Bro Weekly #30

30! 30 weeks of grind & hustle! Is it tough at times? Is it hard to maintain a sense of purpose and reason? Is it hard to roll out of bed and get to work after just a few hours sleep?

Of course it is, there are some days that all we want to do is kick back & live a life of normality but what we are creating is bigger than just us. The content we film, photograph, record & write is beginning to have a profound effect on people’s lives. We can’t stop & we won’t stop, this is only the warm ups & round one is about to kick into gear.

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Content is King in the world we have stepped into & we are starting to notice some larger players taking notice of the work we do. Ask any social media wizard and they will tell you that we have a tiny audience and that growth is still a big priority for us.

That will come. We are more excited about the caliber of artists & creators that have begun to take notice of our work, artists/creators that we look up to and admire. This is a big win for us & some powerful inspiration to keep pushing during the tough days, the days when the ‘Why’ seems to drift from our thoughts.

It was a hectic week but we are managing to get some consistency back into our content, the photo’s are back to daily drops & the blogs are on track for the standard 4 per week. Traveling is an inherent part of the business we are creating & for those who travel you will understand how un-organised travel can be.

Consistency & Routine are also two incredibly important factors in starting a creative business. Great, we figured out what needs to happen. We need to maintain consistency & routine throughout our travels no matter how disjointed life becomes.

The trick now is to find out how. How do we allow ourselves to maintain consistency in our socials, content & daily business requirements while traveling?


Communication was the big lesson this week. Paulo & I have got to a point now that allows us to easily identify our areas of strength, we each share the responsibilities based on what we each excel at. Find your strengths and double down on them! This is what allows us to put out so much content & continually improve.

The only issue we faced this week was communication. It gets hectic when you are working multiple jobs, starting a business, maintaining relationships with loved ones & just generally looking after your own health. Communication is quite often forgotten.

We had a couple instances this week which caused stress & minor conflict, this could have easily been avoided with basic communication. Staying in constant communication & allowing for complete transparency is a huge lesson for us & this weeks learning point.


This week was a re-settling week, a week to get the gears back in motion & re-introduce the regularities back into the ‘Massie Bros’ machine. Next week is planning and implementation week! Next week we will be taking the plans we have drafted and beginning to implement the steps necessary to make them a reality.

We have several big projects that we need to pull together over the next few months including; the new website, the podcast, three new travel videos, our media kit & our detailed plan & itinerary for our next trip overseas.

We can’t wait to face the challenges ahead & we thank all of you so much for supporting our work. We are pumped to share our projects with you & inspire you all to pursue your own unique & exciting passions.

This week on we put out our standard 4 blogs. You can click the links below & check out what you may have missed;

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Here are some snaps from the week.


Ooowee!! We cannot wait to get these travel videos up and ready to inspire & entertain you. To keep up to date with the freshest developments follow us on Instagram & please subscribe if you enjoy our blogs.

Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques.