Bro Weekly #23

This blog is going to start a bit different than you may have grown accustomed to expect.

I want you to close your eyes and begin to shut out the world, the sounds, the smells (oops, who farted) & the feelings of frustration you were holding onto because last nights Tinder date ditched you. No, but seriously close your eyes & imagine yourself in the year 1775.

You look up to find your music teacher openly laughing at you while the remainder of the class points & stares. 'Boy you hold the Violin like a fool!' He exclaims. Much to the amusement of the other students.

As the years go by you suffer through constant negativity & criticism. Your teachers & peers believe you are hopeless as a composer & your father is embarrassed to call you his son. But... You Persist! 

Against all odds & after endless failure you are unmoved. Your cards begin to align as your musical genius blossoms. You create symphonies that will live on through the ages, only time can stop you now. Or so you think.

As you hit your prime you are struck completely deaf. As if God himself clapped his hands across your ears rendering you unable to hear even the loudest of noises. Still you are unmoved & you persist.

You go on to write five of your greatest symphonies before time finally catches up with you. You are dying now and as the last memories float by, you know without a shadow of a doubt that you have achieved everything you were meant to in this lifetime.

Your name was Ludwig van Beethoven & you will forever be known as one of the greatest musical composers to walk the earth. How did you do it with so much adversity?


Becoming Self Aware will set you free! It all starts by trusting yourself.

Becoming Self Aware will set you free! It all starts by trusting yourself.


We all have individuals who inspire us, who make us feel a sense of importance or who encourage us to fight on. By all means hold onto those friends, partners & family members. Keep them close to you as you fight on with your dreams, but above all else trust yourself.

Listen to that internal voice deep in your gut telling you what should happen next & don't waste time delaying what you know needs to be done. As Beethoven so famously said;

โ€œEvery day is lost in which we do not learn something useful. Man has no nobler or more valuable possession than time; therefore never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.โ€

This week we urge you to be inspired by those feelings deep within your gut. They may be telling you to buy that plane ticket & explore the world. Maybe they are telling you to go and talk to that guy/girl you keep smiling at.

Maybe your gut is telling you that your dreams will wait for no one & it is time to end your toxic relationships and focus on making your dreams a reality. Have you thought that maybe, just maybe it is time to start paying closer attention to your gut?


Weekly Topic

Trust your gut.

Now let me be clear. The last thing I want you to do is act on a gut impulse to punch that guy in the head for hooking up with your misses. Don't be rash with gut decisions, especially those that come to be during a heightened emotional state.

Those gut instincts tend to be your ego talking & for those who aren't aware, your ego can quite often be your enemy. Those rash thoughts should be processed properly and actioned upon only after entering a state of calm. 

The gut instincts we are talking about today are those nagging cries you feel from time to time when you know something needs to change. Or, those feelings you get when you know you should be doing something but you procrastinate because you fear the results.

Trust those instincts.

Here is a four step process you can follow next time you feel that thought floating up through your gut.

Step 001 - Got that gut feeling but you aren't quite sure what you need to do? Cool. Sit down with a pen & paper (or smartphone) and spend five minutes writing what comes to mind. Chances are that hidden within those unfiltered thoughts are the answers to the questions you keep asking yourself. Questions like - 'What should I do next?'

Step 002 - Find a way to action your thoughts. Sometimes your raw thoughts (gut instincts) can come across very harshly if left unfiltered. Especially if those gut thoughts involve ending a toxic relationship or confronting a family member about a touchy topic. 

Step 003 - Back yourself & take massive action. If your gut is telling you that you need to explore the world then work your face off for 6 months, save all your money & buy that damn One Way Ticket to adventure.

Step 004 - F*CK what other people say or think (unless they are in your trusted circle, then give them a listen at least). Pursue your dreams, action your instincts & never give up! Stay in your own head & stop letting your fear of what others think hold you back.

It's your life! Treat it that way & start actioning those gut instincts. I wish someone had yelled this at me through a blog years ago!

Let others see what they see. You do you.

Let others see what they see. You do you.

Lesson in Action

I used to procrastinate actioning my gut instincts all the time. I would convince myself that if I push the feelings aside then they would go away. Now I never ignore them & amazing things have started to happen.

My dreams are beginning to materialize & I care less about what anybody thinks of me. I am becoming Self Aware & words cannot explain how truly freeing that is.

Here is an example that everyone can apply on a daily basis - You are sitting in public transport & an elderly man enters. There are no seats but you have an hour journey & your legs hurt from a full day at work. Something in your gut stirs, you know what it is.

Instead of ignoring that gut feeling to leave your seat, DO IT. Get up, take action & expect nothing in return. Why? Because you know deep down that it is the right thing to do. Just do it because it is right. The world has a funny way of rewarding those who do things because they are right.

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Besides it will really help us to continue our work & keep putting out helpful content for your life, your travels & your creativity. But first, what's new for Massie Bros.

Trusting your gut can take you to new heights.

Trusting your gut can take you to new heights.

What's New

Productive week in the new office. Paulo & I have recorded our first podcast which we are super excited to release. We will be recording a few more before we release any to the world but I promise it is not far off.

Another 4 fresh blogs are up on the website including another huge destination guide. Here are the links:

Three new Travel Blogs:
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One new 'Mindset Monday' Blog:
I have no Purpose! How Commitment can make you Happier.

We also committed to something that we have both been feeling in our gut for a while. We now go out & create every single day! That means we take photo's or film everyday. This will ensure that as our audience grows and as our customer base increases we are able to continuously provide better content and deliver to a high standard.

Can't wait to dive head first into a new week! Hope you enjoyed the read & if you have recently subscribed then welcome to the family.

Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques.