Bro Weekly #38

Time to get back into the rhythm!


Last week was a week to recoup and unwind a bit but it turned into yet another busy week. Yesterday we came to the realisation that the busy weeks were not the issue, we love what we are doing so work is pleasure for us.

The problem is in fact us. Specifically our current mindset, we need to adjust our thoughts and realise that the weeks will only get busier as this idea grows and matures. We then need to adjust our routines to cope with the workload and attack each week in an organised manner.

Time to get organised baby!


Our in camera photo skills are hitting a new level which is drastically reducing our processing time (time spent editing). This allows us to spend more time on other areas, one of which is going out and getting content.

We are adventuring far more! Getting out an exploring destinations is part of our purpose and is what will eventually supplement our income. Up until recently it had been tough to find and dedicate time to exploring.

We have now made the executive decision to go out on adventures every week which allows us to produce better content and improve our photography faster! The added bonus is written travel content, with more locations explored comes more ammo for travel blogs.

Our website is on track for a record month! Thanks so much to all the amazing people that have subscribed! Your support is incredible!


Plain and simple! We aren’t in the right mindset & we aren’t managing our time effectively!

This is a long game that we are playing so it is important to find and maintain the appropriate mindset. There are no rest weeks in chasing our purpose & along the way we are going to miss out on some short term pleasures. That is just part of the territory.

It is essential to stay on point and have enough rest to stay productive and purposeful. We have been failing at staying organised and it is drastically effecting our ability to maintain the heavy workload we have.

This week we plan a re-shuffle of sorts. Time to get a base plan and structure in place to ensure that all areas of Massie Bros are continuing to grow. We plan to allot time to; adventuring/content creating, blogging, writing a book, editing, marketing, social media maintenance & of course looking after our own health.

Failure and rejection is part of the game. It is how you deal with these moments that matters. Choose to embrace your failures and learn/grow as an individual!


This week we work on putting a more structured plan in place while still putting forward our regular content. We also want to put more emphasis on the longterm winners, the content that aligns most with our purpose to empower others.

It’s time to get these videos underway and throw more time into writing a book!

Here are some snaps from the week, hope they inspire you to get out and explore!


Thanks for joining us! Every subscription helps us get closer to our goals.
We hope our content inspires or empowers you in some way!

Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques.