Bro Weekly #20

'Ahh! This f*cking sucks. They never have the shows I want to watch on Netflix.'
It is almost comedic how much we take for granted, the level our bullsh*t whining has reached is beyond ridiculous. The other day some absolute ass hat was having a go at my bus driver because he stopped one stop past the stop he wanted.

Mate... press the button then. We are all guilty of it, well us first worlders predominantly. Nope, not talking about entitlement today but this value will go a long way to removing your, 'But mummy said I'm special,' sense of entitlement.

Gratitude! Something we all need to bring to the forefront of our lives. Paulo & I included.

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This lady crushes everyday & cherishes every moment of life. She survived a war that ended the lives of 3 million & left her with nothing... Be grateful.

This lady crushes everyday & cherishes every moment of life. She survived a war that ended the lives of 3 million & left her with nothing... Be grateful.


The week was long hard & full of obstacles. It felt like every fire that I put out another one emerged somewhere else. I was feeling the pressure & like most first worlders I started to drift further into a state I like to call - 'The Poor Me Mindset.'

In between jobs & drained from an all to recent break up my mind began to settle on the negatives that were emerging in my life. I so easily began to forget about the incredible positives that I had going on in my life.

It was roughly 8.30pm and the phone rung. Paulo and I began chatting (I call it chatting but really it was me bitching & moaning), I realized halfway through the conversation that I was guilty of the exact thoughts I now preach about avoiding. We are all human after all.

I slept long that night and awoke with a much better outlook on my current situation. I woke up & as part of my morning routine I spoke out loud and to myself. I spoke of all the incredible things I was grateful for in my life... F*CK me I am lucky!

I followed this up by admitting that I was responsible for all the things that weren't going right in my life. Everything was on me! 

That was 6 months ago. Today I am 10 times the human I was & getting better everyday. Paulo is seeing the same changes.. why? This weeks lesson - Being Grateful!

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Got a significant someone.. Show them your gratitude daily.

Got a significant someone.. Show them your gratitude daily.

Weekly Topic

Gratitude is something none of us 'first worlders' practice enough. But the lesson is this simple: You & I are so so f*ucking lucky! We are alive for starters, the probability of your atoms coming together and being a human is so incredibly unlikely. That alone should give you all the motivation necessary to live a successful life!

I have no idea what your situation is but chances are you have at least one of the following; food, water, a roof over your head, friends, family, a job, a dream, a f*cking pug!

The point is you have nothing to whine about if you have the basics. If you are able to wake up each morning and breath you should be grateful. Paulo & I go through times that we just want to whine about stuff & so will you. When you get this feeling try doing what we do.

  1. Stop. Think about it, is this really worth whining about.
  2. Take Responsibility. Whatever the issue its your fault! Doesn't matter if you think it is someone/something else's fault... f*cking own it & find a solution.
  3. Find a mirror stare straight at your face and let yourself know every single thing you should be grateful for. Don't you dare say you have nothing to be thankful for!

You will probably try it a few times and go back to the usual daily whine. So here is a way you can implement gratitude on the daily. It's something we have only recently implemented daily & it helps us big time.

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Lesson in Action

This week has been a hectic one for Paulo & I. Fire after fire to put out, in between houses & the continuous struggle that is required in order to maintain growth in a start up. It is easy to fall pray to these negative vibes so let's flip it around. Every single morning we do the following:

  1. DEATH: Imagine your own death. There is some motivation to get your head out your ass and start living a grateful life.
  2. SAY IT: Look in that mirror or write on a notebook every single thing you are grateful for! EVERYTHING & do it every single morning!
  3. OWN IT: What's wrong in your life? Write it all done, read it and then look yourself straight in the eyes (you will need a mirror for this FYI) & repeat after me.

"I am responsible for dealing with all of my problems! No one else! Me. I take full responsibility for my life!"

Paulo & I practice this everyday and I tell you what its working. We are more productive, more focused on making our dreams a reality & more driven to succeed than ever before. We are in our own heads and other opinions no longer influence our actions.

Gratitude is something I rarely see practiced among the top %1 of society. Where I do see it practiced is in the bottom %99 & they have next to nothing. 
Next week we will be introducing a new segment to the Bro Weekly that will give you an idea of what we have been up to & what we are planning.

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