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Travel is exciting! Travel is mind blowing! Travel is the best chance you have to expand your horizons and push past your boring comfort zones! Travel is something we dream of when we are bored at work… Am I wrong?

However, one thing most travellers won’t tell you is how boring travel can be! Long flights & Airport layovers. 10 hour bus trips or 3 day train rides. Waiting for your washing to dry or resting at a campsite on multi-day hikes.

There are only so many places in the world that will allow you to stream Netflix through above average WIFI. So what do you do when there is nothing to do? You read a damn good book or listen to it through Audible.
Here are our 5 top recommendations for next years travel boredom fillers.

5 Books to Read on Your 2019 Travels

These books are not about travel. They are just awesome books that will stimulate your senses and help grow your curiosity, self awareness, imagination and… they are just really entertaining!

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F##K

Mark Manson

This book is both hilarious and incredibly informative. The book is a counterintuitive method to living a good life & the stories that Mark weaves throughout the book are guaranteed to keep you entertained and at times they will shock you to the core.

Although this book will make you laugh it will also have you considering what is important in life and what areas of yourself you can improve.

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Homo Sapiens & Homo Deus

Yuval Noah Harari

Holy Sh*t!! These books are mind blowing! Want to understand why we are what we are? Want to take a step into the future and see the terrifying reality of what may become of homo sapiens? Want to question almost everything you know?

These two books are going to blow your f*cking mind! Yuval is one incredibly well educated historian and he really puts his knowledge of history to use when making his predictions for the future of mankind. Note: Don’t start reading this book if you have a flight to catch in the next hour.. chances are you won’t be able to put it down before your flight departs.

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Children of Blood & Bone

Tomi Adeyemi

This is one big book! At 500 pages you might consider it too long for everyday reading but with travel you have plenty of time. Tomi takes you on a ride through a fantasy world where magic is banned and people are ruled by a ruthless monarch.

Those who still possess magic are hunted and killed. One teenager finds herself in a position to fight for all those she has lost to the cruel monarchy, including her mother. If getting lost in a fantasy world is for you then pick this book up before you head to the next airport.

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Michelle Obama

The reviews are mixed when it comes to President Barrack Obama. Some consider him one of the greatest presidents of all time and others consider him one of the worst presidents in US history. However, almost everyone is a fan of Michelle Obama and for good reason.

Michelle Obama, former first lady of the USA, is a powerful woman. She exudes strength but shows true compassion and kindness & her honest nature captured the hearts and minds of the world. Becoming is a biography detailing her journey, from humble beginnings in Southside Chicago to supporting the most powerful man in the world.

Fire & Blood

George R.R. Martin

So Game of Thrones wasn’t quite enough for you? Well in comes another fantasy banger from George R.R. Martin. Set 300 years prior to the Game of Thrones timeline, Fire & Blood is the first in a 2 part series detailing the Targaryens history in Westeros.

Want more fire, gore, sex and adventure in your life? Want to get your Game of Thrones excitement building? Then this is the one to open on that flight to London next summer.

There are 100’s of books that will keep you from succumbing to boredom in your travels and many of them are also available in audio format. If audio is your thing then come check out our podcast - Couple ‘a’ Lattes digs deep into; mindset, travel and creativity.

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