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Preparing for a trip overseas is one of the most exciting things you will do in your life. On the flipside, preparing to go back home can be one of the saddest experiences of your life. All these new people just met you may never see again. This new lifestyle you have been privileged to experience will now come to an end as you prepare yourself once again for the ‘real world.’
Chin up Kiddo, you had the chance to have this experience. An experience that most will never ever have, so be grateful!

Now in this clouded state of sadness most travelers will often forget to prepare themselves properly for the long flight home. This can result in some undesirable situations; missing your flight, having to pay overweight charges & having an uncomfortable flight home. In this blog we dive into the 12 Things To Get Done In Your Last 24 Hours.

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001 - Secure Your Connections

One of the best parts of traveling is the connections you make with humans from all corners of the world. We now live in the greatest time to be a human period! We are able to explore any corner of the earth and get there within 24 hours. And, the craziest part if we can’t get there we can contact our new found friends within seconds at the press of a screen. Before you leave for home or for your next travel destination get the contacts of all the legends you want to keep in contact with.

By securing your connections you have the option of staying in touch plus you have local knowledge if you decide to visit their home country. I cannot count the number of times I have been saved by my global connections. Setting a time to secure your connections also gives you an excuse to spend some time with your new found favourite humans before you leave.

002 - Check Your Airline Regulations

Before you get excited and buy everything under the sun to bring home for yourself and your loved ones you might want to make some important checks. First up you need to check the Airline regulations, can you even take that item on the plane? If you really want to take the item back home with you then is there a way to send it home without breaking the bank account?

These questions will only come up if you check the airline regulations first. If you don’t check first you may end up having the item confiscated at the airport or if the item is a legally banned substance you may end up with a lot worse.

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003 - Check Your Next Destinations Border Regulations

Different countries have different rules so just because you can carry an item in country X doesn’t mean it will be allowed in country Y. Before you go ahead and purchase that wooden ornament or that packaged and sealed raw food item, check the border regulations for your next destination.

004 - Get Yo Shop On Baby!

You have made your check ups and you have put together your last minute list of items to buy before you leave. Time to get them sorted. Now be careful, I have had the somewhat funny experience of traveling with shopaholics. One item for mum can turn into 25 items for everyone from mum to the twice removed cousin in your family tree (don’t kid yourself hahah you probably just want it for yourself). It’s ok to be a shopaholic but be clever about it;

-If you don’t have the money don’t throw it on the credit card. Especially if you want to travel again soon. Save your money for the things that matter most and be disciplined.
-Shop around and barter. You will be amazed how much money you will save.
-Think about your weight limits and space. Do you need to purchase an extra baggage allowance?

005 - Pack and Check Your Baggage

I once took an item illegally through the US and into Canada without having a single clue it was in my baggage. I found that item a month later and thought to myself, “F%$K Me! That was lucky.” I won’t mention what the item was but let’s just say it could have been a very serious situation if the item had been found without declaration.

That moment taught me a very important lesson. ALWAYS check your baggage before you leave. Take some time to comb through all of your clothing, bag pockets, electronics and gift items. An hour now could save you some serious stress at your next destination and it may just save you from jail time or a fine that you will be paying off for the next 5 years.

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006 - Weigh Your Bags

Alright Shopaholics this one directly affects you. If you have purchased a lot of new gear it is definitely a wise idea to weigh your bags, carry on to. Compare your new weights to your baggage allowances and if they don’t line up then you have a few options;
-If you are traveling with someone else then see if you can balance out the weight between your collective bags.
-Wear the items or pop them in your carry on.
-Gift items you can’t take with you to some awesome locals you have met.
-Pay for some extra baggage allowance or if you have really gone over the top then pay for an extra bag.

007 - Check Your Flight Updates

Depending on where you are in the world it is very common for flight times to change, be delayed or cancelled. Jump online and check your flight details regularly over the last 24 hours to make sure that you have your time's right. We recently forgot to check a flight and ended up having to wait around in the airport for 8 hours until our delayed flight arrived.

008 - Book Your Transport To The Airport

Don’t leave transport to the last minute when it comes to flights. Book your transport ahead of time through your hotel or hostel front desk so you don’t need to stress about how you will be getting to the airport.

Book with plenty of time and aim to be at the Airport with three hours up your sleeve, even if you have everything sorted sometimes you can run into issues and it is nice to have some time up your sleeve to get it sorted.

009 - Get All Your Essentials In Order

So you have got everything in order, your flights have been delayed but that’s fine because you checked and adjusted your transport to suit. You have arrived at the right time with minimal crowds. You rock up to the baggage check in confident because you have purchased extra allowance and weighed your bags. Better get your passport out so the check in girl doesn't have to ask you. Plus she’s cute and your organised travel game might impress her. “F%&K! Where’s my Passport!” A flashback reveals the exact place you left it, sitting on your hostel bed 3 hours across town.

If you don’t own a passport wallet then get one! Check, double check & Triple Check that your passport, tickets, visas & travel cards are in the travel wallet and that travel wallet is secure in your carry on. If you take it out for any reason put it straight back in when you are done with it.

010 - Online Check In

Get up with the times and check in online. Online check in will allow you more time to relax at the airport or research what to do at your next destination. The majority of airlines will have an online check in option which can be found with a simple google search.

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011 - Book The Essentials at your Next Destination

If you are going home then sort out your lift home from the airport, if you have a car parked up at the airport then make sure you still have the photos of where it is parked. While you are at it double check you have still got your car keys on you.
If you are going onward to another travel destination then book the essentials for a stress free arrival:
-Book accomodation for the first night at least.
-Sort out your sim card or find out where to get one upon arrival.
-Get some cash in the new local currency & transfer some money onto your travel card in the right currency,
-Book your transport to your first nights accomodation.

012 - Have a Coffee & Catch Up

Phew!! You have made it through Airport security and you have plenty of time to relax before your flight. Find a quiet spot, order a coffee and start catching up with general life stuff.
-Chat and share stories with your travel buddy.
-Brush your teeth and clean up with some wet wipes in the bathrooms.
-Double check that you don’t need any last minute carry on essentials.
-If you are a photographer, look through some recent shots. Edit them and throw them up for your friends and family to see.
-Message your family and close friends and let them know where you are and what’s next.
-Have some food if you are hungry.
-Try and stay on your feet and do some exercise before you get on your flight.

Don't forget to remember. We share our favourite memories on  Instagram

Don't forget to remember. We share our favourite memories on Instagram

Travel is amazing and like most amazing things it will get you hooked and have you dreaming of your next destination. Airport disasters and flights can ruin the trip though but these disasters, discomforts or stressful experiences can be easily avoided with the right preparations.
We hope this blog helps you cruise through your next travel departure experience. Comment below if you have your own travel departure hacks or let us know if this blog helped you.
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