as a human being, you have some vital needs & requirements in order to survive.

Eating and sleeping are two things we all need to keep on top of regardless of workload. Without enough sleep and food we lack the energy and drive to achieve our tasks. Projects take longer, moods swing to the dark side & motivation begins to crumble.

We have been neglecting our health for too many weeks on the trot. The result… we got sick as f*ck this past week!


The edit game is strong! Although we have several years of practice ahead of us until we get to a level of excellence our photo game is really starting to improve. Our understanding of post processing is far better than it was just one month ago. This is helped in part by the images coming straight off the camera. They are getting easier and easier to work with.

The blog is starting to really grow! It is amazing to see the blog cruising comfortably past 5000 views per month. We are currently on track to hit almost 6000 views by the end of this month. The key now is to maintain the steady flow of material and push hard to get the blog viewership past 10K & then onward to 100K.

Long term thinking is key.

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Yeah… so we got real sick because we forgot how to adult.

There were many small failures this week including; missed deadlines, lost opportunities & poor communication. These failures all flowed from one major failure, we (at 28 years of age) forgot how to adult!

Sh*t eating habits and minimal sleep can only be maintained for so long, eventually the body rejects your brains desire to keep pushing. I like to think of being sick as a metaphorical β€˜F*ck you’ from your body to your mind. Getting sick when you are hustling is a pain in the ass!

The Solution… Look after yourself!

Until this week I (Jacques here) had not been sick for over 6 months because I had been looking after myself and staying healthy. I ate right, slept enough, practiced the β€˜Wim Hof Method' (breathing and cold immersion) & exercised.

Over the past month we got so caught up in our short term workload that we forgot to take appropriate care of ourselves. Our short term thinking led to over working and in all honesty, we achieved less.

An alert and well rested brain is far more productive. Not only will you be more productive but you will also be in a far better mindset. A better mindset will help you distinguish the pointless tasks that keep you busy but serve little purpose, from the important tasks.

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Ahh you know… lil bit of this, lil bit of that.

On a serious note the next few weeks will be all about purposeful action, self control and healthy routines. It’s time to get back into that rhythm we had just a few weeks ago. It’s time to get the basics right again!

We are also getting the initial planning together for our trip to NZ in January 2019. We want to ensure that we have all our spots mapped out & all our content thoroughly planned. The first trip of 2019 will set the bar for the year so we aim to nail it!

Let’s review the week with some photo’s!


It is hard to believe how far we have come in just 39 weeks! Personally, I cannot wait to see how much we achieve in 2019. Another year of hard ground work with the long term purpose in mind. Lets get it!

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