Bro Weekly #34

Humbled yet again by the learnings we had this week…

How was your week? Did you learn something new, something incredible? We hope so! Learning is such an important part of life regardless of your age. Whether you are 2 years old or 123 years old, Learning & growing keeps your brain alive. It keeps you feeling a sense of purpose in what you do.

As we grind hard towards the big projects we still find time through our editing, photography & podcasting to learn and grow. Don’t discount the small tasks - Little wins build up over time and lead to Big wins.

Weekly Wins

This week we had some great wins on the growth department with our socials beginning to climb up again. It is really easy when launching a business to get caught up on the numbers; engagement, likes, shares & comments.

At that point you need to remember your Why.. The real purpose behind the work you are doing. This is a long game so if your focus is just straight up grow fast, get fame etc etc then you are probably going to burn out pretty fast & get really disheartened by the numbers.

We are feeling a lot more present! Due to a great podcast we had the privilege of hosting this week. Emma is an incredible Yoga teacher who has done a lot of work in the areas of meditation & mindset.

Her tips for staying present in today’s fast pace world are second to none & have already helped us in our day to day living. We can’t wait to share the podcast with you guys!

Our Failures - The Learning Points.

If you want to get something done then you have to be willing to sacrifice your time!

That was this weeks big lesson. As we pull further and further into this world our ideas grow bigger and bigger. With big plans to positively effect the world comes big commitment. Commitment requires one unchangeable element… Time!

We aim to publish a book within the year & have our media kit ready by 2019 & at the moment those projects have stalled. Excuses come thick and fast in times like this but the answer is right in front of your face… Assign more time and do the work.

Time to wake up earlier!

What are we Working On?

Book & Media Kit! Let’s keep it real simple and start chipping away at these big projects, the projects that can have the best impact & set us up to reach a much larger audience. Larger audience’s = more people positively effected. The more people we can positively effect, motivate or help will get us closer and closer to reaching the full potential of our purpose.

We will still be continuing our weekly grinds so expect plenty of content both written & visual. Oh… and of course we now have a podcast! We have two episodes live but plan on having at least 5 available by the end of the week. Hit that link and have a listen.

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