5 Tips for Aspiring Travel Film Makers

Travel is inspiring.

The things we get to experience while exploring the world, the moments we treasure & the relationships we make. These are all memories that we often don’t want to forget. Film & Photography is a way to capture these moments forever.

Along the process you may find that documenting the incredible moments you have while traveling, is a passion of yours. Creating a film that invokes an emotional response in others can be very rewarding to your soul.

If you choose to continue down the travel film making road then your options can be endless. Film wildlife documentaries, become a journalist in war torn countries, make a change through documenting charity efforts or just continue to inspire the world with unique destinations captured at the end of your lens.

Your first travel films will be basic but remember that we all have to start as a humble beginner. The key is to stay hungry and keep learning, reinvest in new equipment & to remember these 5 tips.

Sunburnt AF but feeling inspired with the view ahead!

Sunburnt AF but feeling inspired with the view ahead!

001 - Pick unique music.

It isn’t always about the bangers!

The right soundtrack for your style of travel film is essential. The song/s that you choose can make or break your film so it is important to take your time and choose carefully. We find that picking your song (or at very least your genre) before you even start filming will help.

Knowing what kind of beat you will be editing to can help you get better shots and angles in camera. Get your song locked in early and make the rest of the film making process easier. If you don’t manage to find the right song before you travel don’t stress or just throw any old song up. Focus on the rest of your film making & get the right shots.

When it comes to picking the right song we like to research what is popular and then dive behind the scenes to see what those artists are inspired by. Using the popular stuff is great but your film will just sound like every other travel film. Be unique & dive deep!

Find a song that will have viewers saying, “Wow this song is cool, I wonder who the artist is?”

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002 - Audio is more important than visual.

Have you ever tried to watch an online stream with terrible video (go on we have all done it pre Netflix!)? Most of the time, if it’s the only option, we are happy to sit through a film that has more visual quality so long as the audio is good.

When it comes to audio the story is much different.

Let me ask you the same question about audio; Have you ever tried to watch an online stream with terrible audio? You can’t right! Audio is more important than your visuals so it makes sense to spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that your audio is on point.

Research sound design platforms and invest in a membership that allows you to access good quality sound effects. Learn about sound design and how to apply it appropriately to the style of film you are creating.

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003 - Upgrade your lenses

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment! You can make travel films with an I phone! What you do need to upgrade is your lenses.

Choosing the right lens for your shot can really help your film stand out & look more cinematic. The more cinematic you can make your shots the more it will appeal to audiences but make sure that the lens is appropriate for the shot.

If you are capturing peoples emotions then you want a lens that allows you to see all the intricate details in that persons face. To keep it simple, you want a lens designed for portraits.

When it comes to landscapes you want to capture the grandeur so aim for a wide angle lens. If you are rocking a DSLR the 16mm-35mm is a great option. For those with just their phone you have no excuse!

Lens kits are now available for phones! They come in varying lengths and styles, from telephoto to wide angle and everything in between. Lens kits for phones are cheap and incredibly effective so if investing in a DSLR is not in your budget look at phone lens kits as an option.

004 - Travel!

Well this is a no brainer right!?

If you want to make travel films then you need to travel. If your excuse is, “I have no money.” Then it’s up to you to find more work (any side hustle will do.. hell be a janitor or work at Maccas!).

Your travel doesn’t have to be just overseas either, explore your own country. Traveling also gives you constant inspiration to keep creating. Being stuck in one place can destroy your creativity and leave you feeling uninspired.

Finding new locations & beautiful landscapes can reignite your passion for film making & get those creative juices flowing!

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005 - You are always a student.

Never let your Ego get the better of you!

Improvement and growth are incredible and it is easy to get caught up in our recent success, the key is to stay humble and never stop learning! You are always a student!

If you put out a great film acknowledge it but keep yourself in check. Find the areas you still need to improve on and begin working on those areas immediately, avoid the trap of complacency. The key is to hold yourself and your work to standards higher than you are capable of achieving.

Once you reach that standard, raise the bar once again & never stop growing.

When everyone else has their heads up talking up their work. Keep your head down, stay humble, keep your mouth shut & work!

We hope these tips get you inspired to create your next film. If our blogs are helping you then consider subscribing, just scroll down. If you have some of your own tips then please comment below.

Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques