Bro Weekly #31

Oh Yassssss! Its another week on that grind baby!

The weeks are flying by but the excitement and energy just doesn’t seem to drop off. We put it down to three things; we have found a purpose as opposed to a passion, we are creating content that really adds value to peoples lives & we are fuelled by the limitless energy of gratitude.

This week was a grind week and it is clear that the next few months will be much of the same but we are determined to keep the Massie Bro’s ball rolling & grinding behind the scenes is a huge part of the momentum.

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Weekly Wins

We dove deeper into our purpose and in turn it gave us fresh motivation to continue the grind. Passion is great but it is a sense of purpose that sets apart successful start-ups from those which fizzle out over the first year.

We now realise that what we are working towards is bigger than ourselves. As our skills grow and our knowledge widens we have the opportunity to truly leave positive footprints upon the world. We have the opportunity to influence people in a way that truly helps them better themselves.

Purpose + Gratitude is like a limitless fuel tank, we can’t wait to spend the next ten years working towards changing the world & growing our circle of smiles in the process. We hope you are smiling when you read/see or hear our content & we hope our impact on you helps you in some way.

Learning! Growth is so important and we grew more this week, broadening our photography knowledge & improving our aerial skills. We have some new photography blogs out sharing all the knowledge we have learnt over the months.

Our Failures - The Learning Points.

We over committed and under delivered this week. It may seem as though we owned the airways for another week but we did not complete the tasks we had hoped to complete this week. The only people we can blame is ourselves and the key is to understand why and then re-centre for the week ahead.

Like you we have personal lives that require a certain amount of attention, it is easy to exclude our personal commitments when planning the week. Pursuing your purpose is exciting and at times we neglect to address our basic requirements as human beings; being present, life admin, family commitments & general well being.

Our failure was letting our excitement get the best of us, next week we plan to clear our minds & lay out a manageable plan that allows us to achieve realistic targets while still maintaining our basic human needs.

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What Are We Working On

Getting a plan in place!

The next few weeks are going to be focused on three big tasks; Our Website, Our Travel Videos & Our Podcast. All three directly impact each other so it is essential that we give each of these projects equal attention.

Our current website is great but it does nothing to attract our clients - Travel & Tourism Companies. We will be revamping the whole site & adding a beautiful new page dedicated to our media kit (it’s like a CV for content creators). So excited to get it live!

We have nearly 10 podcast episodes recorded or ready for recording so now we just need to get it live and ready to add to our website & social media feeds. The Massie Bros podcast will be called, “2 Strong Latte’s 2 Go” & it will cover; travel, mindset & Creativity.

We have three big video projects in the works and we are about to begin planning two huge new projects; A Melbourne Travel Video & …. An NZ Travel Vid!! Yep it’s true we are headed to New Zealand’s incredible South Island in January & we are working on collaborating with some incredible creators.

Can’t wait to grind! For now.. here are some pics from the week.


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Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques.