Bro Weekly #32

We are feeling the love this week!

This week has been full of growth and compliments and we couldn’t be more pumped to be influencing you in a positive way. The world we live in has its issues but it is also full of incredible human beings and some amazing experiences. We want to share that positivity & increase those experiences through our creation.


Weekly Wins

The Instagram edit game has stepped up a notch thanks to Paulo’s Lightroom wizardry and our deeper understanding of photography. One of the biggest thing that helps us keep our learning on the rise is habit! We had a few bad weeks which resulted in some disruptions in the positive habits we try to instil on a daily basis.

Happy to report that those habits are coming back into action. We are super pumped to see the increased engagement in our content and really can’t wait to see our brand grow on all of the platforms we are active on.

Growth is great but the biggest thing that we are buzzing on at the moment is how our contributions are starting to effect you guys! We are constantly being told by friends, strangers & other creators that our content has a positive impact on them (maybe you).

This is by far our biggest motivator and the number one reason we keep pushing to put out content to the world. Thank you!

Our Failures - The Learning Points.

We had a couple of shoots this week that just didn’t go as planned and the outcomes weren’t what we hoped but that is all part of the learning process. It is important to take in the learning points and re-focus for another go!

As I mentioned our habits took a hit over the past few weeks and we drifted into unproductive moments. It is so easy to drift back into habits that give us that temporary reward; eating a donut, watching Netflix or procrastinating that photoshoot because you are tired when you know you need to be working.

We are learning to reward ourselves more immediately for the good habits we have in place, so here’s to smooth sailing on the good habits train (That makes no sense but I’m sure you get it).

What are we Working On?

Same, same but different. Still working at a new website, new podcast and the same weekly content hustle but we have also started working on a trip to NZ!! We are pumped to say that early next year we will be touring the South Island of New Zealand with some incredible creatives.

Travel is a huge part of what Massie Bros is all about.. it will be our bread and butter as we work on producing content for travel and tourism brands and replacing our “9-5’s.”

Pumped for another week! If you are new to our blogs then welcome and we hope you stick around. Here are some links to the blogs & content we have put out this week;

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Instagram for the Snaps & Facebook for the chats.

Here’s some snaps from the week.


Until next week!!

Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques