47 Ways to Work while Traveling the World - Travel 2018

Prior to the 19th Century Leeches were in huge demand for medicinal purposes. Doctors needed these slimy little blood suckers by the 1000's, they were in high demand. Cue the humble Leech collector, poorly paid, over worked and often drained of blood (to the point of death). A great job for the humbled traveler right?

If that doesn't tickle your travel job fancies then try the 'Wander-lusted Whipping Boy.' Companion to a renaissance prince doesn't sound to bad right? Well considering your role includes, pleasuring the prince in whatever way he demands and receiving his punishments for any misdemeanors he commits. It's a pretty sh*t job! 

Lucky for us travel jobs has evolved over time and we now have an ungodly number of options. Here are 47 (from great to sh*t) that you can choose from as you explore this wonderful place we call earth.


47 is a lot to think about and most people can't be f*cked reading through that many options. I have simplified this one for you guys... your welcome. The 47 jobs have been split into 4 sub categories detailed below.

Volunteering/Exchange of Services

If you have some money saved up already but you just want to save on living costs then Volunteering is a great way to extend your trip (from a financial perspective). You can find volunteering work almost anywhere in the world and quite often it works as an exchange of service.

Say you need food and a place to live, then say a Hotel/hostel needs a new cleaner to fill in some gaps in service. You do the cleaning to fill in those gaps & the hostel/hotel hooks you up with a bed and three meals a day.

Jobs that require travel

Sounds like a dream right? A job that requires you to travel all over the world in order to do your job. Yes & No.

Although working for global companies or for travel companies/airlines allows you to travel throughout the year as part of your job. You are quite often to busy to actually explore the locations you are traveling to. If you can make it work though then this could be a great option if you are in the right profession.

Digital Nomad Careers

Easy right? Take some pretty pictures and throw em up on the internet then all of the big companies start throwing cash at your face to advertise their products. Sorry dudes/dudettes it ain't that simple.

There are several ways to become a 'digital nomad.' Being a digital nomad means that your work is done through the internet so theoretically you can work anywhere in the world so long as you have a laptop, smartphone and some half decent wifi. But don't be fooled by all the bullsh*t videos designed to suck your bank account dry with false promises of easy money.

Being a digital nomad is f*cking hard work so if you aren't prepared to put in the hours required to be a successful entrepreneur then this ain't the path for you.

Backpacker Jobs

The great thing about travel is people stop caring what others think of them. Who gives a sh*t if you aren't a doctor, pilot or lawyer. You are here to try new things and explore the world not further your career and status within a damaged society (oooo DEEP!).

Slinging drinks behind a bar, squashing grapes under your feet or digging out horse sh*t at a stable are all great ways to get some cash for your next flight.

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Now that you have an idea of the different approaches you can take let's cover a few different options for each approach. By a few I mean 47... that's a bit more than a few, luckily for you you're stuck in public transport on your way to work so you have a spare 10 minutes to kill. 

Volunteering/Exchange of Service

001 - Wwoofing

WWOOF or, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, has been around since 1971. Chances are if you are young then your parents probably did a Wwoof or two during their great OE (overseas experience).

Because Wwoofing has been around for so long it is well established all over the developed world, this makes it a great option for travelers looking to save on expense living costs in countries like Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe.

Arrangements are carried out between the host farm and the volunteer but in general food and accommodation is provided in exchange for a number of hours worked per week. I have heard of some horror stories but in general Wwoofing is a great option.

002 - Help X

Help X is another volunteer based program that offers travelers the opportunity to minimize their living costs while traveling.  You might be thinking, "So its basically Wwoofing dumbass.."

Rude, I'm hurt. No, well yes but not really. Help X offers more than just farm work so if you aren't a fan of cow sh*t or fruit picking then Help X might be the better option for you. Take your pick from, hostel work, stable work or even volunteering on a sailboat.

Help X is also global and operates through online registrations making it easy to plan your next volunteering efforts in France while you are still exploring in New Zealand.

003 - House Sitting

House sitting has been around ever since.. well houses I guess? I'm pretty sure early humans probably had something similar... cave sitting.. it's a thing. Anyway, House sitting has been around a while and is great for those who aren't 100% set on basing themselves in a specific area.

House sitting involves travelers watching a persons home while they are away. In exchange you (the traveler) get a free house to base yourself and free food. Arrangements differ depending on your host and their are plenty of websites that offer a starting point.

004 - Workaway

My personal choice for a volunteering program. "Why's that bro?"
Workaway focuses more on the cultural aspect of working overseas, sure one of the goals is to get free sh*t in exchange for your efforts and save that travel cash for the bucket list experiences.

Wouldn't you rather achieve that goal while getting a legitimate cultural experience in an authentic location with locals that can teach you a new language? Workaway can offer you this and aims to give travelers a unique volunteering experience anywhere in the world. 

005 - Become an International Aid Worker

If you feel like making a difference then aid working is an incredibly noble way to travel the world. Help those in third world countries trying to bounce back from natural disaster. Travel to unique destinations to deliver basic human needs to those without.

If you prefer animals then travel to countries like Costa Rica and volunteer at a stray dog reserve or help clean up oil spills in South America. You could even go to Africa to help shave Rhino horns and prevent poaching.

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You could work on farms with moos!

You could work on farms with moos!

Jobs That Require Travel

006 - Scuba Instructor

Ok so you could argue that Scuba Instructors don't have to travel and you would be right. The job can just be done with one company for your whole life... what's the f*cking point dude? Use it to explore the world girl!

If you invest the time, energy and money into Scuba Diving and you qualify with Padi as an instructor the world is literally your oyster (mind the pun).

Qualified instructors can travel all over the world to some of the most exotic destinations and the better you get/ the more qualifications you build up the greater the pay & opportunities become. The job can be very physically demanding though and not to mention stressful.

007 - Surfing Instructor

Shaaka brah! Calling all passionate surfers - You can make this your job and .. AND.. travel the world doing it. You might argue, "But I need to be really good to instruct." No you don't. You need to know your stuff for sure but your most important asset will be leadership and communication.

If you loving surfing and you are great with people then instructing will be an excellent option for you. Almost every country in the world with a some what decent coastline is looking for instructors from all over the world.

Go surf in 30C waters off the coast of Nicaragua or surf with Orca's in Alaska in 8C snow lined coasts. You have options now make them reality.

008 - Yoga Instructor

Yoga is a growing movement, I say movement because Yoga is no longer a form of exercise. Yoga has become a way of life with an almost cult like status among some dedicated Yogi's. Yoga instructors can take their expertise around the world.

If you are sick of traveling but don't want to pay the insane rates for a studio back home then look to set up a company in countries like Indonesia. Costs are lower, expat numbers are high and its tropical AF.

009 - Outdoor Instructing

I could go ahead and list 46 options for Outdoor Instructors wanting to travel but that ain't the title of this blog. If you love the outdoors and you just recently qualified as an instructor or guide but you are wanting to travel... You can.

Outdoor Instruction is in high demand all over the world with some countries like the UAE (United Arab Emirates) prepared to pay big money. Plus this job is seasonal and often comes with free accommodation.

Work hard for 6 months for a season then travel for 6 months and repeat somewhere else in the world. I did this with Kayaking and it was an amazing time in my life.

010 - Teach English Overseas

Have you got a degree? Can you speak English? If the answer is Yes then great. You can teach English overseas. I have met several English Teachers overseas and although the work can sometimes be demanding the rewards are incredible.

The interactions you get with locals is incredible and the amazing humans you get the chance to meet along the way is staggering. This industry attracts some of the best people, caring, kind hearted and genuine.

You can also make some great money if you are good. Living in low cost countries and getting paid american dollars really helps the savings account.

011 - Work on a Yacht

Literally you are working while traveling! By sea this time which is kind of unique these days. Working on a Yacht is demanding work and often requires long weeks sometimes over 60 hours. But the savings are immense!

Unless you have been in the industry for a while the pay is nothing to scream about but considering all of your travel expenses, accommodation and food are paid for this is a pretty decent gig. Everything you earn ends up straight in your savings account.

Getting onto a Yacht can be quite hard due to the number of applicants. Get your food in a door with a Cruise ship gig.

012 - Work on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are similar to Yacht work with some clear differences. The boats are far bigger and the work force much larger. You are still able to travel all over the world and save all your penny's but the work can be more demanding.

Getting onto a Yacht can be tough though especially with no experience. Cruise ship work is great to have on your resume if Yacht work is where you want to end up.

013 - Traveling Nurse

Nursing is not a stay at home job! Nurses you can travel with your profession. Take your skills to other first world countries or go make a difference in a country that truly needs you.

The rewards will be huge. You won't earn more but you will return feeling as if you have truly made a contribution. If you are worried about money then don't. The pay might be lower but your living costs will be subsidized in most cases or your accommodation will be provided.

014 - Become a Traveling Doctor

You may have already heard of organizations like 'Doctors without borders.' A program that allows Doctors to take their skills around the world and help those in need.

If you are a qualified Doctor then first of all, Congratulations! That Sh*t ain't easy and the study is endless. As a doctor you have probably sacrificed a lot of travel years to study and master your profession so why not take your skills and apply them all over the world. In between jobs use your savings to see what you missed while studying.

015 - Construction

Demanding on the body with long hours in harsh conditions, construction is not the easiest choice but if you are prepared to work hard you can save a lot of money in a short period of time.

Countries like Australia and Canada have high earning potential for laborers and construction workers looking to work in mines and oil fields.

016 - Become an International Translator

Note: This one requires a skill for languages. If you have a knack for languages then being a translator can take you all over the world. You are only limited by the number of languages you know.

Europe and South America are great options if Latin is your forte but if you want to get to Asia then you are going to have to learn some Asian languages.

017 - Flight Attendant

The obvious choice for those who want to travel continuously but don't be fooled this job is hard and your exploring time is very limited. If you love customer service then becoming a flight attendant is a great option for you but be prepared for some long hours.

Your shifts can last over 16 hours and your stopovers are often limited to just 24 hours which doesn't give you much time to explore a new destination. If you are committed though you can make this job work for you.

018 - Pilot

Being a pilot is not the easiest way to travel, the learning is hard and the stress levels are huge. You have to be truly passionate about this career path to make it in the industry.

If you have always dreamt of flying commercial airliners and you are passionate enough, becoming a pilot can be an incredibly rewarding career path. The pay is great (once you work your way up) and the global opportunities are immense.

019 - Professional Chef

Love food? Like really truly LOVE food? Great! Now can you cook?
If cooking is your forte and you are looking at owning your own restaurant then why not expand your dreams. If you can get a huge name for yourself then the opportunities are endless. Own Restaurants all over the world and travel as a guest chef.

If those dreams seem to big right now then start small and apply to work as a chef in overseas restaurants. The job list is massive so you can pick something up pretty quickly no matter where you are traveling next.

020 - Au-Pairing

Kind of like house sitting with way more responsibility and the potential of a very very tidy paycheck. Au-pairing is not a gig you can just walk into to and requires some form of experience in childcare to get a foot in the door.

Au-Pairing is similar to Nanny work, you live with a family overseas and take on a share of the household responsibilities. Responsibilities differ depending on the family, ranging from cooking & cleaning to planning getaways for the family & changing diapers.

The work can be very challenging and mentally draining but if you can link up with some great families you may only need to work 6 months out of the year. Spend the remainder of the year traveling to your hearts content.

021 - Freelance Photography

Paulo and I are working towards making this one of our income streams (one of many) but it is a tough and highly competitive industry. We are acutely aware that several years of practice and hard work stand between us and a full time job in freelance photography. But we are OK with that because photography is an amazing passion to have.

Freelance Photographers get to see the places most of us will only ever dream of. Witness moments in time so rare and so unique that they inspire change or invoke movements on global scales.

Can you imagine hiding out in a shelter at 5000 metres of elevation for weeks on end waiting to capture one of the rarest animals on the planet (a snow leopard) just once? We can!

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022 - A Freelance Film maker

Another lucrative industry that Paulo and I are working tirelessly to squeeze our way into. Making movies for brands around the world will take you to some incredible locations but requires three things; knowledge, a sh*t load of hard work & some very expensive equipment.

Start small though, just start creating videos of everything and anything. Put them on your socials and start gauging the reactions. As you grow as a film maker invest in more equipment, take that equipment traveling and make more movies.

You will soon know if this is a passion you are willing to pursue, if it is then pursue it with every ounce of energy you have.

023 - Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist has to be one of the coolest creative professions on the planet. You get to put your artwork and creativity on another person... for life! You literally having living artwork.

Once you create a name for yourself as an artist locally you can start charging some pretty big numbers for your work. You can also start the process of global networking, contact artists all over the world with a simple DM. exchange locations and practice your art all over the world. The best part.. guest artists often attract higher rates.

024 - Work for a global Company

Working for an international company has it's perks. If your company is a growing and progressive international company then start putting your hand up for those overseas projects.

Pick up a 3 month contract to start a program in Europe or take up a year to market in North America. Some companies offer more opportunity than others, GoPro & Redbull are a couple amazing options.

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Becoming a Freelance Photographer & Film Maker take you to the most amazing locations.

Becoming a Freelance Photographer & Film Maker take you to the most amazing locations.

Digital Nomad Careers

025 - Make Money Blogging

Blogging has been around ever since the internet started getting it's legs underneath itself. But if you think about it blogging has been around long before the internet. Humans have been writing useful notes about topics they are passionate about for years.

Blogging is the easy part. Being a great blogger who is able to transfer from writer to entrepreneur. Now that is the hard part. In order to start a blog you need to be prepared to put in some serious hours. The pay off - Traveling the world writing about the things you love. Sounds worth it to me.

026 - Dropshipping

No Dropshipping does not involve dropping a ship in anyway. Dropshipping is a form of e-commerce that cuts out the retailers need to handle products. As a retailer you order the product/s from the factory and it is delivered direct to the customer.

Dropshipping is in its early stages but it is only a matter of time before it takes off around the world. This is a great option to get involved with if you have a strong following on social media.

027 - Influencer

Influencing is the hottest job in the world in 2018, everyone wants to be one but no one knows the work that's involved or the realities behind monetizing yourself. When IG first came out there were several incredibly smart cookies that hacked the system, grew fast and now own a huge marketing real estate.

Large followings coupled with massive and meaningful engagement make for some pretty powerful marketing potential. But the OG's of Instagram are not the only ones doing well now, there is a growing number of influencers making a name for themselves on platforms like Instagram & Facebook.

But becoming a successful influencer in 2018 is hard & hacking doesn't work the way it used to meaning you have to be a great content creator. Once you get your following up and start getting some serious engagement your earning potential is uncapped.

028 - Youtuber

YouTube is huge, only second to Google when it comes to search (funny because google owns it). Making videos on Youtube is easy enough, standing out in 2018 is tough.

But if you find yourself the right niche and can come up with a unique and creative way to present your niche topic you can set yourself up for an incredibly rewarding career. A career that can take you around the world and introduce you to some of the most influential creatives of our time.

029 -   Day Trading

Day Trading is a risky venture to get involved with but, like anything, if you educate yourself and become an expert you can make some serious money as a day trader. Day Trading is the epitome of the Digital Nomad lifestyle. Literally all you need is a laptop and your smarts.

Day Trading involves buying and selling stock in the same day, sometimes multiple times in one day. A Day Trader takes advantage of tiny movements in stock prices and currency changes.

030 - Rent Your House

If you were that incredible disciplined saver as a kid while the rest of us were throwing our money away buying fresh kicks, candy and presents for our girl/guy (rookie error). You are probably sitting on a tidy sum of cash.

Instead of throwing that cash at a 12 month OE try investing in a house and then renting it out while you travel and live off the profits. While you travel you can work towards another form of income.. maybe you can take up blogging. If you can't be f*cked dealing with tenants then try Air BnB.

031 - Importer

This one probably isn't going to get you the most money but it will probably support your accommodation costs while you travel. It is simple to, buy some super trendy looking sh*t in a country were everything is cheap. Send that trendy sh*t home or take it home with you & sell it for 1000% profit to first worlders on the hunt for something hipster.

It is a simple way of making some quick bucks while you travel especially if you have the eye for it. Me... not so much. I would probably end up losing 1000% on my investments.

032 - Become A Double Agent/Assasin

Joking guys! Settle down mate you ain't no James Bond. Just checking to see if your awake or not!

033 - Play Online Poker

This one is no joke! People make serious f*cking money playing online poker and they do it from anywhere in the world. Online poker is easy to get into but equally easy to fail at. You need to be disciplined with your money and you need to know what you are doing.

If you are a great poker player though and you are disciplined with your money then don't waste your time saving it for a house and three kids with a wife that probably cheats on you (ooo rough one!). Invest in your talent and travel the world living from one dream to the next.

Work hard and you could make travel your job.

Work hard and you could make travel your job.

Backpacker Jobs

034 - Hostel Work

Hostel work is probably the easiest option for most young backpackers it involves the following; Walk up to the hostel reception, ask if they need any help and receive a yes or a no. If you get a Yes then that's great news. Prepare for free accommodation, food and a tiny allowance that will fuel your bar tab for the next month or more.

Hostel work is easy enough to get anywhere in the world and is a great option if you are looking to make some travel friends.

035 - Bartending

If you are a talented slinger of drinks then there is no shortage of Bartending jobs around the world. If you are all prepped on the work visa front then start slinging out those resumes.

Bar jobs are great if you are planning on spending your days adventuring and want to save money rather than throw it a away on nights out. I had a bar job while living in a ski town and it worked out perfectly. Snowboard all day then work the night.

036 - Ski/ Snowboard Instructor

Ok well this one kind of fits into two categories; Jobs that require travel & Backpacker jobs. I have put it in the Backpacker jobs category because backpackers tend to closely resemble ski/snowboard bums so I thought it would be a good fit.

Ski & Snowboard Instructing requires you to have a solid knowledge of your discipline, instructional experience & the appropriate qualifications. If this sounds like you and you love snow then jump on your opportunity to travel the world doing what you love.

037 - Transporting a Car/RV

Yep! This ain't bullsh*t, people get paid daily to transport RV's across stunning landscapes to RV dealers. You can do it to if you have a good driving record and a truck drivers qualification (this differs from country to country so ask at your local licencing agency).

RV transport involves a contractor, let's refer to said contractor as you. You are contracted by an RV dealer to collect a new RV from a manufacturer. You get yourself there and then drive the RV to the dealer in an agreed upon time frame.

If you love driving across amazing landscapes then this is a great option for you.

038 - Tour Guide

Tour guiding is a great one for high energy backpackers who love to talk and share stories about their most loved destination/s. Tour guiding can be a global travel job but you need to know your stuff when it comes to the location.

If this sounds like the job for you then check out Contiki as a starting point.

039 - Tour Director

Similar to tour guiding but better for those of you who are more of an introverted type. Tour directors are in place to ensure the customers are satisfied and that their unique needs are met during the tour (no you do not have to give happy endings you weirdo).

If you enjoy helping others and have a strong customer service background then this could be the option for you.

040 - Masseuse

You have just had a massive day on the hill snowboarding through some of the deepest powder you have ever had. Your sitting at the most vibing bar in town with all your mates chugging beers and smashing nachos. You look like a sweaty mess but who cares you just had the greatest day of riding in your life.

All of a sudden some stunning canadian girl strolls up to you and asks you if you want a massage. It's $2 a minute so hell yeah. Now you have 15 minutes of massage time to come up with the greatest pick up line of all time in an attempt to get her number... settle down champ.

Yep ladies this one is for you, if you don't mind some douche male pick up lines then traveling the world as a masseuse is for you. It is easy enough to get a job as a masseuse in bars, resorts & hotels. If you have the qualifications and you speak English you are already in a great position.

041 - Kitchen Hand

Hate people? Don't mind dishes? Here's a job for you. Kitchen hands have a pretty average job so the turnover rate is relatively high. Insert you, the traveler looking for 3 months of solid saving for your next flight.

The job itself is pretty simple and doesn't require many qualifications. Clean dishes and help the chefs.

042 - Make your own Sh*t & Sell It

A little entrepreneurial one for those of you who aren't to keen on working for someone else and love making things with your hands. Make bracelets, necklaces, rings or beanies then sell them to other intrepid explorers or at local markets.

043 - Busking

Have you got a unique talent? Try Busking it's a great option for those of you with a dramatic spirit and a creative entertainment background.

Busking is generally easy to do in larger cities but you do need a buskers licence (in most cases). You can get this through local councils quite easily. I also met an amazing couple the other day that run a global Busking agency. CHECK OUT their website and if it looks like a good option for you then sign up and get traveling.

044 - Be an Extra in a Bollywood Movie

Holy Sh*t! I read that this was legit a thing the other day and almost booked flights to India on the spot! You can do this like for reals.

If you are after a gig as an extra then there are few places you can hang out and wait for scouts to hunt the streets for westerners as movie extras. This Blog can give you some extra tips.

045 - Work in a Winery

If you love wine and don't mind hard work then winery work could be a great option for you. The days are long and filled with physical labour but if you are looking to save cash then the isolation, free board and free meals will definitely help.

Winery work is easy to come by in NZ, Australia, South America and all over Europe.

046 - Work at an American Summer Camp

If you are after a social trip that will result in plenty of amazing memories and a worldwide  network of other travelers then Summer Camp work is an awesome option. You don't have to be a leader and sleep in the cabins with the kids either.

If you have a specialist skill; photography, kayak instructor, horse rider or climbing instructor to name a few. Then you can get a pretty sweet gig as a specialist, with your own cabins and free time to do what you want after hours.

047 - Seasonal Fruit Picking

Fruit picking is great for seasonal work and if you don't have much experience in travel related jobs then fruit picking is the perfect option. It requires no previous experience at all.

Fruit picking tends to work on a pay by workload system, so if you work your ass off and pick all of the fruits then you can make some serious cash. Paired with free accommodation and board fruit picking can really help fuel your travels.

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The world is much smaller than you think nowadays. Travel is cheap and readily accessible, if it is money you are worried about well.. you now have 47 ways to fix that problem. If you want anything badly enough in life you can have it. You just have to be willing to work for it.
Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques