Bro Weekly #18

"F#%K Sake! Why were they talking right next to me while I was flying that drone! They made me crash it! And why was that stupid pole there anyway. Man why is this guy walking so slow in front of me.. dickhead!" ... Sound familiar? Sorry to break it to yah but, It's your life, your fault and your responsibility.
This weeks topic: You Are To F$#KING Entitled - Why it is holding you back.



I had crashed the drone 30 minutes prior and I was still swearing and cursing everyone but myself. I wasn't sure what to do and my mindset was all over the place, for some reason everything was Paulo's fault or the local Vietnamese guy on the bicycle just trying to get his rice home to his family. I opened up my latest read, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F#%K" by Mark Manson. Side Note - Definitely read this book it's amazing!
The chapter just so happened to be covering Entitlement and Ownership, this was fate. I aimed for 10 minutes of reading to calm my soul and ended up reading for a full hour. "So what did you realize?" is what you may be thinking. I realized this simple thing my friends,  We.. We.. Are all responsible for every single problem, success, failure or issue that happens in our life.
Even if we experience a freak accident completely out of our control we are still responsible for our emotional reaction to our new found situation. What I realized was this;
I was not taking responsibility for the problems in my life, I was not taking ownership of my failures and unfortunate situations. I was being Entitled. 

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Weekly Topic

Paulo and I have both suffered from Entitlement during this start up process & I guarantee you have to. What we have come to realize is how much feeling entitled holds us back.
We grow up being told; "It's OK" or "You deserve Happiness" & "You are entitled to a better life." This sense of Entitlement removes our sense of ownership, if we feel as if we deserve everything it is easy to conclude that an undesirable event/issue is someone else fault. This does two things:
-Fills our failure with an excuse that we convince ourselves to be the reason for our loss.
-Completely removes the crucial stage of learning we should get from owning up to our failures.

By removing ownership from your life you are restricting what you can achieve. In order to achieve all your goals and fulfill your dreams the only solution is to realize that you are entitled to nothing and that no matter what happens, you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. This weeks lesson summed up - Take Ownership of Yourself & Your Life.

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Lesson In Action

I have made a pact with myself & Paulo has made a pact with himself. For the next year, no matter what the situation I will take full responsibility for everything that happens in my life. Every mistake, success, failure & situation... It's On Me!
I have already noticed the difference; I am learning more, I am learning faster, I am attracting more positive vibes & progress is accelerating. But most importantly I am happier & more comfortable with myself than ever before. 
Try this next time you feel as if you deserve something or if you feel as if someone is at fault for your current situation (although deep down you know they aren't):
Find a mirror & stare yourself directly in the eyes. Now repeat after me, "I am 100% responsible for my own life, my current situation & I am responsible for finding the solution. NO ONE ELSE IS TO BLAME! No one else is responsible for me. I am entitled to NOTHING."

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