Bro Weekly #17

“It was 6am, we had just arrived at the My Son ruins and the golden glow was just starting to pop. It was perfect timing for some incredible drone shots. We unpacked the drone launched it in the air and within 2 mins we were given the word to bring it down… ‘No Fly Cam!’ Devastated”





They say travel is the only thing that makes you richer. I disagree, many things make you richer in life it all depends on how you look at it.

Work in the rural areas of Vietnam is hard work, sunrise to sunset tending rice fields and packaging the dried rice to sell on for roughly $2 per 10kg. When the machinery breaks or the cows die from disease it can mean the difference between eating that night or fasting in order to save rations for the kids.

Failure. Failure can make you richer, rather - it is how we deal with failure that can make us richer. Watching those with nothing deal with failure on a daily basis.  Turning its lessons into successful solutions is inspiration. Inspiration to deal with the somewhat less meaningful failures we associate with first world living.

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Weekly Topic

This weeks topic is failure and more importantly how to embrace it and use the experience as an opportunity.

Failure has always been a huge part of life but as technology has made our lifestyles easier and safer it has also left us with minimal experience in dealing with failure. As a people we have got soft. Here’s an example; regardless of how badly you do in a running race, math test or drama exam at school you are still given an award for participating. This happens throughout our childhoods and sets us up with no ability to handle or deal with failure as we become adults.

Those who live in third world countries don’t have such bubble wrapped upbringings and therefore become more resilient humans. So how then should you deal with your next failure?

-First up feel it! Feel sad, cry, smack your hand up against a wall. It is normal to feel disappointment in yourself when you fail. Just don't throat punch the guy next to you.

-Now embrace it! Don’t cry too long because with failure comes opportunity. An opportunity to learn and grow from the experience so embrace the situation, take a deep breath and start using that pink squishy thing in your head to find a F#%KING solution!

-Relive it! Who wants to relive through failure? No one! But if you want a lesson to stick then you need to really get deep into the why? Why did it happen? Why did you react the way you did? And How can you avoid the Situation happening again?

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We still got some banger shots even after flying the drone into a power pole... OOPS!

We still got some banger shots even after flying the drone into a power pole... OOPS!

Lesson in Action

Our first true overseas venture as Massie Bros came to a close this week. We went into this trip aware that we would encounter many failures along the way. Nonetheless we were still struck by several occasions of harsh failure, failures that struck like a hammer.

Man! Lost baggage, Failed Visas, Drone crashes, Unfocused Footage… You name it we experienced it! But guess what?

We got through each and every failure using the steps mentioned previously. After brief moments of; anger, stress, sadness or confusion. We would put our feelings aside and make a plan.

Once everything was under control and all our bases had been covered Paulo and I would sit down and vocalise exactly how we both felt about the failure; what we learnt and what we would apply going forward.

Hahahaha I remember several of these recaps getting rather heated but conflict is often a great thing. Conflict allowed us to come to happy medians and conflict also helped us realize our strengths and weaknesses.

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Paulo and Sarah Inspire me on the daily. #powercouple

Paulo and Sarah Inspire me on the daily. #powercouple


No doubt there will be many more failures ahead of us as we dive further and further into our passions. And yah no what? I’m F#%KING excited to embrace them because I know and Paulo knows that winning is just a culmination of lessons learnt through failure.

Our challenge to you is to attempt this process next time you fail. Don’t just throw the towel in, learn and persevere.

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