12 of the Best Adventure Travel Destinations You Must Visit in 2018

Some of you enjoy sipping mimosas poolside, kicking back on a giant inflatable Flamingo.

Some of you might enjoy tasting crazy foods in exotic countries.

Here is our theory though, all of you - in one way or another - has a need for adventure in your life. Adventure, the unknown is what sparks our wildest dreams and excites our deepest curiosities.

Are you the type of traveler who likes to choose the road less traveled? Do you prefer staying in a Homestay, tenting or hiring an RV (Campervan)? Is having a shower everyday not an essential element for you?

Then this blog is for you.

Adventure can be achieved through travel. In this blog we cover 12 of the most adventurous travel destinations of 2018. 

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New Zealand has so many options for adventure travelers.

New Zealand has so many options for adventure travelers.

001 - New Zealand

Home sweet home! We are so incredibly lucky to call New Zealand home. Aside from being the adventure capital of the world, the country also has a truly genuine feel & the people legitimately want to make your day.

New Zealand is number one on our list for good reason. The country offers adventure for all ages & all abilities. From Scaling Mount Cook (Aoraki) & Skydiving from 16,500 feet. To hiring an all inclusive RV and touring the South Island as you photograph the spots that remind you of Lord of the Rings.

Everyday & every location holds some new adventure for you. It is very hard to feel bored while you travel across this amazing country. If hiking and the mountains are your style of adventure then be sure to check out the South Island.

For those of you who are interested in diving, surfing, whale watching, swimming with dolphins, swimming with Orca's or cliff jumping (OMG this list is actually endless). The North Island is a great place to start but don't exclude the South Island.

Oh be sure to do a Bungy while you are there and..and.. NZ just invented the horizontal bungy!

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Go deep water soloing in Thailand (Image sourced from google)

Go deep water soloing in Thailand (Image sourced from google)

002 - Thailand

"But I have a budget guys, I can't afford all these insane destination..." Thailand is your answer. Thailand is known for it's incredible villas, resorts and laid back beach destinations but there is an adventurous side to Thailand as well.

Thailand has options for almost any type of adventurer. For the ocean based adventurer your options range from kayaking through limestone caves to diving with sea turtles. You could even give deep water soloing a go. That's Rock Climbing without a rope over water.

If views, hikes and thick jungles are more your style Thailand will provide. Incredible jungle treks which can take you to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls, mountain tops & hidden limestone caves. If you don't already have one - Buy a DSLR camera.

Thailand's adventure's also offer the chance to see some incredible wildlife including; sea turtles, elephants & a ridiculous number of monkeys.

Deep in that Revelstoke Powder!

Deep in that Revelstoke Powder!

003 - British Columbia, Canada

Ohhh Canada Eh! Canada is amazing! What more can we say, this country has it all when it comes to adventure but it is way to big to cover in one trip. Let's stick to beautiful British Columbia (BC).

British Columbia is a year round destination and there is literally something to see and do every single day of the year. You will never see everything in BC but you can damn well try. If winter is your season then your options range from snowboarding/skiing to Back country Mountaineering & Glacial traversing.

For those interested in the summer months there are options for almost any budget. You can spend your days hiking through the endless mountain ranges or flying off lakeside rope swings that honestly feel as if they are going to collapse mid swing. Or book a whale watching tour & then fly over BC hanging out a helicopter taking photo's to your hearts content.

Once you visit BC you will be hooked and I can almost guarantee you will be planning your next great BC adventure from the moment you leave. On a side note the people are the friendliest you will ever meet & much like NZ they will go out of their way to help you out.

Side, side note - The maple syrup is unreal!

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Get within 5 metres of the largest Grizzlies on earth.

Get within 5 metres of the largest Grizzlies on earth.

004 - Alaska, USA

The United States of America is one of the most underrated adventure destinations. The country has so many options for travelers looking for adventure, too many to include in this blog. Lets just focus on Alaska - everywhere you go in Alaska screams adventure a location well worth ticking off in 2018 or 2019.

Have you seen the movie 'Into the Wild?' A story about a young man on a mission to find himself through adventure. He ends up in Alaska and for those who haven't seen it I won't ruin the ending for you. Alaska is the true definition of truly wild. A 20 metre divergence from the road can result in a lost backpacker.

For the land lovers you can choose from glacial walks, multi-day treks, dog sledding or secluded camp outs under the northern lights. For the ocean lovers you can go Beluga whale viewing (actually you can view almost every whale imaginable), diving under ice sheets, watch glaciers collapsing into the ocean or kayak along untouched coastlines.

The wildlife is what truly does it for Alaska. Stand within 5 metres of the largest Grizzlies in the world - The Kodiak Brown Bear - or photograph their smaller counterpart the Black Bear. Photograph Moose, Elk & Reindeer. Observe Wolves as they roam the tundra in search of food or sit in awe as Bald Eagles land withing metres of you at any number of national parks.

Alaska is the destination for those who want to experience a truly wild destination.

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Endless dunes. (Photo sourced from Google)

Endless dunes. (Photo sourced from Google)

005 - Peru, South America

Have you heard of Machu Pichu? Most likely. An ancient Mayan Citadel built in the 15th Century left undiscovered for hundreds of years until it was founded by an American explorer by the name of Hiram Bingham in 1911. Machu Pichu is now a well known destination for adventurous travelers

Peru is also home to a plethora of less well known treks including treks to Choquequirao - another Incan ruin - and the Salcantay Trek. Another more recent discovery for tourists is Vinicunca, or Rainbow Mountain which has been made famous by Instagram.

If trekking multiple days is not the adventure for you then you can always try your luck on a dune buggy in Huacachina, go surfing in Mancora or check out the floating islands on Lake titicaca.

Peru has an endless number of adventures and it is relatively cheap if you are planning to travel on a budget.

Wow! (Photo sourced from Google)

Wow! (Photo sourced from Google)

006 - Chile, South America

Yes it can get very chilly in Chile, especially if you venture south & you are going to want to venture south. Patagonia is not just the name of a clothing brand, it is a region in southern Chile synonymous with adventure.

Chile has an endless amount of adventure for those willing to get a little cold. Explore the worlds third largest ice mass, check out the tallest volcano in the world or kayak past some of the largest glaciers in the world or chill out next to massive icebergs.

If you are looking for something that involves helicopters then book a Heli skiing trip in Valle Nevado. If you are a snowboarder who doesn't feel like getting to cold then opt instead for a dune boarding adventure in the Atacama desert.

Chile is also a much more affordable option for those traveling on a budget.

Views like this. (Photo sourced from Google)

Views like this. (Photo sourced from Google)

007 - Tanzania, Africa

Kilamanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa and one of the most accessible options for those who want to climb one of the Seven Summits (the highest peaks of each of the seven continents). Kilamanjaro is in Tanzania.

Once you have climbed Kilamanjaro you can take a much warmer adventure as you explore the famous Serengeti National Park. You will see some of the most incredible wildlife including; Lions, Elephants, Rhino's, Giraffe's & maybe even a Hippo or two.

Witness the Great Migration made famous by explorers like David Attenborough. The Great migration is actually continuous as the Wildebeest search for food and water year round. To witness the incredible river crossings on the Mara & Grumeti rivers, book your travels between July - September. 

Oh and for the divers out there make sure you check out Zanzibar. A short flight is the best option (ferry journeys are long and tedious). If diving is not for you then explore the incredible Archipelagos on top of a kayak.

Imagine the emotions you would feel at this moment. (Photo sourced from Google)

Imagine the emotions you would feel at this moment. (Photo sourced from Google)

008 - Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa

Staying in Africa lets explore the incredible Republic of Congo. Make sure you are aware of any potential dangers while exploring this part of the world. Africa is a very volatile continent & the Republic of Congo has been at the forefront of many uprisings and violent conflicts.

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Silver Back Gorilla's? This is the country that will make it happen. You can also book tours in Rwanda or Uganda. If you cannot get yourself on a tour then try visiting the orphaned gorillas in Senkwekwe.

Once you are done hanging out with your new found Gorilla friends it is time to head on over to Goma and hike to the top of an active volcano! Nyiragongo Volcano is active year round as it bubbles magma from the Earth's mantle. The craziest thing is you sleep on the rim!

Africa can be filled with danger but danger attracts adventurers like steel to a magnet. Be careful, do your research and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Imagine staying up for 21 hours of daylight! (Photo sourced from Google)

Imagine staying up for 21 hours of daylight! (Photo sourced from Google)

009 - Iceland, Europe

Iceland has blown up on Instagram over the past few years, for good reason. This tiny little island nation is littered with incredible hikes, glaciers, volcano's and deserted black sand beaches.

For those of you who are interested in landscape photography then Iceland is the place to visit in 2019. I say 2019 because you are going to want to save some cash for this trip. To find all the best spots you will need to spend some serious cash.

Start your adventures off with a visit to Snæfellsjökull National Park (no idea how to say it, give it a go). If you only have a small amount of time in Iceland you can pretty much do it all in this location.

Iceland offers everything and adventure photographer dreams of. Sit under the Northern Lights, photograph massive waterfalls, witness eruptions, hike through insane alpine meadows & finish the day off (some days last 21 hours!) with a bath in the Blue Lagoon.

Imagine falling asleep to views like this. (Photo sourced from Google)

Imagine falling asleep to views like this. (Photo sourced from Google)

010 - Switzerland, Europe

Oh the Alps! Switzerland is the land of huge mountains, towering waterfalls and Swiss Cheese. The swiss people are born into adventure so if you are traveling solo then you will have no trouble finding someone to adventure with.

If you are in Switzerland during the winter months you adventures might include: Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, Back-country Mountaineering, dog sledding or ride a train through the Matterhorn.

The summer months will consist of waterfall viewing, white water rafting and hikes that can take weeks if you want them to. Hell if you are prepared try getting a taste for some mountaineering (please do a course first).

Switzerland also has some of the coolest villages in Europe that will make you want to stay forever.

Who doesn't want to stand on top of the world? (Photo sourced from Google)

Who doesn't want to stand on top of the world? (Photo sourced from Google)

011 - Nepal, Asia

Sticking with the mountains let's fly to Nepal!

Nepal is known for many incredible treks including the Annapurna Circuit but one trek stands out above the rest (quite literally). Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on earth and to climb it you are probably going to need $60,000 in the bank.

Good news though! For those who can't afford Everest (yet) there are several hikes and peaks that can be climbed, traversed and explored for much less or free. Nepal is the land of mountains & hiking so if you aren't a fan of foot pounding adventure then Nepal is probably not the right adventure for you.

012 - Northern China, Asia

China never came close to our travel radar until recently. Instagram has once again done a fantastic job of putting Northern China on the map. The Great Wall of China is obviously a must see but don't leave Northern China once you have ticked this one off.

Northern China has huge areas that are untouched by humans. Massive limestone towers and arches offer amazing opportunities for rock climbers, hikers and photographers. While the jungles below host some incredible wildlife including the infamous Panda.

The wild areas of Northern China also host some of the largest rivers on earth. So if white water kayaking is a passion of yours then planning an expedition in Northern China should be firmly on the bucket list.

China is now firmly on our bucket list and I think this next photo will inspire you to include China on your list to.

Remind you of Avatar - This is the hallelujah mountains. (Image sourced from google)

Remind you of Avatar - This is the hallelujah mountains. (Image sourced from google)

The world is full of incredible adventures, in order to list them all we would need an entire lifetime. These 12 countries should keep you satisfied in 2018 & 2019 but if you can think of a few more options then let us know in the comments below.

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