What Sets the Masters Apart from the Amateurs?

The Art of Taking Pleasure in Boredom

I lay on my bed, head slightly lifted by the comforting embrace of my pillow. A slight breeze drifted through my 37th floor window, but I took no notice. Like a love sick sixteen year old pimply faced boy, I stared longingly toward the only interest in my life. The images, texts and videos floated by with increasing speed as I pursued the never ending scroll. A scroll which controlled by life in times of boredom, a scroll which constantly threatened to tear apart the threads of work my brother and I had created thus far.

For those who can’t grasp the picture I am painting - I was scrolling my fucking Facebook in an attempt to avoid the important tasks I needed to finish. If I am completely honest with you, I just could not be fucked recording another Podcast. The thought of talking bored me!

Have you had this issue before? Well obviously not the exact same issue. I mean, have you found yourself procrastinating your day away, afraid to get the meaningful work done? I am talking to you! Yeah, you with the impeccable routine, the finely tuned habits, the passion fuelled career & the work that gives you purpose. Although you surround yourself with passionate people. Even if your habits give you every opportunity to achieve what you want to achieve. You still find yourself lacking drive from time to time, don’t you?

I’ll start by apologising. This is no magic pill designed to give you boundless reserves of passion fuelled energy. In this blog I want to tell you the truth. These days will never cease to occur, you will continue to experience moments of total boredom regardless of how purposeful your work feels.

In this blog I hope to help you master boredom. The secret to mastering your craft? Simple, start showing up!

But I Love What I Do!
Why is it boring me?

The greatest threat to success is not failure but boredom. James Clear - in his incredible book Atomic Habits - explains how boredom can lead to a neglect for the good habits we have worked hard to master. As great habits begin to feel mundane, we actively seek to change them regardless of whether or not that change is warranted. Think back to your last gym workout. Yeah, the one that gave you that curvy shape or that beach ready six pack. Are you still doing that same workout?

I am guessing not, but why? It’s winter, chances are high that your curvy body has begun to resemble a circle and that six pack you were so proud of bro, where did it go? Regardless of how effective a habit becomes, the moment we experience a dip in motivation we immediately seek to replace the habit with something new and exciting. In psychology this is referred to as variable reward - unexpected, random or varied rewards are far more attractive to the human brain.

Could this be why certain habits are so addictive? Junkies fill their veins with Heroin & Fentanyl with a different high almost every time. Fast food addicts know that today’s big mac will offer a totally different reward compared with yesterdays HSP. Porn addicts know that the ‘amateurs’ section will arouse them in ways that the ‘Big Tits’ section never could.

Variable reward removes boredom from our lives and offers us relief from the mundane habits we worked so hard to master. It doesn’t matter how much you love what you do, if you cannot show up and get the necessary work done you will never master your dreams. Boredom is your enemy, now you need to make boredom your best friend.

Show Up!
No Matter What!

We all have dreams. We all have goals that we wish to fulfil before we die. We all spend moments dreaming of what might be if we choose to put in the necessary work. None of your dreams will ever become reality if you are unable to master boredom.

How do you expect to create something truly extraordinary if you cannot commit to the ground work? Do you think that business will build itself while you nurse your boredom with a gin martini and a line of cocaine? Would you expect Arnie to skip a legs day because, ‘he wasn’t feeling it?’ No! Arnie is to busy crushing the leg press to even consider skipping legs day. J.K Rowling didn’t write Harry Potter by willing it so, she spent every fucking day writing at a cheap cafe while her children played nearby.

If it is true mastery you wish to attain, ‘I’ll be back’ just doesn’t cut it anymore. I can guarantee that every single successful human who has ever built something great, has experienced moments of total boredom, depression and frustration. Do you think Megan Rapinoe loved every moment of training as she led the US Woman’s soccer team to their fourth world cup title? Consider the greatest Olympian of all time. Was every 5 AM pool session an enjoyable experience for Michael Phelps?

What sets these masters apart is not their resistance to failure. Passion is not an endless fuel supply and they are not relying on super human abilities. What set’s Phelps, Rowling, Arnie & Rapinoe apart?

Simple. They choose to show up no matter what.

Become the Professional

If you have a dream, a desire or a purpose which you feel must be fulfilled. Show up! If your friends are out drinking but you know their is work to be done, show up and work. If their is a tragedy in your family and you feel you cannot continue pursuing your dreams, continue. If everyone tells you it can’t be done, make it happen.

If you truly want this! If you have a deep hunger to achieve your purpose! If you simply want to live a healthier life without the temptations of fast food and shitty habits! Show the fuck up and tell boredom to get fucked!

What sets you apart from the amateurs? What defines you as a master? On the hardest days, when you feel the most stressed, when boredom threatens to drive you insane and when all your muscles scream at you, “GIVE UP!”

You show up.

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