Bro Weekly #28

What Up!!

We are in Malaysia this week; Borneo to be specific. We could not feel more grateful for the path we have decided to pursue with all our energy. Another amazing country and another week of filming, photographing & documenting this incredible place.

We have started to notice two really amazing changes over the past week. We are working together incredibly well as we play to our own strengths to come up with content that inspires, positively impacts, educates & motivates you. The second is very exciting for us on a personal level, photographers that we look up to are starting to complement our work.

We can’t wait to get these videos up on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We are gaining a lot of confidence in our film work and truly believe these next few travel films are going to be the launch platform for us.

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Yo is that Kanye in his new yeezy's? Nah it's just one of those Massie Bros dudes...

Yo is that Kanye in his new yeezy's? Nah it's just one of those Massie Bros dudes...


Well… Kind of already gave away two of this week’s wins so let’s focus on non-content related wins. We have made some incredible discoveries here in Borneo, one of which is our passion for the unknown. Our drive to document & share the thrill of discovery, of adventure, of isolation & of the beauty & fulfilment we can all receive from nature.

We experienced a totally different culture, and new views towards life & happiness. It has dawned on us that by continuing our work, by learning from the greatest teacher of all; life. By learning from cultures all over the world & inspiring others to escape their fears & ego’s we can truly make a difference.

Oooo… and the biggest win of all this week - the food! Malaysian food is absolutely incredible, especially if you find yourself in the more remote locations around Borneo. There are no pesticides, no cold storage & no growth hormones.

The food in these tiny villages is all handpicked, collected daily & raised with love. There is a reason why the locals look 40 when they are actually 65. Onto the mainland & some tropical vibes!

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No failures this week… said no one ever!

Well that is not entirely true, most people choose not to admit their failures. If you are one of those people who is afraid to admit their failings consider changing your tactics. Refusing to acknowledge failure will result in some pretty minimal growth.

We failed hard in a few areas this week;

-We didn’t write & prepare enough content before we left for Malaysia. This has meant that our usual 4 blogs a week has been reduced to 3 + some delays in publishing. Great lesson for the next trip… NZ anyone?

-We purchased some new equipment and didn’t do enough research prior to our departure. This resulted in a few issues that led to delays & sh*tty film. We solved the problems after a few f*cks & sh*ts were expelled from our mouths.

-We didn’t research enough about our destinations. This meant we couldn’t allocate enough time to truly explore & document certain areas. We have a much better idea for the next trip to Borneo & some big plans for some crazy adventures.

We have worked through our failures effectively this week and taken some big lessons on board for the next two trips we have planned.


Mainland of course! We fly to the mainland tomorrow with 2 days in the beautiful Perhenthian Islands and a day in Kuala Lumpur. Then it’s back to Melbourne & the next adventure.

We plan to get a lot of trips under our belt over summer as we hustle hard to improve our skills. The new year is looming and so are two huge opportunities to showcase our work to the world. Shall we tell yah?

Nah not yet. Keep posted for some exciting updates on next year’s travels.

We also plan to release our podcast to the masses upon our return to Melbourne along with the continuation of Mindset Monday’s. We have had some great feedback on our mindset blogs, we have received messages from people all over the world thanking us.

Knowing that our mindset work is impacting you (our readers) in a positive way gives us an unbelievable sensation of gratitude. Thank you.

Here are some snaps from the week.


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Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques