Bro Weekly #26

Another amazing week filled with highs, lows & lot's of work. This week Paulo & I have noticed something change in our content, it is getting to the point where people are starting to say - 'Wow.'

Our content is getting to a point where people are starting to be effected in a positive way by the messages we wish to share. As creators there is no better feeling, to know that we are impacting the lives of others & inspiring dreams, visions or changes in attitudes/behaviours.

The road still has many bumps & sharp corners but we are on and the tank is full. Let's get it!

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You can get the sneak peak into our daily hustle on  Instagram

You can get the sneak peak into our daily hustle on Instagram


We have reached a crucial milestone in our editing, Paulo has managed to find a new way to really bring our images to life & give them that natural look by accentuating the existing highlights and shadows.

Our RAW (straight off the camera) images are getting far better as our understanding of photography & film making grows. It helps that we shoot almost everyday - even if it is just for 30 minutes - time behind the camera is the only way to improve.

Our writing is beginning to find it's own unique style, the words we use and the messages we put across are beginning to really resonate with you (our community). 61 Things to Do, See, Taste & Feel in Vietnam now has almost 1000 views & features in Google's top 10 for several key word searches. That's some exciting stuff!

The coolest thing for us (on a personal level), is our strong desire to learn. Paulo & I both have different passions within the same creative field & we are both at a point now where those passions have become pleasure. We have associated great pleasure with learning.

In other words - We are F*CKING stoked to get up everyday and learn something new!


So we had planned to climb Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo. Unfortunately we left booking the climb far to late, like months to late. So we will not be able to climb Mt. Kinabalu this time around, the good news is that the area still offers plenty of incredible adventures.

We learned a bit about what is holding us back in some areas. Predominantly, fear of putting ourselves out there to potentially get roasted. Our solution - when we get back from Malaysia we will be dedicated a huge portion of our time to throwing ourselves out there.

We will be approaching local business's, tourism boards, publishers & potential collaborators to get our content out there & to begin getting some sustainable paid work. Over the next year we aim to transition ourselves further into a full time creator lifestyle.

This will allow us to improve faster & get our messages out to more people. This will allow us to positively effect more lives in our own unique way. Failure is inevitable but that is when the greatest growth occurs.

Bring it!


Content. Content. Content.

The world we are diving into is flooded in content so in order to get ahead it is essential to pump out as much quality content as possible. A challenge we are more than willing to accept.

Once again we put out four new blogs, we also recorded a fresh podcast & we had a new post up everyday on Instagram. Here are some links to this weeks work;

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Oh! We also have some exciting news for the website. We are going to get a facelift! As our content begins to reach more people we want to ensure that we provide the best possible service/experience. So... we are going to give our website a makeover.

Here are some snaps from the week.


The biggest take out from this week - Be F*cking grateful! We live in the greatest time for mankind ever & if you are reading this then you are probably in the top 1% of every human on earth. Be stoked with what you have & work towards creating something that will give others the blessings that you are so fortunate to have.

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Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques