Bro Weekly # 37

Holy Sh*t!! That was a huge week!

So huge in fact, that this weekly is 3 days late! So huge that it got the better of us… well only a little, but the lessons provided by last week were huge. We had some great wins last week too & we also realised the importance of staying humble and keeping our heads down.

Let’s crack into week 37 aye!



In our last bro weekly we kicked off the blog with a joke about sponsors… somebody must have heard. This past week has come with multiple opportunities, one of which was the chance to work as an affiliate for a local Vietnamese tour company.

The company approached us after coming across our highly successful blog - 61 Things to Do, See, Taste & Feel in Vietnam. The blog has had well over 3000 visits now and traffic continues to increase as our website gains more of an audience.

They proposed a deal and after a bit of negotiating and compromise we both came to an agreement that would benefit both of our companies. We are pumped to be working with HTG and cannot wait to collaborate with the company further.

Our mindset blogs are starting to get some serious notice and they are beginning to make a measurable impact in the lives of some of our readers. Those of you that send us the messages of thanks we truly appreciate it! Empowering other people is one of our greatest goals. A goal that is never ending but will continue to make positive impacts.

We can’t wait to start sharing our mindset blogs to more readers, if all goes to plan over the next few weeks our writing will be shared through other publications with far more reach than us. Let’s empower some more legends!

We have also begun working in the film world picking up local jobs in Melbourne! What an opportunity and we are stoked to take it on but don’t worry we will still be most focused on the travel scene and of course our work with mindset.

The biggest win we take out of this is our ability to take full advantage of the opportunities we are getting. If we had the same opportunities come into our radar just 3 months ago we would not have been able to grab them and take full advantage.

We would have probably settled for some sort of excuse to avoid taking on something that scared us. This weeks biggest win? We can see how much we now embrace the fear and harness every failure to grow and improve!


There were several small failures throughout the week. From trying to film for 2 hours on full 4k 60fps (for those who aren’t into film those are some massive f*cking files!) and realising that you are going to use up all your storage space in 20 mins. To forgetting apples on Sundays road trip to Wilsons Prom.

Yep! As always, the week was stacked with failures and we learned quickly from each one. Noting down in our little heads, each time, what the solution would be and what needed to change in future.

In general there were no huge failures. Except One.

We burnt out hard! We are still struggling to bounce back into this week with as much vigour and excitement as the past three and we have come to the realisation that it’s OK. It is easy to get caught up sometimes in the small successes and little wins but it is important to remember the long term.

Our biggest takeaway from last week.. pace ourselves! This is a marathon and not a sprint.


Rest, recuperation & maintenance!

We are taking our own advice this week and working on some much needed maintenance on ourselves, our gear and our blogs. We will focus on updating and refreshing our website to ensure that all our popular blogs are still relevant, informative and most importantly helpful.

The gear has had a solid beating for several months now so it is time to give it some much needed R&R. Cleaning and conditioning baby… shake and bake!

Planning! It is time to start gearing up for 2019! 2018 has been the test year, we now know that this is what we want to do and have discovered a purpose that we can commit our lives to! So 2019 is going to be the big grind! By 2020 we want this to be our full time commitment and that is going to take work.

For now though… enjoy some snaps and see you next week!


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Paulo & Jacques