"If you love traveling chances are you have struck disaster. If you haven't then it is bound to happen to you at some point. Losing your passport, Airlines losing your luggage, having a bank card blocked or being stranded in a remote location with an injured friend and no cell phone reception. S##T happens sometimes! How you deal with it can make or break travel for you."


This weekly's Inspiration comes from our own experiences. Along our travels we have met some incredible humans, I can safely say that the top 10 most inspiring humans I have met are complete strangers with less than $5 bux in their back pockets and no more than a rough cut piece of tin over their heads. You may be thinking, 'How the hell is that inspiring?'
These people live in countries and are brought up with nothing and next to no opportunities to succeed in the way you and I would associate success with. But some how they are the most; happy, caring, optimistic and kind human beings I have ever met. They are in fact the true definition of success.
We have this growing sense of entitlement in first world countries and it has left us with this ridiculous inability to deal with stressful situations. Seeing what others have to deal with on a daily basis around the world gives you a healthy perspective on what is actually deserving of your stress.


Weekly Topic
How to deal with the stress of a 'travel disaster.' Writing this weekly has made me realise that I have experienced several travel disasters. Although at the time of each so called, 'disaster.' I was stressing my nuts off their has always been a solution.
Most recently an airline lost an expensive item of camera equipment and thus far it has been deemed lost. Initially Paulo and I were beyond stressed, thoughts of;
'What do we do now!' 'This ruins everything' & 'Oh F##K that's $1000 bux down the F##king drain.' Float around the mind only adding to the stress.
Sound familiar to you?
Here's how you deal with it
1- Acknowledge that it is a stressful situation
2- Sit the F##K down and stop pacing.
3- Chug some water and eat a snack.
4- Brainstorm your options and pick the most suitable solution
5- Take massive action to get it done!


How we are applying this Lesson
So as you know we had some baggage handling issues this time around but we sorted the problem out by biting the bullet & purchasing a replacement. We are now in the process of sorting through our travel insurance. Guys! Get travel insurance you never know what might happen!
Sure it was stressful but the issue is now resolved and life goes on. You can actually apply these steps to other areas of your life as well; break ups, credit card debt, university stress, family illness & even your own serious injuries or illness. Next time you have a tough situation in front of you give it a go & let us know if it helps.
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