Bro Weekly #33

Or in Irish… Tirty Tree. JOKES! We love the Irish! To be totally honest the Irish people have discovered something that a lot of us are yet to fully realise… Don’t take yourself so seriously. The Irish have the ability to look at life’s problems as minor inconveniences that just need a solution to present itself.

Conor McGregor was completely and utterly out-classed in his UFC fight against Khabib & his response was simple, “Good Knock! Look forward to the rematch.” Life is full of knocks, the key is seeing those knocks as an opportunity for growth. An opportunity to find solutions & stop looking for problems.

Deep start right? Yeah.. well.. this week has been full of some deep learning experiences but it has also been full of some genuinely cool moments. Week 33 as Massie Bros.

Come Say “Hi” on  Instagram.

Come Say “Hi” on Instagram.

Weekly Wins

This was the week of writing & recording! Our writing has hit another level, a level that has created outside interest. We are pumped to begin contributing Mindset content to new communities with the hope of reaching & positively effecting more people.

Our blogs are getting some seriously positive reactions & that gives us a burning desire to work even harder to get our work out there. Excited to say that we will begin work on a year long project starting tomorrow! Yep! We are writing a book!

Our Podcast is yet to be released but the launch is coming very soon! We now have nearly 10 episodes recorded with this week being the most productive of all. 3 new podcasts recorded including our first guest speaker.

Chris Cannon, founder of Life Hub, is one incredible human being. Chris has been through hardship, loss, failure and grinded his way toward success by chasing his purpose every step of the way. He shared his thoughts on goals with us this week & blew our minds in the process.

We look forward to getting our podcast live over the coming weeks!

Our Failures - The Learning Points.

Oh websites! If only they weren’t so damn expensive! Well they aren’t if you can find the right platform for what you wish to achieve & it turns out that is our current issue. We have been hunting for web developers over the past few weeks only to realise the costs are far to high for our limited budget.

Enter Wordpress!

Through our failure in tracking down an affordable good quality developer we realised the answer was right in front of our eyes! We were being lazy! The answer: Just switch to a website platform that has the capabilities we need. Wordpress!

We will be making the switch over to Wordpress within the year, by 2019 our whole website will be hosted & run through Wordpress. We can’t wait to get our media kit looking professional and our blogs formatted the way we want them without the restrictions we currently have.

What are we working on?

Getting things ticked off the list! We have been busy over the past couple months but our list seems to have stalled. The next few weeks are going to be tick off weeks!

-New book started!
-New website conversion underway.
-Podcast Launched!
-NZ trip booked!

We managed to crush out some insane edits this week on Instagram - Have a Look - plus our blogs have been growing in popularity. If you missed some of our blogs this week, here are the links;

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For those that follow our blogs every week… Thank you! Your support is what keeps us going! For those who have stumbled upon our blogs recently, we hope they benefit you in a positive way. We do creative, mindset & travel blogs but we also share our images.

Here are a few from the week.


Bring on another week of purposeful action. A week of engagement, learning, creating & living! Thanks for all those who have subscribed to our journey. If you are new or considering joining the Massie Bros family then scroll down & subscribe below OR follow our socials.. links are below.

Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques