Bro Weekly #36

A bit better this week but still some big areas to work on… let’s dive into another update on our mission to achieve our dreams and build upon our new found purpose.

Or… for those who aren’t up for some heavy mindset for their Sunday reading, Let’s talks some f#cking sh*t about the week aye!

Our Photo game is stepping up! But… it is important to always stay humble.. Stay always the humble student.

Our Photo game is stepping up! But… it is important to always stay humble.. Stay always the humble student.

Let’s kick it off with a wee message from our sponsors… oh hold up we have none! Let me tell you why that is such great news. Every single piece of content that Paulo and I put out is uncensored and completely genuine. There is no hidden agenda in our work.

The realness that you feel in our writing and the passion you get from our photo and video work comes from our deep desire to achieve our purpose. We aim to keep it that way! As we begin working with brands we will ensure that our interests align.

We want to work with companies that have the same real feel about their service or product, we want to work with brands that care. Incase you were wondering why our writing feels so f*cking real… it’s because it is real and we aim to keep it that way.


We kicked off the week with a bang! An amazing trip to the Grampians to hustle up some incredible content & explore the amazing Victorian landscapes. The trip involved plenty of Kangaroos, multiple near death experiences (sorry mum) & of course some of the most spectacular scenes in Victoria.

A great way to kick off the week! Our photo game went up a notch once again, as we learnt new tricks & began to apply greater learning into our work.

We also put up, arguably, our best piece of writing to date; 5 Lessons Learnt from an Abusive Childhood has had more organic engagement in it’s first 72 hours then any of our other posts. It is amazing to see that our messages are positively impacting you. Seeing that our work is empowering others is the greatest feeling ever.

Oh and of course we managed to pump out a huge Malaysia travel blog this week. 61 Things to Do, See, Taste & Feel in Malaysia aims to give the travellers among you a comprehensive bucket list so you can start planning your trip to Malaysia.

We hope you enjoy it!


We still didn’t get everything we wanted to get done… well… done! So what let us down?

We simply need to be more organised and prioritise our tasks. Being busy is dumb if all your hard work only gets you 50% of the way through most of your tasks. Replace busy with purposeful & take measurable action on the big tasks rather than spending your time stressing to get everything done at once.

That is our biggest issue and the fix is simple… be organised & tackle the important jobs first. We aim to take this lesson and apply it over the next few weeks as we kick into our 2019 planning. 2018 has been a big year for learning from failure, now it is time to make the changes necessary & tackle 2019 with purpose.


Well step one is sleep! It has been a mammoth week so a huge sleep tonight is on the cards for us!

We also want to work on organising our daily tasks to ensure we are allotting time to the work that really matters. Improving our photography and film is big on the agenda which means we will be taking far more trips to crazy destinations. Trips that will challenge us and force us to improve every single day.

The Book! The book is a huge focus for us because it has the potential to truly empower a lot of people. Empowering and inspiring others is one of the biggest reasons why we work our asses off every single day! So the book needs to be a priority.

Video content! Paulo has been swamped with work since we returned from Malaysia and when it comes to editing videos he has a gift that I can only dream of! Paulo’s biggest mission over the next month is to allow himself more time to crush our next three travel edits.

Once the edits are done we can create our official media package & navigate to our new website. A new website and media kit will allow us to truly stand out with big travel brands. It will open up the doors we need to reach a wider audience and to start really pushing forward with our dreams.


In general we want to spend as much time as possible learning and growing so that we can start making a real impact in the later months of 2019. Constant learning is key!

The more you are outside your comfort zone the more comfortable and confident you will become. Now that’s some Yoda wisdom right there!

Here are some bangers from the week, compliments of our Instagram account. We would be pumped if you click the image below and give us a follow and maybe a like, comment or share on our most recent post.

Can’t wait to attack this week with gratitude, love & purpose! Hope you do the same & just remember that failure is a guarantee but that’s OK. Failure is the greatest teacher of all!

Live is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques.