Bro Weekly #29

Holy Sh*t that was a whirlwind of a week! We wouldn’t have it any other way though.

This week we flew across to Mainland Malaysia and spent a few days exploring the incredible Perhentian Islands. The film schedule was hectic. From sunrise to sunset we filmed & photographed as we collected more footage for our Malaysia Travel Film & sourced more photo content for our Instagram and upcoming blogs.

The trip was mentally and physically demanding. For those of you who may be thinking about entering the world of travel film, photo, writing or podcasting consider that the workload is huge. Becoming a digital nomad is not an easy gig that requires little work and loads of sunbathing, you are entering the world of entrepreneurship. That means you work! Like every single day!

Passion & Gratitude are the two things that keep Paulo & I going - We love creating & the high we get from positively effecting others with our content is all we need to keep pushing on.

Thanks to all of you! Now let’s recap the week.

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We saw a drastic improvement in the quality of our content this week & we realised that all this work is starting to pay off. When you first start pursuing any new passion it is so easy to give up and throw in the towel. Simple fact is - We all start off Sh*t!

Work, Work & more work is the only way to improve so that is exactly what Paulo & I have been doing for the past 29 weeks.

Looking back at our work from 29 weeks ago is almost cringe worthy & that is excellent news to us. If you can’t look at your past work & see how far you have progressed then you need to make some changes. This week's biggest win is growth!

Another big win for us this week was our communication and teamwork. We are starting to rely on each others strengths, trusting each others judgment & giving up on the silly sensations of ego or jealousy. We simply play to our strengths and get the job done.

Starting a creative business together is having another amazing side effect, we are closer than ever before.

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Well for starters we nearly missed our flight back to Melbourne lol. In the end it all worked out though.


Research is an area we definitely need to improve on. Although we had an idea on where to go in Malaysia - booking the itinerary accordingly - we didn’t do nearly enough research for each location.

This meant that we missed out on certain locations/hikes due to time constraints or booking issues. For our next big trip we plan to get this in order which will allow us to get much more out of the trip.

Self maintenance is tough during a project. The long hours and constant travel leaves little time for sleep which also results in less sh*ts given about eating healthy/exercising. This is definitely an area we want to improve on, the better we maintain ourselves the more productive we will be during big projects.


Planning our next trip of course! Hahaha not telling you just yet but let’s just say next year is going to be huge.

For now it is time to start sorting through the terabyte (and some) of footage we got from Malaysia. Paulo will be working hard to get our next Two videos up. Our second Vietnam travel video should be ready within a month & our first Malaysia travel Video will be ready in early November if all goes to plan.

We will be posting everyday on Instagram so swing on over, comment, like & share our posts. Don’t be afraid to send us a DM or two, we love to chat and if you are interested in shooting with us then let’s make it happen.

Blogs! Oh boy did I f*ck up on the blog front. Learnt a big lesson in Malaysia; Film & Photo require 100% of our combined attention during travel projects. Blog’s need to be scheduled in advance meaning I need to write the blogs before the trip to ensure we maintain our 4 blogs a week promise.

We will be back onto the regular blog schedule from next week starting with a brand new Mindset Monday. But for now… enjoy some shots from the week.


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Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques.