Bro Weekly #22

Oh Yes! It is that time of the week again. That time of the week when you throw your feet up, sip on your tea & tuck into a weekly update from Paulo & Jacques. Hell you might enjoy our updates so much that you think to yourself - "F*CK It! I'm gunna treat myself to another Blog."

We had some crackers this week & you will find a couple links as you read on. For now, let's crack into the weekly.

"I like to compare it to the sound of an angry pig. I should really change the sound of my alarm. A tomorrow job, I think to myself as I kick my legs out of bed and rub my sleep filled eyes. Today's a big day so a 5am wake up is a necessity.

As the last lace slips into it's place (double bunny ears of course) I throw myself upright & manage one last pre-game wee. It's half Marathon time and I am ready to compete. Why suffer so much pain though?"

Let's talk a little about Sacrifice.

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To get this image we woke up at 4am, drove 2 hours & still couldn't find the right spot... sacrifice.

To get this image we woke up at 4am, drove 2 hours & still couldn't find the right spot... sacrifice.


Overnight success. It's a thing right? All successful people just randomly strike gold at some point and everything just falls from the sky into their laps. That's how Richard Branson, Elon Musk & Gary Vee all succeeded right?

F*CK NO! Let's squash this concept right now. Overnight success is a myth! Behind every true success story is years of hard work (we covered this in Bro Weekly 21). And most importantly Sacrifice!

This week we touch on Sacrifice, what it means & how you can apply it to reach your goals & dreams. Think of reaching your dreams like completing a Marathon - sacrifice the short term to reap the benefits of the long term.

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One of the most inspiring men in the modern world. Gary Vaynerchuk.

One of the most inspiring men in the modern world. Gary Vaynerchuk.


'So what do you mean by Sacrifice?'

We aren't talking sacrificial lambs here guys. We are talking short term sacrifice that results in long term success & a more fulfilling life. A life that you can happily pass from knowing you reached your true goals & achieved your own personal missions.

The Bible. Risky topic I know, but we aren't covering Christianity verse Science today kids. If you ever have the chance to read the Bible with the intention of growing as a human being. You will realise that the lessons the bible teaches are in fact relevant to each and every one of us, regardless of religious beliefs.

One of the biggest topics covered in the bible is sacrifice. The characters in the bible who sacrifice the most ultimately reap the greatest rewards. Read between the metaphors & you will see what I mean. Sacrificing one's life in the bible (Jesus for example) can translate to sacrificing one's daily lifestyle in pursuit of a greater purpose.

Let me explain further - Saturday nights are great. Beers with the boys, cocktails for the ladies & a full night of dancing, flirting and of course the coveted 'One Night Stand.' Then you wake up, hungover & 250 dollars out of pocket.

Too hungover to work on your dreams you postpone until Monday. Monday comes around and you can't afford that social media spend due to Saturday's cocktails. That's OK though, because you deserve your weekends after the hard yards you put in each week.

This might be tough to hear but you DON'T deserve anything & if you truly WANT to achieve your dreams you are going to have to give up the short term highs. 

Ladies don't think you don't have your own share of inspirational figures. J.K Rowling the definition of sacrifice.

Ladies don't think you don't have your own share of inspirational figures. J.K Rowling the definition of sacrifice.


I actually cannot remember the last time I went out or had a single day off & that makes me so f*cking happy. Why? Because I know that I am putting in every ounce of effort to realise my true goals in life.

Paulo takes things to another level, honestly if I didn't tell Paulo to sleep from time to time he would literally work until he dropped. I mean sh*t, the kid ran a half marathon on 2 hours sleep!


You have to be prepared to sacrifice the short term in exchange for the success of a longterm goal. Here are some ways you can make it happen:

-Rewards system: Wake Up each morning & set yourself targets that you want to achieve in order to step closer to the end goal. 3 tends to work for me. As you achieve each target, treat yourself. Have that coffee you really wanted, buy that new shirt you have been eyeing up all week or book that trip to Bali you always wanted.

The rewards don't need to be massive (like a trip to Bali) as long as they invoke a sense of pleasure in you. That pleasure will be associated with your sacrifice & before you know it you will be beyond stoked to keep sacrificing those temporary pleasures (like a night out with the girls).

-Hangout with Legends: This one is easy guys. Pick your friend groups. Pick other driven individuals to hang with & be inspired by.

-Do what you love: Sacrifice is a lot easier when your goals are associated with the things you love to do. Paulo & I love to create content, love travel & love inspiring others. So that's what our business revolves around.

Now get at it! Don't just say, I will start next week. Do it Now.


Well this week was a bit hectic but it seems that is the norm for us these days and we are more than OK with it. We are Grateful that we get to pursue our dreams everyday & Happy that it is helping you in some small way.

Brand NEW! We posted our first official travel video - You Can watch it HERE. If you like it please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and join our community.

This week we moved into a brand new base of operations (just call it a f*cking apartment Jacques!). An Apartment (happy now!) that really draws out our creativity & inspires us to maintain the hustle.

We also ran a Half Marathon, huge thanks to Lululemon for hooking us up with an amazing event!

Oh and we also released 3 new blogs & were so humbled to see our visitors have grown massively. We now have 4 times the number of unique visitors in just one month!

Thank you to all of you for your amazing support, please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or requests. You guys are our community so we want to make sure our content benefits you.

Life is Great. Travel is Better.
Paulo & Jacques.