"Yo hold up! Holllld Up! Did you just say its 44Degrees? Yo Paulo load the snowboard in mate were going to the Mornington Peninsula!"
Written by Jacques


So its bloody hot.. Welcome to Australia a place where 30 degrees is a cold day in Summer! Alright slight exaggeration but you get the idea.. It's a hot country.
If you are based in Melbourne, it's hot and sunny, you have access to a car and.. AND .. you have the day off! Well then.. its time to head down to the Mornington Peninsula and experience a True Blue Aussie Beach Day.
Here are my 3 favourite spots to visit on the Mornington Peninsula.


Rosebud Pier

Rosebud Pier is such a magical spot. If you manage to catch it at sunrise without anyone around you are in for one helluva treat! As you can see from the picture above.. The water is crystal clear and there is a huge chance that you will see a Stingray. The day this picture was taken I was surrounded by 5 Rays as big as this guy at one point. Now they get a bad rep after the tragic passing of the legendary Steve Irwin but remember that was a freak accident. Rays are gentle and beautiful creatures, just be respectful and don't make them feel threatened.
Rosebud is located about 1hr and 20 mins from Melbourne and is a great spot to start your day. CLICK HERE to get some Toll free directions.
Don't forget to throw some flips off the wharf!


Gunamatta Surf Beach

Be Careful! This beach is synonymous for drownings, especially naive tourists. If you don't understand how surf Beaches work or what a rip tide is.. probably best to stay between the flags and go during patrolled hours. But guess what! If you have a body board, snowboard or anything that can slide down sand. Then you are in for a good time! 
Gunamatta beach is surrounded by huge dunes which means... Dune Boarding baby! Now there are plenty of wide open sandy areas to slide down so be respectful of the native flora and fauna. Don't go ripping up all the native fauna when you can just slide down the sand. Come on now!
To find out the best toll free route to Gunamatta CLICK HERE.


Lucky Last- The Pillars

The Pillars is a popular local cliff jumping spot which can get very crowded as the day goes on. My advice as always is to go early and beat the crowds.
Now the only negative about this location being so popular is the massive lack of respect. Please people if you are going to beautiful locations like this take your rubbish out with you! Straight up it ain't cool man.
Any way back to the positives.. The Pillars has stunning crystal clear water and jumps of all sizes, and once you are done jumping and the crowds arrive get ready for some cool local vibes. Nothing like Sun, Great tunes and meeting local legends!


Now remember these are my top 3 picks. There is actually plenty more to explore on The Mornington Peninsula. Including the incredible Flinders! I have not included Flinders in this blog because I feel like I need to explore the area more before I give you guys the details.
It's been real homies so lets keep the party alive.. Hit us up on Insta.
Chase those dreams!
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