Bro Weekly #19

"His photos are just so much better than mine!"
"I will never be able to write a book as good as Mark Manson!"

Comparison its a mother f*cker. We all do it, and it is good to compare ourselves but maybe we are comparing ourselves to the wrong people...
- J -



I have been toying with the idea of being a writer for years, always on the cusp of committing but never throwing my chips all in. "There will always be someone better." Is what I told myself. "I can never live up to the high standards." Is what I continuously thought to myself.

Paulo to went through these same f*cked up insecurities for years to. His passions, albeit slightly different to mine, never reached their true potential due to this convenient process of comparison. That is until recently.

I say convenient because it is convenient for human beings to find excuses to avoid truly reaching their potential. Because true potential is only reached with hard work! And at times hard work can be pretty damn sh*t.

That has all changed for us in the past few months. Why?
Settle down I will tell you in a sec... Firstly I better tell you this weeks Inspiration - Myself! Or in your case - Yourself!

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Weekly Topic

This weeks topic - Where to get your inspiration.

Now we are going to dive into this a lot deeper in an up coming Mindset blog but for now I will share how this topic is relevant to you in as few words as possible.

In today's world all 7 billion of us can be connected with the simple scroll of a thumb giving us unprecedented access to everything and anything. It also ruins our feeling of being unique or special in some way. Your talent is practiced by so many more and in most cases their is someone better than you.

Before we couldn't see it, but now that we can we can't help but compare ourselves to this person or that person. We literally convince ourselves slowly that we will never be good enough because in our eyes there is always someone better.

But there is a way to fix it that Paulo and I are both working on. It is hard and requires constant reminding but it's better than being a negative f*cker your whole life.. right? 

The lesson - Compare yourself to yesterdays model.


Lesson In Action

I will go into full detail on how to implement this mindset technique in that up and coming blog I talked about before (sorry can't give away all the secrets in the weekly). For now,let me explain what the lesson actually means.

"Umm Jacques.. What the sh*t do you mean by yesterdays model?" Fair question, it's a wee bit vague isn't it? I don't mean the model you walked past on Chapel Street and I sure as hell ain't talking about Kendall Jenner or Chris Hemsworth.

By yesterdays model I mean you, yourself & .. you! Instead of comparing ourselves to other creatives Paulo & I now compare our work & progress to yesterdays accomplishments. If we can see even the slightest improvement in ourselves well, that's a win!

Guess what?
"Yeah what mate I ain't got all day here!"  Righto, righto getting to the punch line now. We have noticed that literally everyday we are inspired by yesterdays model and literally everyday we improve in someway on that version of self.

For now - Give It A Go! 

Relevant - Am I successful?

A comprehensive mindset blog covering this topic will be coming out in the next couple weeks. If you have other areas that you want to get our thoughts on then let us know in the comments below.
Life is great. Travel is better.
P & J