Bro Weekly #25

Oh Yes!! It's another week and another weekly update. This week has not brought any huge wins but it has brought immense realisations for both of us. We are now very aware that the work we are doing and the stories/content we are sharing is beginning to resonate with you guys.

We are excited to see that our content is positively impacting people. Those people are then going out into the world with a new sense of drive and gratitude. That positive energy is then shared with others, for Paulo & I this is the greatest feeling.

We have realised that content creation is our gateway to positively affecting the world. That my friends is a huge win to us.

Out there improving every single day. Patience.

Out there improving every single day. Patience.

Weekly Wins

One of a biggest wins this week may come as a surprise to most. When you think of winning in the classical sense what comes to mind? Trophies, cheers of happiness, money, fans asking you to marry them and flashing their... 

How about this - Would you picture decades of hard work, decades of sacrifice, no spotlights and a burning desire to just keep working? We came to a realisation this week that what we are doing now; working our faces off everyday to get better at the things we are passionate about.

Is what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Paulo & I have truly fallen in love with the process and by doing so it is inevitable that success will be the result. 

We had another major 'longterm' win this week. We realised that what we are creating and what we are sharing with the world is right. "Right as in what Jacques?"

Good question, thanks for asking. By right I mean that our content is effecting people in a positive way. Our content has the ability to inspire and better the lives of those that see, hear or visualise it.

This weeks wins were profound. The kind of stuff that really get's you moving when your body is telling you to pass the f*ck out!

New this week - 11 Biggest Travel Mistakes made by First time Travellers

We went to the Dandenongs this week and it was incredible!

We went to the Dandenongs this week and it was incredible!

Our Failures - The Learning Points.

We over reached. Plain and simple. It is so easy when starting a business to expect massive things within your first 36 months and the simple truth is it doesn't happen. We learned the lesson of patience this week as we looked back at the tasks we had hoped to get done and the results we had hoped we would see.

They just weren't what we expected. Patience.

Patience is the biggest learning point we can take from this week. The great news is that we love the process, we wake up early and go to sleep late every single day. In that time we work but we love it. We just need to remind ourselves to be patient because patience + passion + hard f*cking work = success.

Are you patient in your own life? 

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Patience is what got this tree to the top of the canopy.

Patience is what got this tree to the top of the canopy.

What are we working On?

This week was spent slaying out content. Along with the usual content (4 blogs, 1 podcast, video editing & endless fb/pinterest posts) we also ventured into the world of Twitter. It went damn well, twitter is an amazing platform for just sharing honest thoughts & helpful insights.

Joining twitter has also had a positive side effect that we did not expect. We have made some great connections in the industry that we want to eventual call our full time job. Twitter's honest style of sharing really allows you to engage with other like-minded individuals.

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Thanks Twitter. You can Tweet with us by clicking the link with the tweeting bird (it's just below).

In other news we have started prepping ourselves and our content plans for Malaysia in a couple weeks. We are so stoked to be heading to yet another country to film, photograph & document for you and the world.

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Big Happy Birthday to this legend. Find him on the Gram -  Tav

Big Happy Birthday to this legend. Find him on the Gram - Tav

We hope that you take some time this week to focus on the things that make you tick. The things that get you excited to wake up for in the morning. Don't let money inspire you, let your passions stare you towards true satisfaction.

Use your passions to positively inspire others, let's get the world feeling inspired & grateful again.

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Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques.