61 Things to Do, See, Taste & Feel in Melbourne - Travel Australia 2018


If you have a creative side, love culture, love the arts or have a soft spot for stunning beaches & movie grade sunsets then Melbourne should go to the top of your bucket list.

Hands down the greatest city in Australia & on that note it has been voted the worlds most liveable city for 7 years in a row. Who know's you might get stuck here & make it your base of operations like Paulo & I have.

In this blog we cover 61 Things to Do, See, Taste & Feel in Melbourne. A list that will probably keep you occupied for a week. So stop stressing about what you are going to do & stop scrolling the net for daily inspiration. We have you covered.

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001 - Snap Up Some Shots at Hosier Lane

Melbourne city is famous for it's street art, you will see graffiti art everywhere. Most of it is encouraged & often paid for. Street art is part of the culture in Melbourne and it adds a creative touch to this city which really inspires us to go out and create our own art.

Hosier Lane is probably going to be your first stop but you will soon notice that it can get quite busy. If you want to catch it at quieter times then aim for an early morning visit. A short walk down from Hosier lane in any direction will take you past several side alleys all covered in incredible artwork.

You can find out how to get to Hosier Lane using THIS LINK or reference the Map below.

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002 - Have a Coffee at Centre Place

This is probably the most photographed laneway in Melbourne, a quick google search will confirm it. This is also a classic stop off on the tourist trail and for good reason.

For starters the coffee in Melbourne is hands down some of the best in the world. So after an early start at Hosier lane it is time to kick your taste buds & doppy brain into life. Centre Place is a great spot to have your first Melbourne Cafe experience. Pick a Cafe, grab a seat & take in the vibes.

Here is a MAP LINK that will take you from Hosier Lane to Centre Place. No need for an Uber, use your legs buddy!

Hosier Lane is just down the road from Centre Place... Shall we get a coffee? 2 Latte's please!

Hosier Lane is just down the road from Centre Place... Shall we get a coffee? 2 Latte's please!

003 - Take a Stroll along Southbank

South bank is stunning in the early morning golden hours just after sunrise. Watch the sun glisten & blast it's way past the city skyscrapers finding it's way to the Yarra River. If you are feeling pekish you can pop into one of the bistro's/restaurants along southbank.

Be prepared to spent a bit of mulla though, these spots are pricey & for good reason. The food is incredible, the coffee is - well - amazing! Oh and for those sunset tourists the beer & wine selections are amazing.

If you are on a budget and have yourself a camera then Southbank is a great spot for a bit of photography & film making. We have a great link below for those beginner photographers. Oh and we also have a MAP LINK for you. If you don't feel like leaving the blog just yet then reference the map below.

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On route to Southbank.

On route to Southbank.

004 - Get some Artsy Selfies at Webb Bridge

Melbourne has so much cool architecture, you can really see the creativity of this city as you stroll the streets and alleyways with your head tilted skywards. Now, if you find yourself coming to the end of your stroll down Southbank make the effort to walk an extra 500 metres.

It will feel as if you are walking into a dead area of town until you see the odd looking sculpture ahead of you. "Is that ... a bridge?" Yes my friend! That is Webb Bridge, a creative little piece of architecture which can serve you as some access to the CBD & a popping location for some IG selfies.

Get creative one last time as you make your way over Webb Bridge.

005 - Catch a Tram

Sounds kind of stupid if you are from Melbourne. I mean you probably tram it to work everyday right? But for our tourist friends this can be quite a unique experience, especially if you have never been in a tram before.

The Trams are free around the CBD which is great if you are just after a quick experience but if you are wanting to catch a tram to our next destination on the list then you are going to have to get yourself sorted with a MyKi.

A MyKi can get you access to all the Public Transport systems & can be purchased from most corner stores (they are often called 'Milk Bars' in Aus). If you are using the pass for just a day then you can get away with throwing $10 on the card upon purchase.

If you plan to use the card daily for the whole week then you are better off going with a weekly pass (zones 1 & 2). Once you have your MyKi download the PT App & the Tram Tracker App. If physical maps are more your thing then you can grab one on any of the trams, trains or at most corner stores.

Trams are the veins and arteries of this great city.

Trams are the veins and arteries of this great city.

006 - Do Some Shopping on Chapel Street

Chapel Street is iconic for it's shopping scene during the day & club/bar culture during the.. well anytime of the day really. If you are after some fresh kicks, cloths or just fancy browsing the shops then Chapel Street is the spot for you.

If you are lacking energy from all your physically draining shopping then I have great news. The cafes on Chapel street are amazing. Here is a quick set of DIRECTIONS from Flinders station in the city + an easy to read map below.

Chapel Street is a great spot for some random portraits. Into Photography?  CLICK HERE

Chapel Street is a great spot for some random portraits. Into Photography? CLICK HERE

007 - Have a Coffee at The Lucky Penny

Chapel Street is swarming with cafe options and in all honesty most of the cafes will serve you up a latte better than what you are used to back home (big call I know). But there are a lucky few that stand out above the rest.

The Lucky Penny is not the easiest cafe to find but it stands out as soon as you take that first delicious slurp of caffeinated goodness. The guys at the Lucky Penny offer amazing service and the freshly baked quiche is a must try.

Tip - If you are into your photography the bubbly blonde haired guy with the tatts & ripped jeans loves his photography. Hit him up and he will be sure to take you on an adventure. See the map below to get your bearings.


008 - Check out the Yarra Valley in a Hot Air Balloon

The Yarra Valley is only a 1 hour drive out of Melbourne and it is host to some of the best wineries in Australia. But at 5am in the morning we aren't here for the wine, lets save that for 10am.

A sunrise Hot Air Balloon ride across the Yarra Valley is a jaw dropping experience and an incredible way to start your day. A great one for couples traveling who are looking for a romantic way to start the day.

You can book with several companies, most of which will sort out your transport from the CBD. We recommend PT Balloonning.

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009 - Winery Tours in the Yarra Valley

As I mentioned above, the wineries in the Yarra Valley are some of the best in Australia. So it makes sense to splash out some dollars and check out the local produce. Chances are you are going to get a little bit wobbly after a full day tasting wines around the Yarra Valley so please - DON'T DRIVE.

Book yourself onto a tour instead and leave yourself free to worry about one thing - 'Which one should I try next?'

There are several options when it comes to booking a winery tour and you can tailor your tour to suit your budget. For the low budget traveler check out - Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tours. For those with some cash to splash check out - The Ultimate Wine Tour.


010 - Watch a game of Footy (AFL) at the MCG

'Umm... What just happened?'

Those were my first thoughts after watching an AFL game for the first time. It is an insane game filled with moments of insanity that will leave you wondering the same thing. However, the atmosphere is incredible as 80,000 + fans cheer and chant through the fast paced action packed match.

You can't help but get caught up in the atmosphere but be sure to choose a side before you watch the game. Aussies are incredibly competitive & I think that is part of the reason why this country is so successful on the global stage. Doesn't matter if your side is losing either, stick with em! Your new aussie mates will respect that.

To book your tickets to the next game (there is one almost everyday in Melbourne) check out THIS LINK.


011 - Enjoy a Cocktail on a Rooftop Bar

Rooftop bars aren't a Melbourne invention, you can visit a rooftop bar in almost any city on earth. But! Melbourne does have a worldclass cocktail culture so why not celebrate your footy teams win with a night cap at one of Melbourne's best cocktail bars. 

Here are three you can choose from:

  • The Rooftop at QT - Since been renovated the QT's rooftop has seens some serious traffic and for good reason. The stunning views are perfect for a sunset schooner (a weird beer measurement they have in aus) or a nighttime cocktail. The QT is located at 113 Russel Street,See the Map below.

The skyline views of Melbourne city are best viewed with a cold beer or a tasty cocktail.

The skyline views of Melbourne city are best viewed with a cold beer or a tasty cocktail.

012 - Dance & Sip Cocktails 'til Dawn

Yeah one of the greatest things about Melbourne is it's bar/club scene. The night life here is amazing & much like New York, this city never sleeps. If you are traveling from a city that restricts your nights to a 2am finish then buckle up & prepare for a ride.

For those keen to get the most out of a night in Melbourne you can quite easily go out Friday night and keep dancing right through until Monday morning. Pace yourself guys/gals this isn't a sprint its a marathon. By all means enjoy yourself but don't binge and end up catching a ride to the local hospital.

Here are a few spots to check out:
Revolver - Revs. Mention this name to any local and they will be able to tell you about a crazy night ending somewhere around midday with an Uber ride & a bag of maccas.
One Six One - One six is great all weekend but if you have a Monday free be sure to check out Breakfast Club.
Miss Collins Phat Fridays is your only option for a hip hop fueled Friday night. A great place for singles & just an awesome vibe.

PHAT Friday's at Miss Collins.

PHAT Friday's at Miss Collins.

013 - Hike Mt Macedon

Right let's get out of the city aye!

Melbourne CBD is cram packed with culture, art & delicious coffee but I highly recommend getting out of the CBD and exploring what the Victorian state has to offer. Let's start somewhere close by, Mt Macedon is a great day trip suitable for all ages.

Mt Macedon is located north of the CBD, about 45 mins in a car. The summit offers incredible views of the city and surrounding plains and you can reach the summit by car if you aren't the hiking type.

For those who want a bit more adventure in their day then go for the day hike. The hike takes you through incredible scenery as you weave your way through forests, across ridge's, past lakes and into the new growth areas previously destroyed by fires.

The hike starts at Mount Macedon Hotel - here is a great guide for those keen on the hike. We will be putting our own guide together in the near future so be sure to subscribe and keep up to date.

The tree tunnels of Mt Macedon remind you of Narnia.

The tree tunnels of Mt Macedon remind you of Narnia.

014 - Explore Point Addis

'OMG WHAT A VIEW!' Is probably going to be your first response as you reach one of the many viewing platforms at Point Addis. For those with a bit of adventurous spirit this trip is well worth a 3am sunrise mission.

On the right day when there is the perfect amount of cloud cover the entire coastline lights up as the sky dances between orange, purple, yellow & red. If you had rain the night before then you are in for a show. The steam rises as the colours dance around the rising moisture creating rainbows on top of rainbows... DOUBLE RAINBOW!

Point Addis is roughly an hour and a half from the CBD. Just around the corner from Bells Beach, handy since that is our next must see.


015 - Learn to Surf at Bells Beach

Heard the name Mick Fanning? He is a bit of a legend at Bells Beach and in Australia as a whole. A surfing great who has won multiple ASP World Surfing Championships & survived an encounter with a Great White Shark. He punched it in the face! Legend!

Chances are you have not surfed before & I will be honest with you, Bells Beach won't make you a pro surfer. But what a location to learn. There are multiple locally operated companies that offer surf lessons at Bells Beach. You can book online or simply stroll into one of the surf stores located in Torquay.

The surf stores and board hire spots are all located in Torquay, just 15 minutes up the road. Our pick - Torquay Surf. They offer a range of lesson types from small groups through to surf safaris.

Now all of you will have the chance to see Bells Beach and feel the waves but unless you are confident in your abilities don't venture out back. This is a serious surf beach with serious consequences. Be brave but know your limitations & don’t try showing off around those cute backpackers.

Here is a map to get your bearings.


016 - Experience a Torquay Sunset

After a big day of surfing, shakkas & tanning it's time for a relaxing meal & a beer at one of Torquay's local hotspots. The sunsets along Torquay's waterfront are incredible so be sure to bring the camera and make all your Facebook friends jealous.

My suggestion is obviously fish and chips with a locally brewed beer at Frontbeach Taphouse. There are several options if their menu doesn't tickle your fancy, just make sure you find a nice spot before the sun starts setting.

017 - Have a cocktail at Bar Americano

Melbourne has an incredible bar culture and producers some of the worlds best bartenders. There is no shortage of bars, cocktail lounges & nightclubs to visit but if you are looking for a hidden bar that delivers incredible cocktails then Bar Americano is a must.

The list is unapologetically & exclusively classics. You will be served by expert staff who create the cocktails with expert precision - Bar Americano has churned out some of Melbourne's most talented bartenders. The training applied fits with that old adage, don't walk before you can crawl.

The cocktail menu changes weekly and the drinks are designed to fit the seasons. You will always be able to order an Americano in some form, after all it is part of the bars name. With no seats, a lean on bar and a line out the door don't be expecting to sit for hours sipping cocktails.

After one or maybe two, pay the bill & collect a takeaway bottle of Negroni, Americano, Brooklyn or Amaro Americano. They come in 200mL or 500mL bottles so your cocktail experience can continue in your hotel or hostel.

You can find out more about Bar Americano here or locate it using the map below.


018 - Sunrise at St Kilda Pier

St Kilda Pier is a well known spot for sunsets in Melbourne. Because it is so well known it is always full of people. If you are looking to capture the perfect photo or just enjoy a bit of romantic peace and quiet then sunset is not the best time.

Sunrise at St Kilda Pier is just as spectacular, but people hate getting up early so you will have the entire pier to yourself for the better part of an hour. Take a picnic spread, a warm blanket and some coffee and enjoy the soft tones of pink, purple & orange as the ocean comes to life.

For the photographers out there, take your camera & bring your drone. This spot can really offer some fantastic opportunities for shooting.


019 - Swim with Stingrays at Rosebud Pier

The mornington peninsula is stacked with incredible views, amazing beaches and local aussie vibes. It is no surprise that most city dwellers venture down to the peninsula on weekends. Rosebud Pier is located along the Northern coastline meaning the water is almost always calm and clear.

Sheltered by the harsh winds that funnel through the Bass straight and tucked away in Port Phillip Bay. Rosebud Pier is a great spot to take the kids for a relaxing afternoon of wharf jumping.

If you are lucky you will be treated to a visit by the local stingrays that visit the flat warm sands over the summer months. For those brave enough to swim with these fantastic creatures then now is your chance. Respect their space and don't try anything that may result in a trip to the emergency room and a barb in your leg.

Rosebud Pier is located about halfway up the peninsula and just off the Nepean highway. A hire car is a must for this spot.

Learn about our experience at  Rosebud Pier .

Learn about our experience at Rosebud Pier.

020 - Hike to Point Nepean

Point Nepean marks the eastern point where Port Phillip Bay meets the Bass Strait. On stormy days you can look to your right and see calm waters, a glance to your left may show 2 metre swells and surging tides that thrash up against the rocky shoreline.

On clear days Point Nepean is the perfect day hike for those who don't want to break to much of a sweat. The point also offers a glimpse of Australia's WWII history. Gun emplacements were first installed in 1878 but fortifications really ramped up during WWII due to the Japanese threat.

Point Nepean is less than half an hour from Rosebud Pier and well worth the visit.

Click here  to read about 5 EPIC Melbourne hikes

Click here to read about 5 EPIC Melbourne hikes

021 - Go Dune Surfing at Gunnamatta Ocean Beach

Gunnamatta Ocean beach is on the southern coast of the Mornington Peninsula and boasts some pretty serious waves. This beach has claimed multiple lives so if you plan to surf the waves then be certain that you know what you are doing.

Talk with the lifeguards and locals so you are aware of areas to avoid while your jamming barrels out the back. For those who aren't surfers and don't fancy a ride in one of Gunnamatta's notorious rip tides, we have good news.

You can surf the dunes. We took a snowboard but I am certain a fin-less surf board or skim board would do the trick. About 400 metres from the carpark you will find massive dunes prime and ready for riding.

Be respectful while your are riding the dunes, only surf the areas covered in sand and completely avoid any plant life, vegetation or birds. Dunes are delicate environments that can be easily destroyed by human interference.

Here is a map to help you find the right car-park.


022 - Experience a Sunset at Flinders

'Wow! Look at all those colours! Is that ocean even real?'

Flinders is out of this world. With stunning grassy fields that remind you of the scenes from Gladiator as Russel Crowe returns home (before he finds his family massacred that is). The stunning fields are just the appetizer though.

You reach the cliff sides to find the most spectacular blues as the ocean collides with the cliffs in one of the most dramatic landscapes you will come across on the Mornington Peninsula. The orange cliff sides contrast spectacularly with the lush greens of the farmlands and the deep blues of the ocean.

But the best is yet to come. Stick around for sunset and and watch the colours explode into life as the entire area seemingly turns golden orange. The nights out here are incredible to, filled with starlight & the gentle rumble of the waves below.

If you can make the sunrise as well then you won't be dissapointed, the entire area glows pink as the coastline breaths the first rays of sunlight. No maps for this one because the spot is a local gem, if you want to find out how to get capture photos like the ones below... start exploring.


023 - Catch the Ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliffe

You can also do this ferry ride in the opposite direction so no worries if you are already on the opposite coast. The ferry ride takes you across Port Phillip Bay offering some incredible views of Melbourne in the distance.

If you have a car don't worry, you can drive onto & off the ferry. Depending on where you are based you can also get a return ticket which works out to be slightly cheaper than a one way ticket. For more information check out this link.

024 - Drive down the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is not only a must see while you are in Melbourne it is a must see while you are on earth! This single stretch of road offers some of the most incredible sites you will witness while in Australia.

It is stacked with amazing hikes like the Aireys Inlet - Clifftop Walk & The Great Ocean Walk. Loaded with amazing towns & jam packed with those classic pristine Aussie beaches. Do yourself a favour, hire a car, buy a tent & start the journey down the Great Ocean Road.

Here is a quick map to show you where to get started. The road is 244km long and can easily be done in a day but with all the sites along the way it is best to take three days and soak it all in.


025 - Visit the 12 Apostles

The Twelve Apostles are most likely going to be the highlight of your journey down the Great Ocean Road. However don't expect to see 12, there has never actually been 12. Originally 9 Apostles stood just off the coast but on the 3rd July 2005 one of the Apostles collapsed leaving 8 standing to this day.

The Apostles are in fact huge limestone formations created by the erosive power of wind and water. Over time the wind and waves erode caves into the limestone cliffs which then become Arch's & eventually end up as Pillars.

To get the most out of your visit aim to get to the Apostles early, like sunrise early. That way you can avoid the crowds which become unbearable after 9am. Click Here for directions to the Apostles from Lorne.


026 - Do a back flip on Gibson Steps Beach

As you squeeze down the Gibson Steps thinking to yourself - 'I hope no one else is coming up the other way.' You round the tight corner and sure enough someone else is coming up. The walk down to the beach is half the adventure.

Gibson Steps Beach is a stunning location that truly gives you an idea of how massive the Apostles really are. As you look up at the surrounding cliff side you can't help but feel tiny. The steps are in fact man made, carved by settler Hugh Gibson way back in 1869.

While you are down here be sure to go for a swim (be careful!) & of course test your back flip skills out on the soft sands. My friend David spent most of his back flip attempts eating sand after landing on his face.

The steps are super close to the Apostles and you can easily find out where to pull up at the information centre.

027 - Go wharf jumping in Lorne

Lorne is your classic Aussie beach side town. Through the winter months the town see's limited visitors giving it a really authentic feel. In Summer the population explodes as Melbourne City dwellers flock to this coastal paradise in search of sun, surf & sand.

For the adventurous types make the trek to the western end of the coastline until you get to the wharf that juts out just before the peninsula. Time for some wharf jumping!

Remember to check depths before you jump in and if you are unsure have a chat with the locals. Generally if the water is rough and unclear its a better option not to jump. There are concrete foundation blocks hidden just under the surface which could make for a bad day.

Here is a map to get you to Lorne from Melbourne CBD.

028 - Take a drone shot at Loch Ard Gorge

Alright! Alright! I got a bit ahead of myself and forgot to include Loch Ard Gorge in your must see's while checking out the 12 Apostles. First of all Loch Ard Gorge is much quieter than the 12 Apostles, which means you can visit during the day and not be swamped with tourists.

And... to be completely honest it is just as stunning an area as the 12 Apostles making it a great spot to get the drone up and take some snaps. As far as I know it is legal here (IT IS NOT AT THE TWELVE APOSTLES) but if you are in doubt then double check at the Information Centre.

If you love your photography then Loch Ard is a great spot for some long exposures as the sun begins to drop.


029 - See Kangaroos in the Great Otway National Park

Yesssss!! Kangaroos! What you have been wanting to see since touching done in Australia. Well now is your chance. Take a drive through some of the side roads in The Great Otway National Park and if you are lucky you may just spot a kangaroo or 20.

The area is packed with the little hoppers so your chances are high. Here is a map of the area.


030 - Hike to Beauchamp Falls

Beauchamp Falls crashes over a rock ledge & into a pool of icy fresh water. Surrounded by lush green ferns and towering Beech trees this spot is perfect for those wanting to get an authentic Victorian hiking experience.

The three-kilometre path is an hour's walk return, so you need to be reasonably fit. The descent to the falls leads to a viewing platform but there is no access to the falls. The path back is steep and has steps that can be slippery when wet. 

To get to Beauchamp Falls you first need to find the Picnic Area located off the Aire Valley Road. Sounds a bit like a mission right? No worries - these directions will get you there from Lorne.

031 - Watch a sunset on top of the Grampians

I could sit around drinking coffee all day everyday and be ok with life. But something would always be missing - the outdoors. Nature & the outdoors are in my blood and I have no doubt that a small piece of you seeks some form of outdoor adventure from time to time.

The Grampians are a great spot to get your outdoor fix, complete with multi-day hiking, camping & wildlife. You cannot miss out on the Grampians! Catching a Sunset on top of the Grampians has to be one of your must do's.

Stare fascinated at the 380 million year old geology as it cuts deep shadows into the valleys below while glowing red skies darken into night. Yes you have to see the Grampians!

Here is some directions to Halls Gap Information Centre to get you started.
And here is a link to a blog we put together a while ago which offers more detailed information about the area.


032 - Camp under the stars on top of the Grampians

Camping is strongly embedded in Australian culture & although the country is not as outdoorsy as their 'adventure capital' neighbors - New Zealand. Aussies still love a good adventure story.

One many Victorians love to experience is an overnight camp out under the stars and on top of the Grampians. Be sure to keep this one firmly on your Melbourne Bucket list.

033 - Have a chat with some Kangaroos in Halls gap

If you missed out on seeing the Kangaroos in the Great Otway National Park then you are in luck. Halls Gap is overrun by these bouncing balls of awesomness & they take over the town from Dusk until Dawn.

The best times to see them are just after first light and just before sundown. Halls Gap is the most common area to base yourself while exploring the Grampians. Here is a map to help you get orientated.


034 - Hike through Weribee Gorge

If you have already visited the Grampians then you may think, "Meh. Weribee Gorge won't be as good." You are right in some respects & if I was to choose between the two because of time constraints then I would definitely check out The Grampians first.

However, Weribee Gorge is completely different so it is definitely worth a look if you have time on the clock. For starters, it is one of the oldest formed glacial deposits in the world. The gorge dates back over a million years! That's six 0's!

Ancient rock formations over 400 million years old are visible and touchable while you hike this incredible trail. Here is a quick google maps guide for you.


035 - Have a coffee at Proud Mary's

'After selling Liar Liar in early 2009, Nolan Hirte opened this buzzing cafe in the backstreets of Collingwood.' That is a quote straight out of the Broadsheet write up. If your cafe has a good review in Broadsheet then you know you are doing something right.

At Proud Mary's they are doing a lot right, most importantly the coffee.  A ridiculous number of grinders sit behind the long L-shaped, speckled stone counter. Grinding away at several of Proud Mary's own blends.

The food is not bad either so if it's that time of day for your second coffee and a spot of lunch then Proud Mary's is the spot for you. 

036 - Catch a train from Flinders Station

This one is not so much about the train and more about the station, Flinders Station to be exact. Over 92,000 commuters use or pass through this station everyday and barely even blink an eye.

As a visitor to this beautiful city you will no doubt blink multiple eyes when you see the stunning architecture of Flinders Station which dates back to 1909. The station is located opposite South Bank, on the Yarra River.

So once you are done snapping shots you might as well venture along the Yarra River.


037 - Walk along the Yarra River

From Flinders Station head east along the Yarra River & makes sure you drop down to the riverside walkways. The Yarra river stretches well into & beyond the suburbs. So depending on your mood you can explore along this quaint river all day.

The Yarra river offers a number of picturesque locations perfect for day & night photographers. The banks are loaded with picnic spots, barbecues & family friendly parks. If cycling is your jam then feel free to hire a bike to cover more ground. Just stick to the bike lanes.

038 - Take a photo at Princess Pier

Princess Pier is a well known spot among the photography community of Melbourne & for good reason. This abandoned Pier is a beautiful spot to watch the sun go down while you take in the atmosphere of the city at night.

Bring a blanket though because the wind gets a bit chilly & don't forget a date for the evening. Princess Pier offers some romantic vibes especially if the sunset plays ball.

For the photographers out there, aim for a sunrise session. Conditions are much better for those silky smooth long exposures.


039 - Go for a walk down Brighton Beach

Had friends that have visited Melbourne? Are you wandering where they got those iconic Melbourne beach shots with all the colourful beach boxes? Brighton Beach.

Located 10 mins drive from St Kilda beach, or a 45 minute walk if your feeling like a stroll. Brighton Beach offers a unique experience that no other beach offers around Melbourne. Who would have thought Colourful beach boxes would be so photogenic.

There are 82 boxes to be exact and they have been around since the 1860's. Originally designed to keep the dignity of swimmers intact during bikini/budgy smuggler changes.

The bathing boxes are now used by the owners as a private area to relax, sip a glass of champagne and watch the summer sun dip behind the horizon. But you can use them for your latest IG selfie. CLICK HERE for directions from St Kilda Beach.

040 - Go snowboarding on Mt Buller

Snow in Australia!? Yes Australia is not all 30 degree days and year round bikinis. Melbourne get's cold in winter, real cold! But for those travelers who enjoy their snowsports then this is good news for you.

Come winter you can take a trip up to Mt Buller for a few days of snowboarding, skiing or just to experience snow for the first time. Hire a car with a group of friends & aim to hit the slopes mid week. The prices are cheaper & the slopes are quieter.

You can check out Buller Backpackers if you are on a budget and don't mind a bunk room. Alternatively check out the Mount Buller website for some great accommodation options.

041 - Hike the Keppel Lookout track in the Yarra Ranges

So it's not Winter yet but you are still keen on a bit of a mission into the heart of Victoria. The Yarra Ranges offer beautiful views, peaceful hikes and secluded lookouts. It is further than most mountain ranges near Melbourne which means less people.

One particular walk is good to go throughout Spring, Summer & Autumn (fall). The 11km  Keppel Lookout Trail take roughly 3-4 hours to complete. With stunning views and well maintained trails it is a great day trip. For more info have a READ of this blog.


042 - Road trip down to Wilsons Prom

Wilson's Prom is completely different to everywhere you will visit during your Melbourne/Victoria travels. In summer the picturesque beach's, lined with huge boulders & covered in white sands feel more like a Greek summer getaway.

The water is incredible, clear tropical blues as far as the eye can see and the occasional sun bathing Stingray. The road trip alone is worth the visit especially if you pick a solid crew. Bring the beers, bring the barby, bring your thongs & let's go to Wilsons Prom.

Get a more Detailed account of our trip to Wilsons Prom HERE.
Click this link for directions from Melbourne.


043 - Visit Squeaky beach

If you have made it to Wilson's Prom then you can't miss Squeaky Beach. An must see (and must hear) location on the Prom which can be reached by car or via a short but stunning hike.

Squeaky Beach get's its name due to the incredibly fine white sand which squeaks as you walk.
PRO TIP - Sprint in tiny steps to get the best squeaks or if you hate running, just stomp your feet.

Click the link in 042 to get details on how to find this little gem.

044 - Climb to the top of Mount Oberon

Mount Oberon is the towering mountain that watches over the Prom and is quite easily recognizable from Squeaky Beach.

The hike to Mt Oberon starts about halfway up Mt Oberon at Telegraph saddle. The trail head starts off easy and steepens quickly. At 3.4 km the hike should only take you about an hour & with a well maintained track you should have an easy time staying on track.

The view from the top is amazing and well worth the effort.


045 - Get lost in the Warburton Red Wood Forest

Here's one you probably haven't read in any other Melbourne travel blogs. The Warburton Redwood forests are relatively new on the tourist scene. The forests offer a unique experience and a sense of wonder ensues the moment you walk in.

With perfect lines of Redwoods, odd man made huts & beautiful light rays this forest has a mystery to it that just feels right. If the weather is good then bring a picnic set and enjoy a glass of wine with your cheese and crackers on the grassy fields in front of the car park.

Here is your directions from Melbourne.


046 - Climb the 1000 steps

Not going to lie... still have not done the 1000 steps yet and I have been in Melbourne a full year. Why? Well because I have been compiling a list of 61 things for you to do and see in Melbourne.

The 1000 steps is a nickname which most locals don't even know. The real name of the track is the 'Kokoda Track Memorial Walk.' Plaques along the trail depict the lives of Australian soldiers who fought and died on the real Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea.

I best get this walk done soon though, from what I hear they boast quite the Melbourne View. The 1000 steps in the Dandenong ranges is one of the most well known day hikes in the Melbourne area and probably gets the most foot traffic.

The steps are challenging but the hike is short & suitable for all fitness levels. Check it out & let me know what the view is like... Here's your map.

047 - Pay your respects at the Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance is a place of peace & respect. A location to mourn those brave Australian soldiers who lost their lives in the wars that protected the freedom of those living today.

If you have grandparents or great grandparents who lost their lives in any of the major conflicts of the 20th Century. The shrine of remembrance is a great place for you to go & celebrate their incredible sacrifice.

Located near the CBD this one is an easy one to find.


048 - Take a stroll through the botanical gardens

Located in Birdwood Avenue the Botanical gardens are a great spot to experience an inner city sunrise without the sounds of roadworks and the towering buildings. Not to mention the flowers are beautiful.

The best time of the year to explore the gardens is of course - Spring. However the gardens are a beautiful way to spend the morning year round.

The Shrine of Remembrance is just across from the Botanical Gardens.

The Shrine of Remembrance is just across from the Botanical Gardens.

049 - Ask to see what's in the fridge at Boston Subs

Any Canadians in the audience? Well you have probably heard of and eaten many a poutine in your time. Boston Subs offers Poutine, they also offer Boston Subs (funny that). But the best kept secret is in the freezer. Ask to go in & prepare for a very unique experience.

Don't worry you aren't going to get mugged, kidnapped or found in ice with your kidney missing. The freezer leads to a secret cocktail bar called Jungle Boy. The fact that this is one of the coolest hidden bars in Melbourne is enough to visit.

To top it off Jungle Boy serves incredible cocktails and the setup is awesome. Located on the Prahran end of Chapel Street means Boston Subs is easily reachable by tram. Here is a quick set of directions for public transport travelers.

050 - Laugh with the penguins on Phillip Island

Who doesn't love penguins? They are so damn cute and their clumsy land skills provide enless laughs. Well you can see them playing & returning from a days fishing at Penguin Parade on Phillips Island.

Phillips Island is an amazing spot for families wanting to find activities that will keep the kids amazed. Phillip Island is located 2 hours out of Melbourne so you are going to have to hire a car for this trip. I also recommend making it a 3 day getaway.

051 - Go whale watching on Phillip Island

Whale watching operates from early June until mid August & follows the annual migration of Humpback Whales & Southern Right Whales. Whale watching is always a great activity to put on the list so why not give it a go while you are in Melbourne.

Be sure to bring warm cloths & waterproof jackets, winter on Phillip Island is cold. For more info check out this website.

052 - Spend a day at the Pillars

What are the Pillars? Ask any local and they will probably know exactly what your are talking about. The Pillars are a set of seaside cliffs famous among locals, especially college students & backpackers.

The spot offers incredible seaside jumps with great spots to sun bath & dry off. The one downside to The Pillars is its fame among locals and tourists alike. By 10am the spot is packed & visitors seem not to care much about taking away their rubbish.

Two tips:
-Get there really early to experience the sunrise and some peace and quiet. Then visit another Mornington Peninsula location during the day returning for the sunset.
-Take your damn RUBBISH WITH YOU. Look after this place so others can experience it to.

Here is a link that will take you to the pillars from Melbourne.


053 - Tip the buskers & enjoy the performance

Melbourne city prides itself on supporting the arts & the realm of creativity. Walk down any main road in Melbourne's CBD and you will find buskers at almost anytime of the day. The best times are generally in the evenings & on weekends.

If you enjoy the performances make sure you leave a dollar or ten in their hat, box or hand. Every dollar supports these amazing artists to ensure they keep entertaining amazing tourists like you.

054 - Ride a roller coaster at Luna Park

Luna Park is in St Kilda and is very easy to find from almost anywhere on the beach. Look for the gaping clowns mouth which acts as a doorway. The park has been in Melbourne since 1912! That is over 100 years which is insane.

The park has obviously been refurbished and maintained over the years, but still keeps it's authentic feel and charm. This is a great day out for almost anyone, from families to backpackers.

Here is a map to help you find it incase you can't spot it. Oh! Be sure to ride the rollercoaster.


055 - Splash out on a meal at Attica

If you have the money to spend or you are a backpacker that needs to get rid of some aussie cash before tomorrow's flight home. Do yourself a favour and dine in at Attica. Voted number 32 in the best restaurant in Australasia awards.

Attica is a restaurant committed to innovative dishes using Australian home grown ingredients. If the food isn't enough wait until you see the wine list, cocktails & locally brewed beers. 

Top Tip - Leave the food pairing up to your servers. They know what they are doing.

The restaurant is super close to St Kilda so maybe you can time your dinner with a classic Melbourne Sunset. Click Here for directions.


056 - Go Partying in style at Crowne Casino

Love to party? Don't mind blowing all your money in a gaming lounge? Well Crowne Casino sounds perfect for you tonight. Stay up till dawn partying the night away at one of Crowne's many clubs & bars.

Crowne Casino is located in the CBD, the map below will give you a good idea of where to order your Uber from when you need to get home and have no cash for a Taxi.


057 - Order a Vodka Soda at Pawn & Co

Pawn & Co sounds like a Pawn shop right? Well it kind of is and it kind of isn't. Pawn & Co is actually a nightclub located in Prahran, just off Chapel Street. Technically you can still purchase any of the weird and wonderful items displayed in the walls of the club.

Alternatively you can party the night away well into the day if you want. Sundays are big at Pawn & Co so if you are out Saturday night make sure you pace yourself and prepare for a big one.

Find Pawn & Co at the Black dot on the map below.


058 - Enter a fairy tale at Storyville

If you enjoyed Pawn & Co then it is definitely worth checking out their sister venue, Storyville. Storyville is relatively new to Melbourne's club scene but has made quite an impact already.

The bar is designed to look, feel & taste like a fairytale. Taste? Yep, not a spelling era. The cocktails at Storyville are designed around popular fairytale stories. With names like; Polyjuice, Charlies Winning Ticket & Through the Looking Glass.

For a great evening cocktail or early morning boogy be sure to check out Storyville.


059 - Go on a Tinder date at Romeo Lane

Fell in love with Australia? You are wanting to stay but you have no other option but... wait... marriage! Right hop on Tinder, get swiping (right) & book your next match in for a date night at Romeo Lane.

The Romantic atmosphere, fantastic service, tasty cocktails & love inducing food pairings will be sure to score you a kiss. Or at the very least a hefty bill and a great feed.

If you are traveling as a couple and want to spend a date night somewhere romantic then this is definitely the spot for you.


060 - Have a drink with a stranger at College Lawn Hotel

Calling all Backpackers! This one is for you.

College Lawn is an infamous Backpacker bar & local hangout in Prahran. Nothing beats a happy hour beer with a bunch of legendary travelers on a Melbourne summers day. Nothing except maybe the over exaggerated stories you keep telling that hot blondey from Sydney.

Or that tanned Aussie surfer you keep checking out ladies. In all seriousness this is a great spot for locals and backpackers alike. If you are looking for an afternoon of laughs, beer and backpacker yarns (talking in aussie slang). Then check out College Lawn.


061 - Watch the sunset from the Eureka Skydeck

No other Sunset will compare after you watch the orange ball drop below the skyline from Melbourne's tallest building. End your final days in Melbourne with a spectacular view from the Eureka Skydeck.

Get your information on location, tickets and pricing here.

Sunsets are amazing anywhere you go in Melbourne. Find us on  INSTAGRAM  for more shots like this.

Sunsets are amazing anywhere you go in Melbourne. Find us on INSTAGRAM for more shots like this.

There you have it Sheila's & Lads! 

61 things that you can do, see, taste or feel while you are in the worlds most liveable city - Melbourne. I you enjoy our blogs make sure you SUBSCRIBE below & check us out on our socials (also below).

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