34 Podcasts to Listen to while Traveling - The Best Podcasts in 2018

I am under no illusion that WE, as much as we may deny it, are living in the greatest era of humanity EVER. You and I are so incredibly fortunate to exist in this moment.

We can access almost any knowledge instantly from almost anywhere in the world. We can travel to almost anywhere in the world within 24 hours on less than $1000 USD. We! We.. are living the dream.

Inspirational right? Well, I got these inspiring words and many more like them through Podcasts. Yep Podcasts! If you aren't into them yet you will be, audio is taking over our world whether you want it to or not. We have put together 34 Podcasts that you can take with you traveling and stay motivated, informed & inspired while you explore our incredible world.

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34 is a big number and a lot to take in so we have split this list into sections; The sections will be as follows; 11 Best Travel Podcasts, 11 Best Mindset/Motivational Podcasts, 11 Best Educational Podcasts. Sick of reading an intro? Right well lets get into this Sh*t.

001 - 11 Best Travel Podcasts


01 - Extra Pack of Peanuts

So this is probably not the number one in terms of content but.. What a great name for a podcast!

This podcast is huge and often features at the top of the I-Tunes - 'Best Travel Podcasts' - list. Travis & Heather have been at it for a long time giving them a plethora of knowledge around all things travel.

They focus mainly on the practical aspects of travel, predominantly the financial aspects & how to optimize your money. Topics include; gaining the most out of air-points, credit card rewards & travel card programs. They also cover beautiful destinations to include in your bucket list.

02 - Indie Travel Podcast

Craig & Linda are a kiwi (New Zealand) couple who have been on the road for 10 years now. Beginning like most travelers do, with massive student loans & no desire to begin a career. 300 podcast episodes later and they are still traveling the world living full time off their podcast & online work.

This amazing couple covers everything you can think of related to travel; from drunk nights out to practical advise like - How to eat Healthy on the Road. Their experience is phenomenal and well worth the listen.

03 - National Geographic Weekend

Umm... NatGeo! Need I say anymore? National Geographic Weekend is all about the stories. If you are looking at a podcast that will give you the tools you need to book your next trip or the information necessary to become a digital nomad. This is not the podcast for you.

If you are after an incredible story of; exploration, scientific discovery & incredible moments of awe then this is the podcast for you. Get inspired and get lost in the world of a Nat Geo journalist.

04 - Zero to Travel

Jason Moore focuses on the realities & practicalities of actually living & working abroad/ on the road. He brings specialists & experts in to cover practical topics like; moving abroad, finding a job & going location independent.

If you are looking at finding a job that allows you to move & live all over the world then this is a great podcast to listen to.

05 - Amateur Traveler

Great title and pretty suggestive of the content. New to traveling? Thinking about starting your first overseas adventure? Then Chris Christenson's podcast is a great starting point for some inspiration & guides.

Each of his 500 podcasts (Holy Sh*t that's a lot!) is structured like a location based guide. It is like having a lonely planet in your ear.

06 - Travel Tales

Laughter! The universal language and the basis of Mike Siegal's podcast episodes. If you are after some high value travel tales that will leave you laughing, cringing or inspired be sure to add this podcast to your travel list.

07 - Travel with Rick Steves

Expert advice from a certified expert. Rick Steves comes from the world of radio and has been covering travel for longer than most. He is best known for his extensive knowledge on European destinations.

This podcast covers the whole world, Rick's notoriety allows him to involve big names in his podcasts offering the best in local knowledge. Each episode is roughly an hour, covering two or three topics which will leave you ready to pack your bags & go.

08 - Andy Steves Travel Podcast

Yep! If you are wondering if Andy is related to Rick... he is, Rick is Andy's dad so it was inevitable that his well traveled son would move into the travel space.

Any focuses on the younger travel, specifically students looking to start their OE or simply fill in a gap year post study. Each podcast focuses on the travel experience of one young traveler and the lessons they have learnt from their experiences. This blog is perfect if your an 18-30 traveler looking at an exciting travel adventure.

09 - Travel Stories Podcast

Are you in search of some wanderlust-inducing stories that will keep you motivated to keep ticking away at your savings to make your own wanderlust stories come to life in a few months? 

Hayden Lee delivers exactly what you need in this Raw (predominantly on the road based) podcast. Get focused on your travel dreams with these amazing stories from around the world.

010 - Location Indie

Interested in the world of a digital nomad? A person who basis their work or business on the internet allowing her/him to travel the world and earn money as they do?

Jason Moore & Travis Sherry are doing just that & they have made a step by step podcast guide on how to make this lifestyle a reality. With over 100 episodes there is plenty of information for you to get started as a digital nomad.

011 - This week in Travel

This week in travel brings together three 'travel experts' as they share stories, hacks and tips from their most recent week in travel. 

Gary Arndt, Chris Christensen and Jen Leo bring in longtime travel experts to cover the questions we all have about travel. The answers come with great authority due to the caliber of expertise the shows guests have.

002 - 11 Best Mindset/Motivational Podcasts


01 - The Gary Vee Audio Experience

If you haven't yet heard of Gary Vaynerchuk then you have been living under a f*cking rock homie! Gary Vee is arguably the most influential entrepreneur in the western world and a truly genuine human being.

If business is your dream or if you want to create something that truly makes a difference in the world and those around you then Gary is the man to inspire you. His podcasts are raw and confronting and will make you think, 'F*ck this guy! He doesn't know me.' 

But, if you can get past your own sense of entitlement and actually listen to what he is saying you will realize two things:
-He is right about you & knows his sh*t.
-You are capable of so much more.

02 - The Tony Robbins Podcast

You don't know Tony Robbins? ...Slap yourself! Tony Robbins is a legend and without a doubt the greatest life coach the world has ever seen.

For a solid dose of motivation and a refreshing cup of truth then listen to this man. If you are traveling because you are trying to escape your depressing lifestyle or if you feel like you just aren't doing what you really want to do with your life... Listen to this man!

03 - Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Author of 'Own the Day,' an incredible book that gives you the tools to literally own your day, and founder of mega performance company - Onnit. Aubrey Marcus is an unconventional entrepreneur & Health & well-being expert.

The methods & theories that Aubrey shares are different, very different from what you would expect from a man that owns a 30 million + human performance company. But his unconventional ideas combined with unquestionable scientific backing is what makes this podcast so great.

04 - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck' written by Mark Manson has sold over 3 million copies worldwide. The book is a NY Times best seller and is printed in over 22 languages.

The book is a must read or in this case listen.. 'But that's not a podcast you idiot!' I know its an audio book and not a podcast, settle down champion. You will thank me after you listen to it. Bonus - Mark Manson also has a podcast... now who's the idiot? To be fair though the podcast is not as good as the book... so far.

05 - Onnit Podcast

Aubrey Marcus's baby, A Human Performance brand that has grown to a $30 million dollar business in just 5 years. On a more relevant note, Onnit has some incredibly informative and unique podcasts.

The Onnit podcasts will leave you thinking; "What the F*ck!" Or, "Wow that was life changing." Either way it will make you laugh uncontrollably at times so if you are self conscious about laughing out loud in a crowded plane then save this one for the hotel room.

06 - The Anatomy of Next

Two words, F*cking Mind Blowing. Yeah I know that was three and I am probably swearing way to much in this blog but F*ck me this podcast is awesome!

Run by the team at Founders Fund, a venture capital firm investing in companies that are involved in revolutionary technologies. They have invested in a wide variety of areas including, aerospace and artificial intelligence.

For those who want to get excited about new technology and the direction that the world is going then Anatomy of next is the podcast for you.

07 - School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

The School of greatness podcast is on a mission to answer its title. What makes humans great and how can we apply that knowledge.

Lewis Howes is no stranger to greatness. A world record holder, NY Times best seller, lifestyle entrepreneur & former pro athlete. He knows what he is talking about and ensures that all contributors to the podcast are equally qualified.

08 - The Mind Valley Podcast

If you are after a well rounded self help podcast with great and actionable content then The Mind Valley Podcast is a great starting point. It is also relatively new and full of fresh thinking.

The podcast is hosted by the brilliant Vishen Lakhiani who recruits top teachers and thought leaders from around the world. A new podcast for me that I will definitely be subscribing to.

09 - The Accidental Creative

Learn how to build practices and habits that keep you inspired and successful in life. Host Todd Henry interviews inspirational figures and successful humans. The podcast offers tips & life hacks to help you get more out of you.

010 - Ted Talks Daily Podcast

You have most likely heard of Ted Talks and you have more than likely been influenced by one or two of these incredible videos. Ted Talks Daily is just Ted Talks in Audio format.

Here from the most innovative, inspiring and motivated minds in the world. If you are looking to hear about the amazing innovations and ideas coming out of the human mind in 2018 then do yourself a favor and subscribe to Ted.

011 - Daily Boost

It's a new morning in Thailand and you have woken up with a screaming hangover and an endless list of regretful decisions to remember from last nights efforts on a bottle of Jack.

But, the sunrise is insane and you need to get your mindset fixed and take in the amazing situation you are in. Flick on an audio episode of the Daily Boost and get motivated and inspired.

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003 - 11 Best Educational Podcasts


01 - Stuff you Should Know

Stuff you should know is the title and also the content. This podcast goes all the random stuff you wonder about. Always wondered what makes champagne - champagne or what the hell an el nino is...

If you are in a mood to learn random stuff then this is a great podcast to jam in your spare time.

02 - Surprisingly Awesome

All those topics that you generally think of as sh*t or boring this podcast brings to life. Find out about awesome things that you would otherwise never think twice about.

03 - How to Do everything

As they explain themselves, a half survival guide and half educational podcast that gives the listener the tools necessary to survive in a desert or survive a first date.

This podcast is also relatively new to me and so far so good. The range of information is pretty awesome.

04 - Internet History Podcast

This one I am so excited to listen to. The internet has just reached maturity and as such we are seeing a revolutionary acceleration in tech. Ideas that were once just sci fi fantasy are now becoming reality. 

This acceleration is mostly due to the internet and the speed in which ideas and communication can now flow. I am looking forward to this one.

 05 - The Wired Podcast

Every week Wired goes into detail on the latest tech, scientific breakthroughs & business/design breakthroughs. Wired has been around for a while so you can trust that their content is pretty solid.

06 - Barbell Shrugged

Barbell shrugged is consistently one of the top performers when it comes to fitness and health searches on i-tunes for good reason. This is a great option for the fitness fanatic looking for new ideas and concepts to test during the next workout.

Try this podcast out for some solid cross fit & performance based fitness tips and hacks.

07 - The minimalist

This ones an interesting one. Hosted by two men who walked away from 6 figure jobs to pursue a more minimalist lifestyle. This is a brand new podcast that covers some big topics that most hate talking about.

Living a more meaningful life. You could say this also fits into the motivational category, but alas here it sits.

08 - Start Cooking

As the title suggests this podcast covers cooking. To be more specific it covers how to cook healthier to kickstart your life back into gear.

Kathy Maister wants you to learn how to cook classics that are healthy and affordable (even for those broke students out there). If you hate cooking but want to make the effort to be healthier then start here.

09 - Caliphate

Driven by the New York Times and hosted by foreign correspondent Rukmini Callimachi and Radiolab alum Andy Mills. This podcast is raw, gripping and unsettling.

This podcast covers the controversial topic of terrorism & ISIS. How a person becomes radicalized? And, Who is it that we are actually fighting when we refer to terrorism? Are just some of the powerful questions asked.

010 - Behind the Brilliance

A great podcast for female listeners looking to find a great female perspective on entrepreneurship and empowerment.

Host Lisa Nicole Bell shares some great insights for female listeners struggling to find their motivation.

011 - The Daily

Another one from the NY Times. The Daily covers all things political so if politics is an interest for you then this podcast is the option for you.

Paulo and I aren't huge on the political scene but I am sure some of you are so give this one a crack and let your ears come up with a verdict.

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Number 034

So the title is 34 podcasts to listen to while traveling. That was only 33, so what then is 34?
Paulo and I are super excited to say that we are currently working on our very own podcast which will be live and ready for your ears within the next few months.

More info as it comes to be. For now we hope you enjoy our picks for podcasts and if you have your own ideas then comment below.
Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques.