Bro Weekly #24

What's Up! Hope you had an absolute cracker of a week. If you are already subscribed to our content then we hope that our blogs, photos or videos helped you. Either through Inspiration, Travel Tips or a location based guide that you are now applying to your own travels.

We are taking a brand new direction with our Bro Weekly's which we think will be better for you in the long run. Our weekly's were very Mindset heavy & we already publish a weekly mindset blog (every Monday).

The weekly will now be structured more like, well... a Weekly (cue laughter and applause).

Each week we will be covering our wins, our failures & what we are working on. We hope you enjoy our content & if you have any recommendations or requests then let us know in the comments or find us on social media.

It's a new day and a new weekly.

It's a new day and a new weekly.

Weekly Wins

We have been working like mad men for a couple of months but it has been hard to really see what our work has achieved. When you are starting a creative business from scratch it is easy to look back at all the work & practice you have done & think - 'F*ck. What have I actually achieved.'

If you are starting your own business or you are looking at becoming a creator then don't let these feelings and thoughts slow you down. The first year at least is going to be full of moments like this. You're not going to be seeing much return financially. If you are starting a creative business just to make cash money, you are probably in the wrong business.

This week we finally started to see some real results start to form.

-Our monthly website views cruised past the 2000 mark. All thanks to you! Our next target is 5000 so if you know some friends that might enjoy reading our content we would be more than thrilled for you to share our posts. 

-We have 2 podcasts recorded. Once we have 4 ready to go we will be officially launching our podcast under the name - 'Two Strong Latte's To Go!' What do you think of the name?

-Paulo worked his little booty off and got our first official travel video published. There are two more in the works which we can't wait to share with you on our YouTube channel and on our Facebook.

-We booked our next adventure and we have begun planning out our trip to ensure we create helpful & engaging travel content that will help/inspire you. We are going to Malaysia in two weeks!

It has been a great week full of some big wins. But with every win comes  numerous losses, but losing is awesome because that is when we truly learn.

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Our Failures - The Learning Points.

Well what start up wouldn't be complete without it's fair share of failures, it's part of the territory. If you plan on moving ahead with your passions prepare to lose & fail a sh*t load! Failure is not a bad thing though. Failure teaches us more lessons than anything else.

Accept your failures, be a little upset & then pick your head up & make a new plan. Repeat until you get the win!

So this week we learnt a little bit about some things we suck at hahaha.

-Facebook Ads are a whole new territory for us and each day we learn a little more. The world of social media advertising can be overwhelming but we are certain that a year from now we will look back at the mistakes we are making now & laugh. One step at a time. Got any tips?

-We neglected our photography a bit and it started to show on our Instagram. It is hard to balance everything at times; work, website, editing, planning & admin can be overwhelming. If you are a creative your priority NEEDS to be CREATING.

The same goes in any business, focus on perfecting your craft above everything else. The first year of any business should never be focused on making money, the focus needs to be on becoming a talented professional in your industry & building a good reputation. We now create every single day!

Throughout the week we had several fires to put out including having to change our next travel destination. Indonesia is currently experiencing some nasty earthquakes so we decided it was best to create in Malaysia instead.

Our hearts go out to the locals in Bali & Lombok as they mourn the dead and try to rebuild their communities. You can help by donating to the rebuild: Click Here. The locals are still experiencing aftershocks so the recovery is challenging, every dollar helps.

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What are we working on?

Top Secret projects of course. We have a lot in the pipeline but our main focus at the moment is building our brand & improving our crafts. We are working hard every single day to put out more and more content & improve with every new creation.

Our next big project is our very own podcast. We will have it live and ready to listen to by mid September! We can't wait to have another avenue of content to focus our creativity on. Do you listen to podcasts?

We are also working hard at putting together our very own Media Kit. We want to create content for tourism boards and travel brands all over the world. Having our very own media kit will allow us to showcase our packages to potential partners & clients. Super excited to have it complete.

As always we will still be putting out plenty of content: daily photos on Instagram, daily posts on Facebook, four blogs a week, 1 video on YouTube a week & very very soon 1 Podcast a week!

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Here's some photos from the week.

Thank you so much for reading our blogs, watching our videos or liking our photos. We could not do what we do without you. If you haven't already subscribe below - we aim to bring you content that inspires & helps. None of those bullsh*t emails advertising crap you don't want.

And remember...
Life is Great. Travel is Better.

Paulo & Jacques.